Offbeat Colors a Telugu Bride Can Try

Just like every other wedding, Telugu wedding has its own special place. In it the bride is given utmost importance and through out the life the most important person in the groom’s life is supposed to be the wife. Of course, Telugu wedding is similar to Hindu and Tamil wedding. It really is special because it is initiated at the temple. But since the number of people is more these days it is held at temple premises. There was a time when the fests would continue for 16 days. Today these fests are for 5 days as people don’t have so much of time.

The rituals of Telugu wedding

A Telugu wedding has many rituals and these would include pre wedding, on the wedding day and post wedding rituals. The bride usually wears light cream saree or orange saree. But these days there are many brides which want to look a bit different and thus thy can try off beat colors. Here are some of the options for Telugu brides for dressing in off beat colors.

Telugu Bride
Telugu Bride (PC:

New trend and off beat colors telugu brides can try

  • The trend keeps on changing but the telugu bride can try different ones. Today people have become open minded and bold and thus trying something different would surely be a welcome change. It is not necessary to keep on repeating the same color style and the jewelry style that every other bride has done. You can try blue color which would look authentic and yes of course smart.
  • Often telugu brides have worn big gold necklaces. But now if you are trying some off beat saree colors then less would be good. If the saree is somewhere around purple then too much gold would not look good. White gold necklaces or diamond necklace would suffice. Any light jewelry would give amazing look.
  • There should be many dresses and sarees to be bought as there are many functions. For every ceremony there should be a dress code. It is vital that you purchase thing much in advance to avoid any sort of last minute confusion.
  • You can find much kind of telugu wedding saree and jewelry online too. If you are quite busy and thus going to any brick and mortar store is tough then you can just order things online.

Thus from the above ideas you can adopt anyone you like. Things do change and even fashion change. The place of telugu bride is just untouched. There are so many guests to attend the wedding and thus there should be perfection in everything. You should not take a risk if you are not sure. Take up tests and trials first and only when you are sure of something try that. You can take help of your friend or your groom for the same so that things are quite settled. Wedding is a big and auspicious day and you therefore should not take chance and look your best. Try new look but stick to something you are confident about.


5 Tips for Planning a Tamil Haldi

Haldi would be the foremost ritual of a wedding that will be hosted either a day before of a wedding or on a wedding morning. Haldi is considered to be one of the traditional rituals of a wedding and it will be organized by both the bride and groom sides separately by inviting their guests.

The reason for conducting haldi during wedding is that, haldi is deemed as the privileged and godly thing. So, it is strongly trusted that, the wedding bride and groom will never be surrounded by any evil things once wedding haldi is done.

Generally, Tamil Matrimonial sites do not have any tips at all for hosting a haldi function. You could visit other websites for that. But if you want some dashing tips for planning a Tamil haldi, just continue reading the article.

Tamil Wedding Haldi
Tamil Wedding Haldi (PC:

Guest List of Haldi
As far as haldi is concerned, it is not vital to invite all the guests and friends of your family. Rather, it is sufficient to invite the elderly wedded couples and other close relatives of the bride or groom like uncles, aunts, sisters and brothers. So, prepare the guest list accordingly and invite the guest. Either friends may or may not be called for this event. That depends on the hosts of the wedding.

Haldi Dresses
Haldi would be yellow in color, so the bridegroom will be asked to wear the yellow colored outfits for the haldi function. Make ready the haldi dresses rather hurrying in last minute to get the outfits. Being it a traditional ritual, it should be started and ended up on time.  So, buy the haldi outfits while buying the wedding dresses.

Haldi Decorations
Simple decoration is enough as far as haldi is concerned. You could find this point by visiting the Tamil Matrimonial sites. Since, the matrimony websites include some dos and don’ts of the haldi event. By reading that, you would come to know about what should be done for haldi decoration.

Haldi Preparation
Instead buying the haldi simply from the stores and make it available for the wedding haldi ritual. You should think preparing the haldi on your own. For preparing the haldi, you have to use haldi (turmeric powder), rose water and other essence. By mixing all the three things, you have to make it as a paste. The haldi paste should be in semi solid form, so that, people could able to take that in their hands.

