Arranged Marriages with a Modern Touch! How to Make It Possible?

Trying to find love the old-school way? Don’t worry it is back in vogue but with a twist. Today’s generation has again reverted to the arranged marriage market as they do not have the time to find love, fall in love and finally get married. They are perfectly fine with the idea of letting the parents do the research work and presenting him with the best partner. However, they do not even want to meet their life partner at the altar for the first time like many of our parents did back in their hay days. We tell how you can tweak your arranged marriage with a modern day tadka.


Meet your Mate – In today’s age of finding the perfect mate it is imperative for the boy and the girl to meet even if they are going the traditional way of arranged marriage. They should insist that they would like to get to know the person they are marrying before giving the final nod.

Compatibility Barometer – Though there is no foolproof guarantee about life long happiness even if two people are compatible but if you know each other’s likes and dislikes, it only helps understand the person better. Hence, it is important to talk and discuss your likes and dislikes before making any promises to marry.

Matrimonial Websites – Today the arranged marriage market works through the internet. Gone are the days of consulting a marriage bureau or looking for a match in the newspaper. In the age of high speed internet and smartphone, people want to get information instantly. Thus, online matrimonial websites like work extremely well. They have a whole database of interested people from the same community and income bracket. You can set your own filters and find the perfect match for you. Some good websites also have customer support 24/7 for any query related to your profile or otherwise. They have stringent verification processes as well so that no fraudulent cases are registered. It is one of the best platforms to find your life partner.

Bonding over a holiday – Usually it is seen in arranged marriages that the families of the bride and the groom are total strangers to each with very little connect. So it is imperative that the families along with the bride and the groom get to know each other before the wedding. You could plan a short holiday together to a place close by in the days nearing the wedding or have a destination wedding and ensure that at least the close family reaches much before the actual event. This way you can get to know one another and have some bonding. This is one way of creating bonhomie amongst the families which is quite evident during the wedding.

Marriages – arranged or love are a once in a lifetime occasions and it is important to make them memorable. You can use these tips and matrimonial websites to add a little modern touch to your arranged marriage and make it a smashing hit!


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