3 Locales for a Destination Kerala Wedding

Kerala wedding is very special and unique as well. Kerala Matrimony says that, keralites would like to do destination wedding than hosting the wedding in any nearby or easy accessible places. Wedding means full of enjoyments for no reason. But hosting the wedding in a special and mind blowing place could double our joy and happiness – right? For this is what, keralites would like to organize the wedding in a perfect and ideal place. But the keralites expect the place should be spacious to welcome their guests, should be neat and clean, should be accurate as far as arrangements are concerned and should be peculiar too.

Only three destinations of Kerala could fulfill the dreams and expectations of people. And those three destinations are as follows,

Tamarind Wedding Destination–This wedding destination make you go mad about the arrangements and decorations available there. The ambiance and atmosphere of this wedding destination would be awesome to glance at. If you want to organize an unforgettable and wonderful wedding, you should consider hiring this destination. This Tamarind wedding destination is located at Ernakulam, Kerala. You can contact the resort either through phone or mail for asking about the rent and whether or not this destination is free to hire.

Tamarind Wedding Destination
Tamarind Wedding Destination (PC:tamarind.co.in)

Ramada Resort–This is another destination located in Cochin, Kerala. You can reach this resort by travelling 12.4km down from Cochin. From Mattancherry palace, you need to travel for only 16.1km to reach this destination. The rent of this wedding destination is over 15000 per day. This is an excellent wedding destination surrounded by nature and beautiful sceneries. You will be amazed by the nature, if you choose to hire this destination for your wedding. This destination is a superb choice to go with, says Kerala Matrimony.

Zuri Kumarakom Resort – People who crave for style and fashion to be indulged in their wedding destination will find this resort an excellent choice to choose. This resort is situated at Kottayam, Kerala. This resort is just 5km from Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary. And merely you need to travel for 12km from Thrirunakkara Mahadevar Temple to attain this resort. Obviously, this resort is surrounded by lake, temple and bird sanctuary. You can enjoy the natural view from just sitting in the resort. Overall, this resort is a stunning choice to choose for hosting a wedding.

Zuri Kumarakom Resort
Zuri Kumarakom Resort (PC:thezurihotels.com)

Among the above said three wedding destinations, you could choose something that matching your style and demands. Also, you can get the chance to memorize your wedding and its happenings by hiring any one of the above said wedding destinations. These wedding destinations will suit all kind of people and especially will suit the ravishing people that explore for trendy and attractive wedding destinations. By hiring any of the wedding destinations, you can get the chance to show off your wealth and status to your relatives. And also, you can welcome them to your wedding in a unique manner. By this, they will never forget your wedding very easily as you think.


5 Unusual Honeymoon Destinations

Weddings are a once in a lifetime event and you want everything to be perfect from the venue to the menu. But what about the most important part of your marriage- the post marriage honeymoon. You will get a lot of run of the mill suggestions like Andamans, Thailand, Bali and Spain but don’t you want to do something different- go to an unexplored and unheard of place. Log onto matrimonial site like Shadi.com and you will get many great suggestions. We also give you a lowdown on five exotic destinations to get you started on your honeymoon blue print.

Hiddensee Island Honeymoon Destination
Hiddensee Island (PC:germany.travel)

Hiddensee Island, Germany– This picturesque Baltic island is a hidden treasure tucked away in the interiors of Germany. Trapped in time, this quaint town will slow the pace down for you, which is perfect after a hectic wedding season. You can spend the entire day just meandering along the beachfront totally undisturbed or simply enjoy a bottle of bubbly watching the azure blue waters.

Queenstown, New Zealand– The Adventure Capital of the World – If you are looking for an action packed honeymoon with a lot of sports activities then there is no place better than Queens town. It has a wide range of activities from scuba diving, bungee jumping to cliff jumping and more. There will never be dull moment in this honeymoon because if you are not doing some of these activities you can just walk around the breathtaking countryside with towering mountains all over and lush green meadows.

Algarve, Portugal– A rendezvous with romanticism- Want to relish some old world charm and yet be in the midst of activity. Plan your honeymoon to this bustling beach town of Algarve. Its royal-blue waters and towering cliffs have an unforgettable European flair. Its golden beaches, scalloped bays and sandy islands will take your breath away. You can explore this small town on foot meandering through its narrow pebbled lanes, relishing historic villages, flower-covered hillsides and spectacular bird life.

Cruise the Bosphorus– Turkey is a popular honeymoon destination but not the cruise on the Bosphorus- the winding strait that separates Europe and Asia. The shores offer a delightful contrast of grand splendor and quaint beauty. You can plan a week’s cruise on a fancy cruise liner and enjoy the scenic beauty of Turkey- from the colourful city of Istanbul, the ornate mosques, and magnificent castles to the19th century mansions and charming villages. Imagine these spectacular sights with lilting music and traditional Turkish cuisine- you could not have asked for more on your honeymoon. So cruise away all the fatigue of the wedding and immerse yourself in this enchanting voyage.

