Perfect Gifts for a Typical Keralite Wedding

Wedding turns out to be one of the most talked about issues in an Indian society when the society is concerned. In Kerala, where the event observed with grandeur and devotion, gifts lay a key role in the weddings. Most of the people give traditional gifts to the brides and the grooms, but still, there is enough scope for thinking something out of the box and making your gifts worth remembering. Here are a few tips about what you can present in a typical Keralamatrimonial ceremony.

What can you gift in a Keralite wedding?

Flowers: You will agree that the flowers are one of the most loved gifts. But, due to its extensive popularity, gifting of flowers is often considering nothing out of the trend. Still, you can make a change in the tide with the most beautiful and innovative designs, colours and the type of flowers. You can go for a rare flower, for instance, which the bride may have never seen in a lifetime. It may cost you a lot, but when you are to make your mark with the gifts in a Keralite wedding, you are bound to consult the best florists in the city.

Flower Bouquet for Wedding
Blue flower bouquet for wedding (image credit:

Pillar watches: This is quite out of the trend and you can always win the hearts of the people with the simple, but long lasting gifts. Even long after the wedding ceremony, your gift will stare at the lucky ones over the time. This is not only beautiful, but also carries the essence of your taste.

Fancy show pieces: Even though show pieces as common enough in wedding as gifts, you can innovate and buy the most trendy and fancy show pieces for wedding gifts. For instance, you can go for a marble statue or a gorgeous flower vase with its towering structure, lighting up the essence off the room where it is placed. Always remember, give gifts to the people according to their likes. You can even go for a marble clock with the perfect essence of a glorified status that matches the room.

Couple Showpiece
Couple Showpiece (image credit:

Hand printed crafts on terracotta: Kerala loves its tradition a lot. You can think of all sorts of traditional gifts when it comes to wedding. You can go for statues and show pieces which are intricately curved with designs all over it and are printed with some of the master artists. To live up with the tradition, you can use your innovations. You can gift a table lamp which is made of terracotta with the traditional prints all over it.

Handprints on clay
Handprints for Keepsake (image credit:

Ganesha: Kerala has a culture that is rich in devotion. You can always go for the statues of the Ganesha so that they remain in their house forever. Also, the traditional beliefs are strong enough and when you buy a gift for a Keralite wedding, make sure that you can please the people with their tradition.

Thus, you have the perfect lists of gifts and you can pick them for conveying your feelings.


Best Places to Shop for Ezhava Weddings

Shopping for an Ezhava wedding is an adventurous and fun filled part of entire event. After deciding on the wedding date the custom to shop for a bride and groom begins. Since shopping involves all the pre and post marriage functions, all the dresses have to be chosen accordingly. For pre wedding function for the bridal saree in vibrant colors of pink and blue can be chosen since white and gold is used for wedding. Whereas the groom can go for kurta and dhoti. Hence all the functions involve different pattern of shopping.

The very first step in any shopping for wedding involves deciding on the budget. Depending on the budget, the clothes are selected. Hence a list has to be prepared by the bride’s family as well as the groom’s family for gifts and clothes to be exchanged. Nowadays people travel to places to buy the best material as wedding is once in a lifetime event.

Bride’s Saree and Jewelry

Bridal Saree and Jewelry
Bridal saree and jewelry (image credit:

The basic shopping from bride’s side involves shopping for bride and family members. This is time to buy new clothes and look at its best. Since in Ezhava Matrimony, a bride is dressed up in Kanjeevaram saree, getting it from the best place is a great concern. Kanjeevaram sarees are available in various colors but pink, red and white being traditional can be taken from Tamil Nadu where it is originated and made. The cost varies from 2000 to 50000 depending on the budget. Shops like The Chennai silk, Babu sah, Nachammai silks, Thirukummaran silk, Sri Athera silk saree and many more. Nowadays, people need not spend much on travelling, one can order online through website such as mirraw, crafts villa, Southindia fashion and many more. They provide good quality attire in comparative cost. Another important concern is jewelry. Apart from clothes, jewelry is taken with utmost care since it involves lots of investment. Hence popular jewelry stores include Kalyan jewelers, TBZ, Sree Kumaran Thangamaligai, K. P. jewelry and many more.

