General Rituals for Pillai Wedding

The general procedure that is followed before an actual Pillai wedding takes is fascinating. According to the culture of the Pillai community the family of the girl first decides whether their daughter is ready to get married or not and if she is ready to get married then this messages are conveyed to all the relatives and to all the person the family is acquainted to. The next job of the family is to find a compatible groom and fix the marriage.

The important thing to ensure after finding the appropriate match for a girl and a boy is to get them to agree whether they want to get married or not.  For the general families taking part in Pillai matrimony, a dowry is finalized in front of the public. For the dowry matter, an official record is kept by the families. Then a ceremony is held at the home of the boy where gold is melted to make the thali which is known as the mangalsutra. In the same way, a pole which is considered to be holy is erected from the girl’s house with mango leaves on top. This is done to declare to the neighborhood that a marriage is going to take place.

Aparna Pillai Wedding Reception
Aparna Pillai Wedding Reception

Pre-wedding ceremonies of a Pillai wedding

For the families participating in Pillai matrimony, the rituals and the customs to be followed for the wedding are same for all the people belonging to this community. Whereas apart from the basic rituals, there are certain occasions that are taking place these days due to the modernization of the societies and this sort of occasion are customized according to different modern families. Generally people feel that wedding is an auspicious moment of our life where most of the time is spent in front of the priest. So to enjoy the feel of the wedding season, most modern families organize various events.

In case of celebrity Pillai wedding, there are several occasions which take place throughout the wedding month before the actual wedding date. Though it is not common for general families of Pillai community to have or organize this type of occasions. But still these days, where the society is changing and modernizing, certain marriages in this community are indulging or taking the initiative for many pre-wedding occasions. This is done basically by the modern families for the reason of socializing among the families and friends. This is done so that the two families getting engaged get to know each other and familiarize themselves.

The pre wedding ceremonies or occasions that are taking place these days in celebrity Pillai wedding consists of a series of parties which are designed and customized according to the need of these modern families. These days the pre wedding occasions are designed by event management groups who specialize in wedding management. A celebrity Pillai wedding has occasions such as parties only for the friends and office executives. Then there are pre wedding occasions where the women of the families take the lead for different kind of rituals taking place in serene locations.


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