Romantic Honeymoon Destinations
Cafayate Honeymoon Destination (PC: guiadecabanias.com)

Cafayate, Argentina– This unheard of desert town is tucked away in a valley surrounded by ochre shadowed canyons. It is one of the most romantic honeymoon destinations as it is far away from the madness of city life- perfect for a honeymoon. You and your better half can spend some quality time sipping on Torrontes, the exclusive Argentinian wine, strolling through the quiet town streets and relishing the sunset over the canyons from your cottage.

Just take your pick and get ready to venture out on the best and the most treasured holiday ever.

Make Up Dos and Don’ts for Your Wedding

You have got your wedding attire sorted, the jewellery is bought and so are the other accessories, now it’s time to focus on your beauty. We put together the Dos and Don’ts of makeup to make you look flawless on your special day.

Wedding Makeups
Wedding Makeups Dos and Don’ts (PC:indianweddingsmag.com)


Indulge in skincare– If you haven’t been diligent about your pre bridal skincare routine then it’s important that you start now. You should plan at least three facials at regular intervals. This will help you illuminate and firm your complexion. Having a well nourished and moisturized face is important for the final bridal makeup.

Trial– If you have to get a makeup artist to come for the big day make sure that you have a trial of it at least three weeks prior to the wedding. This will let you know if you want to tone down the makeup or make it more vibrant.

Let the Eyes do the talking– Always emphasis on your eyes as they bring out the best in every bride. Have the correct corrector and concealer with an eye shadow to match your attire. You could use eye lash extensions to make your eyes stand out.

Keep a personal bridal kit– Though you might have kept a makeup artist for your wedding day to pretty you up, it is important to carry a small kit of makeup essentials, just in case of any last minute glitches. Make you bridal kit a few days in advance and be sure to have mascara, concealer, makeup remover, blush, lip gloss and a blotting paper. You could use this same kit during your honeymoon as well.


Proper Lighting– Never get your make up done with overhead fluorescent lighting. Try to do it at a time when it is daylight outside so that you know how it would look in natural light. If not then, ensure that the makeup artist has natural lighting in her saloon.

Do not Rush– Always be on time or a little before time for your makeup appointment as it always take a little longer than the estimated time for it to finish. This will keep you calm and composed and you will make it in time for the ceremonies and not get your better half to be all anxious.

Don’t Experiment– Your wedding is the last place you want to experiment with makeup. You don’t want any disasters on the most important day of your life. So always choose tones that your comfortable with and have used before. Always look yourself because that’s the person your better half to be saw when he decided to get married.

Don’t get caught up in beauty trends– Many brides want to look like their favorite Bollywood actress but in all of this they forget that their skin colour and texture might be totally different from their Bollywood diva. So always go for what looks best on you because your wedding is going to be the most photographed event of your life and you want to look your perfect self that day.

If you do not know of any decent makeup artist you can log onto any of the good India matrimony sites like Shadi.com. They offer all kinds of wedding planning services.

Get a Contemporary Look Even In That Traditional Keralite Bridal Attire

Kerala matrimony focuses on various styles of traditional and contemporary nature. It is one of the few weddings ceremonies in India which is a bit different than the others. While it is perfectly okay going with the traditional white saree with golden borders you can go for a different approach like a gown with minimalistic jewellery.

Go for the colour white
Kerala brides tend to go for the wonderful colour of white. It is a great colour for wedding attire and it shows a flowing elegance and subtleness to the entire outlook. However many people are trying on gowns instead of sarees. Since a majority of the Kerala population tend to be Christians it is catching up a lot. These gowns are perfect and look exquisite. You can get one with a flowing lower side and a shoulder less corset style top. They go perfect with a bit of gold pendant or necklace and the veil is a must for this type of wedding dress.

Keralite Bridal Attire
Keralite Bridal Attire (PC:ingrid.zcubes.com)

Minimalistic approach
When picking jewellery for the wedding day brides tend to wear as much jewellery as possible since it is a sign of prosperity and wealth. However it is not a bad idea to go for lesser jewellery. Just keep it simple with a sleek pendant or necklace adorning your neck and a bracelet of gold on your wrist. They go wonderfully with any white wedding gown. Also you can go for one of the hair accessories as well like hair pins of gold or silver. Avoid too much flower accessories but a little bit can work if you know how to balance the look.

Use less make up
Kerala matrimony sets a very different approach to the style of makeup used by brides. Firstly the brides tend to use very natural make up which just accentuates her features and nothing more. While other wedding traditions include lots of makeup Kerala brides tend to keep it simple. But that doesn’t mean you cannot go for a bit more. You can always add a bit of kajal to the eyes instead of an eye shadow. The contrast of the white bridal dresses and the black kajal make a splendid look. Also if you are inclined on going for an eye shadow do so but make sure that you keep in tone with the wedding dress. Subtle shades of pink or blue works well but remember to keep it light and simple.

Adding silk gloves to the attire
This is a style which is not followed by many but it is catching on. It can be a good idea to wear an elbow high silk glove of white colour to go with your wedding dress. It creates a royal feel to the wedding and certainly makes the entire attire stunning. Before you go for it, it is advised that you check to see if you like it or not. Kerala matrimony dresses can become stunning if you can hit that right balance of contemporary and traditional on your wedding day.