Fun Rituals to Spice up A Maharashtrian Wedding

Maharashtrian weddings can be immensely fun. Being rich in culture Maharashtrian people tend to have a lot of special traditions in their weddings. While some have gotten a bit old with time no one can deny that they are still experiences which bring much joy and pleasure to to the families and well as the bridegroom and bride themselves.

Few fun rituals during Maharashtrian weddings:

The engagement ceremony of any Maharashtrian weddings is known as the Sakharpuda. This ceremony is held a few days before the wedding and the groom’s parents give the Marathi brides a saree to show that she has been included in their family. She is also given a packet of sakharpuda which is sugar. This is done to symbolize that lots of sweetness has been added to their lives through the engagement. Homes are cleaned properly days before the wedding and decorated. Marigolds and mango leave \are used to decorate the homes in an auspicious manner to signify the coming of the wedding.

Haldi is another fun traditional ritual. This celebration happens separately as the bride and the bridegroom experiences the ritual in their respective homes. Women of each family get together and apply a mixture of turmeric, sandalwood and crème to the body of the lovers. These are applied due to their antiseptic substance and also since haldi is considered to be a purifier in the marathian culture. The bride and the bridegroom is not allowed to go out of the house during that day but the family enjoys with them while playing various games and chatting. Marathi brides love this tradition as it incorporates a fun day with her family giving her blessings regarding her new life.

Maharashtrian Wedding
Maharashtrian Wedding (

Chauda is a ceremony which revolves around the bride and her women friends. The women all enjoy wearing green bangles. A bangle seller is called at their home and each of the women selects the bangles which they want from him. This is done amidst laughter and songs. It is also customary to joke about the married life of the bride and to wish her the best.

The bride is given the the green bangles through a ceremony where the mother helps her wear the bangles. She wears the bangles among her other jewelries which include gold, pearl etc. These green bangles are considered to auspicious since green is the colour to new life. These green glass bangles are worn by the Marathi brides all throughout her first month of marriage and even after that whenever any religious or family event takes place.

This is the last step of the wedding and is a fun tradition in itself. A white cloth is held between the couple and the bride is brought to the dias while the eight blessings are recited. After that the cloth is removed and the bride and groom look at each other as husband and wife for the first time. This is a time honoured tradition in the maharashtrian weddings.


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