Senior Women
Haldi event will be conducted separately by both the bride and the groom on their home. Despite of, either it might be a groom side or bride side, but four or five senior wedded women should be invited to the haldi event without fail. And the wedded women should start the event by applying haldi on the hands, forehead, cheeks and toes of the bride or groom. Then, the parents and relatives of the bride or groom will continue applying haldi on the bride or groom one by one as per the priorities.

Some Ideas from the Suresh Raina and Priyanka Chaudhary Wedding

We all know that, Suresh Raina is a star batsman of Indian cricket team and Priyanka Chaudhary is his lady love. They both got married some months before. It is always interesting to know the wedding arrangements of important social personality as we all might know that they have included some stunning wedding arrangements. Even though if you refer Hindi Matrimony for getting wedding ideas, but you could only get some common ideas rather the ideas which might suit you.

If you really need such wedding ideas to execute for your wedding, you could refer internets or get some ideas from Suresh Raina and Priyanka Chaudhary wedding. In some of the Hindi Matrimony sites, you could able to get the information about the wedding tips what you are looking for. If not you get, no issues, I will explain you what Suresh Raina and Priyanka Chaudhary did for their wedding. Just read the article further to know about that,

Raina and Priyanka  Wedding

  • Simple Wedding Card – The reputed personality Suresh Raina has decided to be simple and elegant with his marriage card rather thought of getting a stunning one. His marriage card was a half white color printed with golden color fonts. And his wedding card explained the details like bride and groom’s name, wedding venue, timing and something very important rather stuffing more things in it. If the needed be, you could as well follow the simple card tip for your wedding as well. Since, nobody is going to keep your wedding card until their life time. So, it is not mandatory to go for grand wedding card by spending more money.
  • Wedding Outfits – Suresh Raina opted for a grandly designed golden color sherwani and the bride Priyanka Chaudhary opted for a lavishly crafted red color lehenga choli. In short, they both have opted for luxurious wedding outfits. I could not find anything wrong in that, the outfits are the only way to seize the attention of the people gathered for the wedding. So, it would be a wise choice to choose grand enough outfits as per your budget. Suresh Raina and Priyanka did the same as they have seized the focuses of everyone with their stunning appearance.
  • Wedding Menu – The wedding items of the Suresh Raina and Priyanka Chaudhary wedding are Kbabas, briyani, mutton briyani, galawatkababas and mutton korma. The wedding menus of the famous cricketer’s wedding were so delicious and juicy. Suresh Raina invited a crew of excellent cookers from TundayKbabas to make his wedding a luscious one. You might also try including the above said wedding menus in your wedding, if you have no problem in tasting non vegetarian.
  • Wedding Venue – Suresh Raina has opted Leela Palace, Delhi as his wedding destination just for the reason that, he has so many friends in that city. As like that, you could decide your wedding destination where you have more friends and relatives. By this, you can get help from them for getting done your wedding tasks rather doing it single handedly.

Post Wedding Wardrobe For a Tamil Bride

Tamil wedding has different rituals and some families still follow all the rituals. Some of the urban and modern families don’t follow all the rituals. But it is truly exciting if you go ahead with things that are as per the custom and tradition. Many families feel that soon the wedding is over the couple is free. But it is not so. Tamil brides have many rituals to follow even after the wedding is over. Thus even after the wedding is over the bride should have some dresses and saris so that she can easily participate in all the ceremonies.

The ceremonies after the wedding

  1. Pon Azhaippu is one of the ceremonies and it means that the bride has to be welcomed in the home of the groom. The groom’s mother or sister initiates this ceremony. In this the bride can come home with the wedding dress that she had already worn.
  2. After this there is arti and it actually means that the mother of the groom gives home responsibility to the bride.
  3. In Arasanikkal the father of bride removes the bamboo stick that was erected at the start of the wedding. This ritual means that the wedding ceremony is over.
  4. Then comes the turmeric bath. In this the bride as well as the groom should wear the set of plain clothes as there would be oil and turmeric massage to relax the couple. So, a simple sari or any dress that you find comfortable can be worn.
  5. After a few days when the date if for marriage registration, the bride can wear her favorite colored sari.
Tamil Brides
Tamil Brides (PC:

On the wedding day there should be wedding rituals and thus the bride has to wear the sari as per the rituals. But after the wedding ceremony the wardrobe is not a compulsion. Tamil brides can wear anything she is comfortable in. But as marriage is procession when the bride has to look great, try to include the saris that would make you look great.

