Make Up Dos and Don’ts for Your Wedding

You have got your wedding attire sorted, the jewellery is bought and so are the other accessories, now it’s time to focus on your beauty. We put together the Dos and Don’ts of makeup to make you look flawless on your special day.

Wedding Makeups
Wedding Makeups Dos and Don’ts (


Indulge in skincare– If you haven’t been diligent about your pre bridal skincare routine then it’s important that you start now. You should plan at least three facials at regular intervals. This will help you illuminate and firm your complexion. Having a well nourished and moisturized face is important for the final bridal makeup.

Trial– If you have to get a makeup artist to come for the big day make sure that you have a trial of it at least three weeks prior to the wedding. This will let you know if you want to tone down the makeup or make it more vibrant.

Let the Eyes do the talking– Always emphasis on your eyes as they bring out the best in every bride. Have the correct corrector and concealer with an eye shadow to match your attire. You could use eye lash extensions to make your eyes stand out.

Keep a personal bridal kit– Though you might have kept a makeup artist for your wedding day to pretty you up, it is important to carry a small kit of makeup essentials, just in case of any last minute glitches. Make you bridal kit a few days in advance and be sure to have mascara, concealer, makeup remover, blush, lip gloss and a blotting paper. You could use this same kit during your honeymoon as well.


Proper Lighting– Never get your make up done with overhead fluorescent lighting. Try to do it at a time when it is daylight outside so that you know how it would look in natural light. If not then, ensure that the makeup artist has natural lighting in her saloon.

Do not Rush– Always be on time or a little before time for your makeup appointment as it always take a little longer than the estimated time for it to finish. This will keep you calm and composed and you will make it in time for the ceremonies and not get your better half to be all anxious.

Don’t Experiment– Your wedding is the last place you want to experiment with makeup. You don’t want any disasters on the most important day of your life. So always choose tones that your comfortable with and have used before. Always look yourself because that’s the person your better half to be saw when he decided to get married.

Don’t get caught up in beauty trends– Many brides want to look like their favorite Bollywood actress but in all of this they forget that their skin colour and texture might be totally different from their Bollywood diva. So always go for what looks best on you because your wedding is going to be the most photographed event of your life and you want to look your perfect self that day.

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