6 Telugu Groom Etiquette Lessons we learnt from Allu Arjun

Allu Arjun’s wedding to Sneha Reddy on March 6th was a truly glamourous and fun-filled event. It saw some of the major South Indian stars like Chiranjeevi attend the function and highlighted Telugu weddings in a traditional yet modern way. Telugu weddings are full of fun, rituals and family togetherness which makes them a much awaited time for all families. Just like Allu Arjun Telugu grooms must follow certain etiquettes to ensure a smooth and wonderful wedding function.

Telugu Matrimony

  1. Pay attention to the Invitation Cards

Wedding invites are the first step towards your wedding as it formally announces the function and cordially invites all friends, family and work-colleagues to your wedding ceremony. Allu Arjun had designed an elegant cream and gold invite that was made especially in Delhi. Since Telugu Matrimony are culturally rich and traditionally vibrant, the invitation cards can follow suit and make a great impression to your guests before your big day. The grooms can add a touch of sweetness to the invite by adding chocolates in the invite, just like Allu Arjun.

  1. Make your Engagement memorable

The Nischithardham/Muhurtham is the formal engagement where both sides of the families meet and fix the date of the wedding. For Allu Arjun’s engagement, a wonderful family affair marks the celebration with some vibrant colours and lovely decorations. The groom must ensure that the families get together and enjoy the event.

  1. Dress as per the occasion

Telugu grooms have a number of options to dress for the various functions in their wedding. Some of the options include Kurta-Pyjama, Jodhpuri Suit and Western Suits. You can accessorize with safa – a turban with jewels, a lovely sehra and some elegant mojaris. White and gold are some of the most widely chosen colours for the groom’s wedding dress since they amplify the attire and create a fresh look. You will find Allu Arjun wearing a beautiful white Kurta-Pyjama with gold work in his wedding ceremony.

  1. Wear your smile

If you look at Allu Arjun and Sneha’s wedding photos, you will see a lot of big wide smiles on the groom’s face. Nothing you wear is as important as your smile. Telugu grooms must remember to always smile during the functions. This will make your guests feel welcome and it will also ensure some amazing photographs!

  1. Take blessings

On your big day, it is always nice to take blessings of elders. Actor Allu Arjun is the nephew of Chiranjeevi and he is seen touching the feet of many elders during his wedding pictures.

  1. Enjoy your wedding

Telugu groomsWith the tremendous planning and tiring lists to accomplish in a Telugu wedding, it is only natural for grooms to get tired and feel exhausted during the big day. However, you must remember that this is one of the biggest day of your lives and therefore, enjoy it to the fullest just like Allu Arjun has done in his wedding ceremonies.

Andhra Pradesh is known for the culture and heritage of Telugu weddings and the celebrity ceremony of Allu Arjun and Sneha Reddy was no exception. All grooms can take some lively inspiration from this actor and make their wedding unforgettable as well!


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