For honeymoon the bride can take all the liberties in the dresses. She can take help of the husband and ask him what he would like her to wear. She can wear western attire or something that would look sensational.

Tamil weddings are mostly conducted in the temple in the simple manner. But the bride should wear contemporary clothing and jewelry and this is the charm of the wedding. Both the bride and the groom should look forward for wearing the wedding and post wedding wardrobe to be complementary to one another. Bride has to look her best and she can take help of the granny and mother who would help in getting an idea as to what should be worn in weddings and various ceremonies attached to it. The Tamil wedding has pre-wedding, wedding and post wedding rituals. Both the groom and the bride should shop for various clothing so as to look great on all the ceremonies. Tamil brides would look amazing if she chooses to wear contemporary jewelry as well.

What to Carry When Meeting a Girl for Match Making

These days, people have no time to do all the things separately right from getting a good bride or groom to fixing match making meeting. Rather, they want to hand over all those things to a company or a website and they would like to be free from those hassles and tensions. This is why the use of Matrimony websites is increasing day to day and still on the lift. Since, the online wedding sites have all the services right from exploring a good bride or groom to getting you good wedding destinations.

Nowadays, the match making meeting is deemed to be very crucial as far as checking the harmony and accordance factors is concerned. Through the match making meeting, a boy could understand the taste, character and behavior of a girl and he can behave accordingly by talking with her. Also, he could think whether or not the girl suits him. For this to decide, a match making meeting is necessary. You can ask your Matrimony site to arrange a match making meeting either online or offline in accordance with your schedule. If you are free, you could go for offline meeting, otherwise, you can arrange online meeting.

Things a Boy Should Carry

But you cannot go in empty hands while meeting a girl for the first time – right? Since, the intention of the boys is to impress a girl at first sight. If the girl is beautiful, boys are eager to meet the girl and impress her with his talks and behaviors. Gifts are something very important, if you really concerned about impressing or attracting a girl. I do not know the reason, why girls love to receive gifts the most. But as far as boys are concerned, it is a good thing – right? Since, using a weapon called “gifts”, you can impress your lady love. It sounds good – right?

Meeting Girl for Match Making
Meeting Girl for Match Making (PC:

No matter, whatever may be the gifts, but the gifts which you bought for them should be genuine and to the point. Do not try to give any annoying or disgusting gifts. Also, being it a first time, you should not give any purposeful or intentional gifts. If you ask me, I would say that, flowers are the best gifts to give a girl while meeting her on a match making day. Since, girls love flowers to the core. It is up to you to decide whether to give bunch of flowers or a single red rose. Also, flowers does not cost too much.

Besides the flowers, you can give any decors or gifts that symbolically represents love and to be loved. That is, you might get her a statue of Tajmahal or a simply a clay doll. Of course, I forget to tell you that, teddy bears are other gifts which you could give a girl. Nothing can bring the happiness on girl’s face than receiving a teddy bear from a boy that too at the match making meeting. Among the three things, you can carry anything as of your wish and comfort.

3 Locales for a Destination Oriya Wedding

Wedding day would be the most precious and auspicious day of everyone’s life. So, all the people would expect that their wedding will be very special than the others wedding. So, they will think some new decoration ideas to include in their wedding. Among the many different things, the foremost thing is that, they will decide the best wedding venue. Wedding venue is very important for having a rare and luxury wedding – right? And these days, the would-be wedded couple will search for the fantastic wedding venues in most websites including Oriya Matrimony sites.

It is nothing wrong in exploring a dashing wedding place if someone wants to have a memorable wedding. But, what sounds funny is that, people explore wedding destinations in Oriya Matrimony. I think, you are also feeling okay with my words. But, this shows the curiosity or eagerness of people to get superb wedding destination to host their wedding. Nowadays, destination wedding is turning out to be a fashion among people. They would like to arrange everything unique and out of the ordinary for their wedding.

