Get a Contemporary Look Even In That Traditional Keralite Bridal Attire

Kerala matrimony focuses on various styles of traditional and contemporary nature. It is one of the few weddings ceremonies in India which is a bit different than the others. While it is perfectly okay going with the traditional white saree with golden borders you can go for a different approach like a gown with minimalistic jewellery.

Go for the colour white
Kerala brides tend to go for the wonderful colour of white. It is a great colour for wedding attire and it shows a flowing elegance and subtleness to the entire outlook. However many people are trying on gowns instead of sarees. Since a majority of the Kerala population tend to be Christians it is catching up a lot. These gowns are perfect and look exquisite. You can get one with a flowing lower side and a shoulder less corset style top. They go perfect with a bit of gold pendant or necklace and the veil is a must for this type of wedding dress.

Keralite Bridal Attire
Keralite Bridal Attire (

Minimalistic approach
When picking jewellery for the wedding day brides tend to wear as much jewellery as possible since it is a sign of prosperity and wealth. However it is not a bad idea to go for lesser jewellery. Just keep it simple with a sleek pendant or necklace adorning your neck and a bracelet of gold on your wrist. They go wonderfully with any white wedding gown. Also you can go for one of the hair accessories as well like hair pins of gold or silver. Avoid too much flower accessories but a little bit can work if you know how to balance the look.

Use less make up
Kerala matrimony sets a very different approach to the style of makeup used by brides. Firstly the brides tend to use very natural make up which just accentuates her features and nothing more. While other wedding traditions include lots of makeup Kerala brides tend to keep it simple. But that doesn’t mean you cannot go for a bit more. You can always add a bit of kajal to the eyes instead of an eye shadow. The contrast of the white bridal dresses and the black kajal make a splendid look. Also if you are inclined on going for an eye shadow do so but make sure that you keep in tone with the wedding dress. Subtle shades of pink or blue works well but remember to keep it light and simple.

Adding silk gloves to the attire
This is a style which is not followed by many but it is catching on. It can be a good idea to wear an elbow high silk glove of white colour to go with your wedding dress. It creates a royal feel to the wedding and certainly makes the entire attire stunning. Before you go for it, it is advised that you check to see if you like it or not. Kerala matrimony dresses can become stunning if you can hit that right balance of contemporary and traditional on your wedding day.


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