Groom Attire

Any Ezhava Matrimony requires the groom to have a simple attire of dhoti or lungi with zari border and cream color. these can be bought from places in Bengaluru where it is best manufactured and distributed in Bengaluru like cocoon apparels Amman hosiers, Radha Krishna silk house, Kaanchico-Srinidhi silk and many more. They have wide varieties and artistic colors. Jewelry of groom can also be bought from trusted jewelers or popular jewelers like Kalyan jeweler or TBZ. Online websites including flip cart, India mart Amazon gives you a wide range to choose from. There are also designer stores available if one wishes to get it customized.

Shopping For Relatives and Friends

Shopping for relatives and friends can be done from place of residence of bride and groom involving clothes, jewelry, home appliances, electronic item and many more or the same can be done online. Depending on the budget, the gifts should be planned and accordingly the place to shop for the gifts should be decided so that the gifts are acceptable by all.

Nigaar Khan Hitched

Nigaar Khan with husband Khayyam
Nigaar Khan with husband Khayyam

Gauahar Khan’s sister, television actress and Big Boss contestant, Nigaar Khan, recently got hitched with her long-time beau Khayyam Sheikh. Khayyam is a Pakistani national but is based in Dubai as a businessman, running his own business as well as working at a reputed position in a multi-national corporation. Nigaar and Khayyam have been in a long-term relationship since the past few years and finally decided to get married this year, immediately after the festive season of Eid.

Nigaar’s younger sister, actress, dancer and anchor – Gauahar Khan, shared the images from the lavish pre-wedding ceremonies held at Dubai and yes, every picture speak a thousand words about the grand Muslim matrimony affair held.

And just like any Indian wedding, this lovely wedding was preceded by a mehendi and a sangeet ceremony. These functions were held on the 22nd of July, 2015 and actress Gauhar Khan was in a constant sharing spree of the latest photo-updates of her sister’s wedding.

The nikaah, the wedding as it is known in Muslim matrimony traditions, was quiet an intimate affair; with the bride putting on traditional lehengas that was quite chic yet had that classic Indian ethnic touch of bling.

Nigaar Khan's bridal jewelry
Nigaar Khan’s bridal jewelry

For her mehendi ceremony, Nigaar had out on a beautiful yet subtle lehengas and went around with a nude make-up. For the accessories part, she adorned herself up with pretty floral jewellery tied like a tiara, necklace and bracelets. She had let her hair down loose and looked very much the beautiful Indian bride decking up towards her Nikaah whereas sister Gauhar complemented her older sibling by decking up in a beautiful mint lehenga designed by Astha Narang; very much looking the perfect Indian bridesmaid to her sister.

Bride's sister Gauahar Khan
Bride’s sister Gauahar Khan

Post wedding, Nigaar is supposed to move out of India and settle in Dubai with her husband. She glowed and basked all glories of the quintessential Indian bride on all her wedding ceremonies while sister Gauhar Khan shared the pictures on Instagram and Twitter as well.

Though the nikaah was a quiet and intimate family affair, with relatives, close friends and colleagues from the industry, attending the nikaah all over from India; it reported that Nigaar would be holding a grand reception party in Mumbai, in August, for all her friends in India.

Nigaar’s outfits were remained within the feminine colours of pink, peach, maroon and red and she looked gorgeous in every of her outfit.

Nigaar and Gauahar on Nigaar's mehendi
Nigaar and Gauahar on Nigaar’s mehendi

For her wedding day, Nigaar decked up amazingly in her dark red and golden beige outfit with intricate gold zari work- that looked so much Indian, yet was in its own way- quite subtle and trendy. With her stunning smoky dark eyes done in the Egyptian brush way, Nigaar looked all perfect for her D-day. Nigaar had put on tradition Indian nikaah accessories and at the same time, stuck to a minimal jewellery sporting that went in synchronisation with her gorgeous, sparkling nikaah dress. Her hair done up in a loose, 80s bun, adorned by dark red floral jewellery added to the wow factor simply! A pretty pearl and gold nose ring complemented by the hair tiara made her look complete and perfect for the wedding day.

Nigaar was basking in her wedding glory and happiness and excited about her plans for her new phase of life at Abu Dhabi with her husband Khayyam. And we wish her all happiness and joy! Happy Marriage Nigaar!

General Rituals for Pillai Wedding

The general procedure that is followed before an actual Pillai wedding takes is fascinating. According to the culture of the Pillai community the family of the girl first decides whether their daughter is ready to get married or not and if she is ready to get married then this messages are conveyed to all the relatives and to all the person the family is acquainted to. The next job of the family is to find a compatible groom and fix the marriage.