In order to help people getting marvelous wedding destinations, I have explained three wedding destinations below. I hope that would be useful for you.

Oriya Wedding Aryasamaj Mandir
Oriya Wedding Aryasamaj Mandir (PC:

Aryasamaj Mandir – Do not get wonder because of I am explaining about the temple instead of any palace like places. Why not temples for conducting wedding? Is that anything wrong in that? Are you feeling that, this is not a destination? No other place would be better than hosting a wedding in temple. In which, the Aryasamaj Mandir is a famous and spacious temple located at Bhubaneswar, the capital of Orissa. This temple is exactly located at Saheed nagar just near to Maharishi College. If you select this temple for your wedding, I would say that, you will be excited to have your wedding at unique place.

BDA Nicco Park – This is another fabulous place located at Bhubaneswar to host a wedding. This wedding destination is located very close to the Bhubaneswar railway junction. Also, from railway station, you can get spontaneous transportation facilities to reach this destination within some minutes. Apart from the railway station, you can easily reach this wedding destination from any place of Bhubaneswar within some minutes, since you can get limitless transport facilities for reaching this hotel. You could address four distinct sizes of wedding halls in this hotel. And you could decorate the wedding hall as of your choice.

Swosti Plaza – You could find more hotels and wedding destinations under this Swosti Plaza. So, you could get the wedding hall with respect to your needs and demands. You will come to know that, wedding would be very special by hiring these wedding destination halls. You will get the wedding that you have not dreamt of these days. You could address nine wedding halls with various decorations and sizes. Among that, you could hire something that matching your budget and style. Also, each wedding hall would vary in cost according to the size and decoration of the hall.

3 Locales for a Destination Bengali Wedding

Bengali wedding is not an affair of a day. It takes several days and has a specific span. Well, that’s the charm of Bengali wedding. It is important that if it is taken up at a specific destination then it would be like vacation cum wedding. There would be a need for event Management Company which can help bring all the vendors together so that the bride, groom, families and relatives attending the wedding do not face any issues.

The rituals in Bengali wedding

Just after pakka katha there is ashirwad ceremony in which the guests come and bless the Bengali brides and the groom. This is just like the engagement ceremony. After this the wedding day is selected. But just a couple of days before wedding there is a puja called as vriddhi to be taken up. Now on the wedding day in the morning both the bride and the groom have to eat only milk and milk products. This is called as dadhi mangal. This is because after that till wedding is over there is a vrata that they have to keep. Just when the wedding is over they are given water from the well in an earthern pot.

Then there is subha drishti and then artoi when the groom comes. The mother of the bride receives him and there is arti. Soon the exchange of garlands takes place. Now the actual wedding ceremony takes place where the saat pheras take place in front of agni. But again, the sindoor vidhi do not take place at that time. It happens on the next day. After that, bidai takes place. So it is clear that there are many rituals that have to be performed. It surely is a matter of few days and thus if it is organized in the form of destination wedding then it would be easy for the guests to stay at all the functions.

Best locales for Bengali wedding

1. Castle wedding: If you can afford then a castle wedding would really be awesome. You can find castles at many places in India and you can contact that hotel and get the venue fixed for wedding. The guests can stay in that hotel or somewhere in the nearby hotel and all the rituals and function can take place at any room in the castle.
2. Beach wedding at Goa: Goa is truly a wonderful place where you can find amazing things to feats on. Of course there are many hotels which are near the beaches and so a beach wedding would also become an amazing affair.

Beach Bengali Wedding at Goa
Beach Bengali Wedding at Goa (PC:

3. Wedding in farm house: You will find many party plots and farm houses in India. You can arrange the accommodation for the guests and then the wedding can take place at any such place.

In India you will find many diverse and beautiful places where wedding can take place. Bengalis love good food and thus even if they don’t stay in Kolkata, they can still book some good hotel there and arrange the wedding there. It would give them the experience of authentic food and the wedding rituals.