Trend in Wedding Dresses

Wedding dresses are the center of attraction in each wedding irrespective of the style and the demographics. All eyes are fixed on the wedding dresses worn by the bride and the groom. In Tamil Matrimony, the dress of the bride and the groom holds a very special place and much attention are paid to the way they are dressed. So you just cannot afford to commit a mistake on your wedding day.

In Tamil wedding, dresses for the girl as well as the boy are very unique and they are totally different in comparison to the wedding dresses of other cultures and places. The girl who is going to be the bride will be dressed with floral colors and looks elegant till the wedding day.

Trends in Tamil Matrimony

Trendy Wedding Dress
Trendy Wedding Dress(PC:

As far as the Tamil matrimony, the dresses see a varied trend over time. The bride to be, will select four sarees for the auspicious occasion. One saree with red color and yellow border is worn by the girl on the thalee ceremony. The second saree is usually in rose color or is in muskat or yellow color to be worn by the bride after the wedding ceremony. There is another saree which the bride wears after the official registration ceremony. The tradition is that the groom pays for all the sarees. The fourth saree is selected by the bride herself that she wears on the wedding day’s arrival ceremony and she pays for that saree

In Tamil matrimony there is this tradition that a wedding silk saree is presented to the bride by the groom along with many other auspicious things that are used in the wedding ceremony. When the pooja is completed then the bride changes into the other saree that is also given by the groom and she wears it for the thalee ceremony.

Dress designs are changing in the Tamil marriages and are changing in the recent times giving out to more and more modern dresses like wedding gowns and designer dresses. The traditional sarees are replaced by specially designed dresses for each different ceremony over the years. This changing trend has given a chance to the brides to select what they want to wear and experiments with their looks for their special day.

As the dress trend for the brides is changing, similarly the dress trends for the groom are changing likewise in Tamil Matrimony. The boys are trying out new modern dresses like suits and other western styled dresses to wear in their wedding day. The whole culture is seeing many major changes as far as dress trends are considered.

This dress trend change is not only for the bride and groom but also for guests and the families of both the bride and the groom. Though the traditional dresses have not lost their essence and still used on a large scale but the thing is that these wedding ceremonies are opening new doors for the brides and the grooms to look best on their wedding day.


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