How to be a Perfect Bride – Lessons from Oriya Bride, Priya Choudhury

Marriage is the time when a woman wishes to look and feel her best. A perfect bride shines through with elegance and charm. She needs to be well groomed, look poised and be well prepared to take on the most important journey of her life.

Priya Choudhury is a popular Oriya actress who chose to marry at a very young age and quit working in films. Her marriage to a Hyderabad based software engineer was one of the much talked about Oriya Matrimony of the year.

Here are a few key takeaways for every Oriya bride from the star studded wedding of Priya Choudhury.

Choosing the right colour

Colours play a key role in every wedding. Choosing the right colours to suit your complexion and skin type helps intensify your good looks. Priya has a very fair complexion and a flawless skin. Her choice of dresses starting from the deep red silk sari that she wore for the Kanyadan to the bright green and pink lehenga for the reception, the colours were a perfect choice. Brides with a dusky complexion can opt for lighter shades and pastel hues.

Dress to suit your body type

No matter if you decide to have a traditional wedding or take the more contemporary route, the choice of the bridal attire must be well suited to your body type. A perfect bride takes extra efforts in choosing the fabric, designing the pattern and draping of the pallu. While fabrics like velvet add more oomph to petite brides, georgette saris with large brocade prints are a perfect choice for brides with some extra pounds.

Bridal styling

Priya’s styling of hair and her make up where unblemished during all rituals. Whether it was the traditionally braided bun with the “tika” above her eyebrows or the curled locks with bright hues of blush, Priya gleamed like a gem. To-be-brides can experiment around a few looks and settle for the one that looks the most natural. The bridal look gets that final touch of finesse with the choice of jewellery. While heavy chunky jewellery adds to the dramatic look of a wedding, brides need to be cautious about not going over the board.

Complement your spouse

Your wedding day is about looking your best! Agreed! But how well do you complement the man standing next to you? Talk to your fiancé and plan your attire for the evening together.  While this is important to get the cohesive look right on the marriage platform, the process is also a lot of fun.

Keep the smile on!

Priya is said to have the best smile in the business. But keeping the smile on does not just work for Priya Choudhury but for every bride who wishes to look her perfect self on the big day!

Attention to details, a little extra effort to get a high score on perfection and being yourself is the secret mantra to emerge as a perfect bride.


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