Unique Gift Ideas for a Kannadiga Wedding

Weddings are always special. Moreover wedding gifts make the whole affair far more enjoyable and memorable.  Just like getting a gift makes one feel special, choosing the right gift for some one’s wedding is also special. The whole idea  that you want to gift something unique and memorable to the couple, that not only will they use but also every time they look at your gift they will remember you. Choosing unique gift ideas for a Kannadiga wedding can be fun and enjoyable as long as you keep the following things in mind.

Wedding Gift
Wedding Gift image from cityshor.com

Traditional Options: A Kannada matrimony ceremony means a lot of jewelry in Gold. If you want to gift the couple something that is traditional and usual, then go for gold. You can gift gold chain, earrings, bracelet, locket, rings and so on. If you think jewelry is too personal, then you can opt for some gold coins. Opt for 99.99 % pure gold coins that are like an investment or asset for the couple. The newlyweds can use the Gold coin as per their need and desire later when they want in life. Most people prefer Gold coins compared to jewelry as it gives them far more flexibility as compared to jewelry and is also easy to store.

Vouchers: Gone are the days, when couples used to get flower vases and bed sheets as wedding gifts. Modern Kannada weddings see a lot of gift vouchers being gifted. These gift vouchers are loved by one and all. Firstly, for the person who is buying the voucher there is no budget constrain, you can buy a voucher of any amount your heart desires. Also, for the person who is receiving the voucher it’s more preferred as compared to other gifts as the couple can go together and choose what they want to buy by redeeming the voucher.

Make it Personal: A wedding is such an occasion that the couple will be showered with loads of gifts. Many gifts like dinner sets, cups and saucers and so on will be repetitive. Most couples end up recycling these repetitive usual gifts that they get during the wedding. If you indeed want to gift something to the couple that will make them feel special, wanted and cared for then give them personalized gifts. This is a sure shot way to ensure that the couple not only uses the gift but also likes it a lot. Sky is the limit when it comes to personalized gifts. You can use your imagination and choose from one of these options

– A customized calendar with each month having the couple’s favorite pictures.

– A wall clock with the couples’ picture on it.

– Their favorite snap together framed beautifully

– Cushion cover with their pictures on it

A lot of weddings have started going for a gift register where the couples list out their favorite and desired things that they would want as gifts. The invitees can buy any one of these gifts for the couple.