Perfect Gifts for a Typical Keralite Wedding

Wedding turns out to be one of the most talked about issues in an Indian society when the society is concerned. In Kerala, where the event observed with grandeur and devotion, gifts lay a key role in the weddings. Most of the people give traditional gifts to the brides and the grooms, but still, there is enough scope for thinking something out of the box and making your gifts worth remembering. Here are a few tips about what you can present in a typical Keralamatrimonial ceremony.

What can you gift in a Keralite wedding?

Flowers: You will agree that the flowers are one of the most loved gifts. But, due to its extensive popularity, gifting of flowers is often considering nothing out of the trend. Still, you can make a change in the tide with the most beautiful and innovative designs, colours and the type of flowers. You can go for a rare flower, for instance, which the bride may have never seen in a lifetime. It may cost you a lot, but when you are to make your mark with the gifts in a Keralite wedding, you are bound to consult the best florists in the city.

Flower Bouquet for Wedding
Blue flower bouquet for wedding (image credit:

Pillar watches: This is quite out of the trend and you can always win the hearts of the people with the simple, but long lasting gifts. Even long after the wedding ceremony, your gift will stare at the lucky ones over the time. This is not only beautiful, but also carries the essence of your taste.

Fancy show pieces: Even though show pieces as common enough in wedding as gifts, you can innovate and buy the most trendy and fancy show pieces for wedding gifts. For instance, you can go for a marble statue or a gorgeous flower vase with its towering structure, lighting up the essence off the room where it is placed. Always remember, give gifts to the people according to their likes. You can even go for a marble clock with the perfect essence of a glorified status that matches the room.

Couple Showpiece
Couple Showpiece (image credit:

Hand printed crafts on terracotta: Kerala loves its tradition a lot. You can think of all sorts of traditional gifts when it comes to wedding. You can go for statues and show pieces which are intricately curved with designs all over it and are printed with some of the master artists. To live up with the tradition, you can use your innovations. You can gift a table lamp which is made of terracotta with the traditional prints all over it.

Handprints on clay
Handprints for Keepsake (image credit:

Ganesha: Kerala has a culture that is rich in devotion. You can always go for the statues of the Ganesha so that they remain in their house forever. Also, the traditional beliefs are strong enough and when you buy a gift for a Keralite wedding, make sure that you can please the people with their tradition.

Thus, you have the perfect lists of gifts and you can pick them for conveying your feelings.


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