Trend in Wedding Dresses

Wedding dresses are the center of attraction in each wedding irrespective of the style and the demographics. All eyes are fixed on the wedding dresses worn by the bride and the groom. In Tamil Matrimony, the dress of the bride and the groom holds a very special place and much attention are paid to the way they are dressed. So you just cannot afford to commit a mistake on your wedding day.

In Tamil wedding, dresses for the girl as well as the boy are very unique and they are totally different in comparison to the wedding dresses of other cultures and places. The girl who is going to be the bride will be dressed with floral colors and looks elegant till the wedding day.

Trends in Tamil Matrimony

Trendy Wedding Dress
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As far as the Tamil matrimony, the dresses see a varied trend over time. The bride to be, will select four sarees for the auspicious occasion. One saree with red color and yellow border is worn by the girl on the thalee ceremony. The second saree is usually in rose color or is in muskat or yellow color to be worn by the bride after the wedding ceremony. There is another saree which the bride wears after the official registration ceremony. The tradition is that the groom pays for all the sarees. The fourth saree is selected by the bride herself that she wears on the wedding day’s arrival ceremony and she pays for that saree

In Tamil matrimony there is this tradition that a wedding silk saree is presented to the bride by the groom along with many other auspicious things that are used in the wedding ceremony. When the pooja is completed then the bride changes into the other saree that is also given by the groom and she wears it for the thalee ceremony.

Dress designs are changing in the Tamil marriages and are changing in the recent times giving out to more and more modern dresses like wedding gowns and designer dresses. The traditional sarees are replaced by specially designed dresses for each different ceremony over the years. This changing trend has given a chance to the brides to select what they want to wear and experiments with their looks for their special day.

As the dress trend for the brides is changing, similarly the dress trends for the groom are changing likewise in Tamil Matrimony. The boys are trying out new modern dresses like suits and other western styled dresses to wear in their wedding day. The whole culture is seeing many major changes as far as dress trends are considered.

This dress trend change is not only for the bride and groom but also for guests and the families of both the bride and the groom. Though the traditional dresses have not lost their essence and still used on a large scale but the thing is that these wedding ceremonies are opening new doors for the brides and the grooms to look best on their wedding day.


Decorating a Wedding Venue the Kerala Way

When it comes to decide the venue of the marriage, people often get confused. The venue should be engaging for the guests and make the moment memorable. In Kerala wedding, people prefer having the ceremony in a traditional way. These days various marriage gardens, palaces, islands are booked by the Keralites for an unforgettable marriage experience. Here are some wonderful places for the Kerala matrimonial.

Wedding in Cruise Liners
Wedding in Cruise Liners(PC :
  • Cruise Liners: Similar to a 5 star hotel, cruise liner offers a large space for the marriage functions and separate banquets for the guests to rest. Booking a Cruise liner can be one of the exceptional places for marriage. Adding decorations to the cruise liner as per Kerala tradition will give the touch of Kerala culture. You can even get the real taste of Kerala food for your guests in cruise liner catering. Try to book it three or four days before the marriage so as to get arrangement as per the need.
  • Heritage Hotels: The family of couple is always concerned about the hospitality of their guests. In this case, Heritage Hotels will serve them with full heart. A 5 star hotel would offer you top quality Kerala food and traditional decoration for the marriage you expect. Such heritage hotels consist of large parking capacity for the guests, so that guests coming from their vehicles won’t be troubled for parking. You can get the pick and drop facility for your guests to gather them in the hotel at the right time for the ceremony. Always go for a king sized heritage hotel so that any number of guests can stay in the same hotel.
  • Beach resorts: Being in Kerala, who does not love to celebrate the marriage function in beach resorts? It will be a pleasuring wedding for the gathering guests as they can enjoy the beach and ceremony simultaneously. Beach resorts can be decorated with banana leaves and other Kerala decorative items to offer traditional touch.
  • Palaces: Most of you have dreamt to get married like a king and queen. Royal palace will make your dream true. These palaces are structured as per the ancient kings’ time which is something new for you and your guests. Adding some Kerala decoration to it will improve the beauty of the palace. Bride and Groom would be served in the complete royal way to make them feel like real king and queen. It’s time to get into a royal marriage.

No matter where the marriage ceremony is arranged, Kerala traditional touch will make it beautiful and engaging. People of Kerala believe in simple decoration marriages so it would be easy for them to choose any of the marriage spot from above. Try to book the place before hand unless it won’t be free for you at the time of marriage function. Decide few days before about how to arrange the function and food so as to finalize the marriage successfully. It’s time to make a remarkable marriage spot for the couple.

Arranged Marriages with a Modern Touch! How to Make It Possible?