The important thing to ensure after finding the appropriate match for a girl and a boy is to get them to agree whether they want to get married or not.  For the general families taking part in Pillai matrimony, a dowry is finalized in front of the public. For the dowry matter, an official record is kept by the families. Then a ceremony is held at the home of the boy where gold is melted to make the thali which is known as the mangalsutra. In the same way, a pole which is considered to be holy is erected from the girl’s house with mango leaves on top. This is done to declare to the neighborhood that a marriage is going to take place.

Aparna Pillai Wedding Reception
Aparna Pillai Wedding Reception

Pre-wedding ceremonies of a Pillai wedding

For the families participating in Pillai matrimony, the rituals and the customs to be followed for the wedding are same for all the people belonging to this community. Whereas apart from the basic rituals, there are certain occasions that are taking place these days due to the modernization of the societies and this sort of occasion are customized according to different modern families. Generally people feel that wedding is an auspicious moment of our life where most of the time is spent in front of the priest. So to enjoy the feel of the wedding season, most modern families organize various events.

In case of celebrity Pillai wedding, there are several occasions which take place throughout the wedding month before the actual wedding date. Though it is not common for general families of Pillai community to have or organize this type of occasions. But still these days, where the society is changing and modernizing, certain marriages in this community are indulging or taking the initiative for many pre-wedding occasions. This is done basically by the modern families for the reason of socializing among the families and friends. This is done so that the two families getting engaged get to know each other and familiarize themselves.

The pre wedding ceremonies or occasions that are taking place these days in celebrity Pillai wedding consists of a series of parties which are designed and customized according to the need of these modern families. These days the pre wedding occasions are designed by event management groups who specialize in wedding management. A celebrity Pillai wedding has occasions such as parties only for the friends and office executives. Then there are pre wedding occasions where the women of the families take the lead for different kind of rituals taking place in serene locations.

The Right Choice of Modern Wedding Cards In Chennai

It is needless to mention that wedding constitutes one of the most auspicious incidents in one’s life. The moments are cast by a spell o rejoice and affection that lingers beyond the boundaries if time. The day of wedding is a matter of few hours, but the mental bonds ad touches of emotion live on throughout the ages, time after time. Chennai Matrimony brings you the best suggestions and solutions related to invitation cards for wedding. You must have realized that wedding comes once in a lifetime and to retain the glory if the few hours, you need to make proper arrangements for your guests. A matching invitation card not only brings out the most wanted feelings for the entire ceremony, but also reflects your choice for wedding accessories and tastes. You would never like your guests to be invited with sub standard and erring wedding cards. Here is a brief write up regarding how you may prepare the wedding cards.

How to choose among various choices:

All you need to do is to browse through the extensive collection of wedding cards offered by Chennai Matrimony and ensure that you make the right blend of tradition, technology and creativity in order to bring out the perfect mood for wedding. You would always love to give your guests a blast of surprise when they attend the wedding ceremony.  You can have tour cards designed with utmost personal touch. After all, wedding is a matter of personal emotions. So you need to touch the emotions of bond and blessings while you order for the card. You can have the cards printed by the professionals with accurate and perfect images of your choice.

How to order:

Ordering for wedding cards online requires your personal touch to the preferences. After browsing through the online portals, you have to decide which one suits you the best. Having done so, you will get the relevant information regarding pricing and delivery from the portal itself. Submit your preferred content for print with a touch of emotion and correct the proof. Your part of duty is over. Now you need to wait for the shipping and collect your cards.

Wedding Invitation
Wedding Invitation


Chennai Matrimony offers a wide range of variety, flexibility and customization with regard to wedding cards. You may be a Hindu, Christian, Muslim or atheist, whatever the case may be. But the wedding cards need to match your personality. You can pick from a wide choice of cards which may be traditional handmade invitation cards, metallic finish cards, ethnic scroll invitations, and padded cards with designer patterns, glossy and elegant invitations.


While editing the proof of the script, you need to be extremely cautious with the write up. Messing up with the invitation cards is the last thing you would wish for. You need to be particularly cautious about a few types of mistakes commonly made in wedding cards. These include adding every minute detail would crowd the wedding card, which would eventually lead to miss the most important parts of the wedding, spelling mistakes and wrong choice of images.

All these tips are sure to help you in planning for the right card.