3 Locales for a Destination Kerala Wedding

Kerala wedding is very special and unique as well. Kerala Matrimony says that, keralites would like to do destination wedding than hosting the wedding in any nearby or easy accessible places. Wedding means full of enjoyments for no reason. But hosting the wedding in a special and mind blowing place could double our joy and happiness – right? For this is what, keralites would like to organize the wedding in a perfect and ideal place. But the keralites expect the place should be spacious to welcome their guests, should be neat and clean, should be accurate as far as arrangements are concerned and should be peculiar too.

Only three destinations of Kerala could fulfill the dreams and expectations of people. And those three destinations are as follows,

Tamarind Wedding Destination–This wedding destination make you go mad about the arrangements and decorations available there. The ambiance and atmosphere of this wedding destination would be awesome to glance at. If you want to organize an unforgettable and wonderful wedding, you should consider hiring this destination. This Tamarind wedding destination is located at Ernakulam, Kerala. You can contact the resort either through phone or mail for asking about the rent and whether or not this destination is free to hire.

Tamarind Wedding Destination
Tamarind Wedding Destination (PC:tamarind.co.in)

Ramada Resort–This is another destination located in Cochin, Kerala. You can reach this resort by travelling 12.4km down from Cochin. From Mattancherry palace, you need to travel for only 16.1km to reach this destination. The rent of this wedding destination is over 15000 per day. This is an excellent wedding destination surrounded by nature and beautiful sceneries. You will be amazed by the nature, if you choose to hire this destination for your wedding. This destination is a superb choice to go with, says Kerala Matrimony.

Zuri Kumarakom Resort – People who crave for style and fashion to be indulged in their wedding destination will find this resort an excellent choice to choose. This resort is situated at Kottayam, Kerala. This resort is just 5km from Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary. And merely you need to travel for 12km from Thrirunakkara Mahadevar Temple to attain this resort. Obviously, this resort is surrounded by lake, temple and bird sanctuary. You can enjoy the natural view from just sitting in the resort. Overall, this resort is a stunning choice to choose for hosting a wedding.

Zuri Kumarakom Resort
Zuri Kumarakom Resort (PC:thezurihotels.com)

Among the above said three wedding destinations, you could choose something that matching your style and demands. Also, you can get the chance to memorize your wedding and its happenings by hiring any one of the above said wedding destinations. These wedding destinations will suit all kind of people and especially will suit the ravishing people that explore for trendy and attractive wedding destinations. By hiring any of the wedding destinations, you can get the chance to show off your wealth and status to your relatives. And also, you can welcome them to your wedding in a unique manner. By this, they will never forget your wedding very easily as you think.


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