Trying to find love the old-school way? Don’t worry it is back in vogue but with a twist. Today’s generation has again reverted to the arranged marriage market as they do not have the time to find love, fall in love and finally get married. They are perfectly fine with the idea of letting the parents do the research work and presenting him with the best partner. However, they do not even want to meet their life partner at the altar for the first time like many of our parents did back in their hay days. We tell how you can tweak your arranged marriage with a modern day tadka.


Meet your Mate – In today’s age of finding the perfect mate it is imperative for the boy and the girl to meet even if they are going the traditional way of arranged marriage. They should insist that they would like to get to know the person they are marrying before giving the final nod.

Compatibility Barometer – Though there is no foolproof guarantee about life long happiness even if two people are compatible but if you know each other’s likes and dislikes, it only helps understand the person better. Hence, it is important to talk and discuss your likes and dislikes before making any promises to marry.

Matrimonial Websites – Today the arranged marriage market works through the internet. Gone are the days of consulting a marriage bureau or looking for a match in the newspaper. In the age of high speed internet and smartphone, people want to get information instantly. Thus, online matrimonial websites like work extremely well. They have a whole database of interested people from the same community and income bracket. You can set your own filters and find the perfect match for you. Some good websites also have customer support 24/7 for any query related to your profile or otherwise. They have stringent verification processes as well so that no fraudulent cases are registered. It is one of the best platforms to find your life partner.

Bonding over a holiday – Usually it is seen in arranged marriages that the families of the bride and the groom are total strangers to each with very little connect. So it is imperative that the families along with the bride and the groom get to know each other before the wedding. You could plan a short holiday together to a place close by in the days nearing the wedding or have a destination wedding and ensure that at least the close family reaches much before the actual event. This way you can get to know one another and have some bonding. This is one way of creating bonhomie amongst the families which is quite evident during the wedding.

Marriages – arranged or love are a once in a lifetime occasions and it is important to make them memorable. You can use these tips and matrimonial websites to add a little modern touch to your arranged marriage and make it a smashing hit!

How to Organize a Perfect Mehendi Party?

Pre-wedding celebrations are a fitting prelude to the actual marriage ceremony. Creating a comprehensive checklist for arranging pre-ritual functions and ceremonies will save you time and hassle. One of the most anticipated and grand celebration is the mehendi ceremony that happens before the matrimony. Your guests can indulge in fun and engaging games that will certainly make the evening quite delightful.

Mehendi Ceremony Fun
Bride Having Fun in Mehendi Ceremony (Image Credits:

Consider these points

Opt for a spacious area if you have a sizable guest list. However, make sure that the venue is not at a far-off distance. Consult with your family members regarding the list of attendees who will be there for your matrimony. Organizing a lavish buffet will not be an ideal option as guests will be incapable of handling cutleries and plates. It is because henna-dyed hands can pose to be a problem. Enlisting facilities from an expert mehendi designer is of utmost importance. These proficient professionals will perform an exceptional job that will surely impress the bride and her guests.

Make requisite arrangements

Preparing a special menu is an essential point. It is crucial to talk with the caterers for making necessary alterations and additions. It is important to have delectable snacks and finger foods as it is easy to eat with henna on your hands. These can entail wide-ranges of kebabs, chaats, interesting drinks, dry sweets, etc. Finding a skillful team of mehendi experts is necessary with them you can discuss the rates in advance. Preparing a proper and separate invitation list for these rituals is a crucial point. Add the names of close relatives and friends who will be attending this event along with the official matrimony event. Hosting these ceremonies at farmhouses is an appealing prospect as it gives you the space to dance and sing to your heart’s content.

Some important factors

Certain effective party ideas begin with wearing the right outfit. Opt for attire that is easily removable and will not ruin the wet henna patterns. Many brides and their friends select saris with tie-up cholis that are hassle-free alternative to Anarkali and heavy suits. The next essential aspect is a selection of appropriate decorations. Themed party ideas and decorative aspects create inviting and warm ambience. For making this event successful, keep some essential mehendi accompaniments nearby. Apart from providing the right henna equipment and ingredients, provide a substantial amount of cotton balls and lemon juice. Guests can dab on these ingredients on their henna designs for bringing out a strong color.

Mehendi Ceremony Games
Mehendi Ceremony Games (Image Credits:

Ideas for entertainment

Dance and songs are integral aspects of mehendi functions. Incorporation of games involving singing will be the highlight of the evening. Guests can form groups after which you can pitch them with other groups. Antakshari is a popular game that is a party favourite. Another game that all age groups enjoy is Charades. It helps create a relaxed and enjoyable ambience.

Guests can participate in dancing competitions and events that allow them to open up and let loose. After completion of these events, you can give your guests their gifts for making your mehendi such an enjoyable ceremony.