3 Locales for a Destination Bengali Wedding

Bengali wedding is not an affair of a day. It takes several days and has a specific span. Well, that’s the charm of Bengali wedding. It is important that if it is taken up at a specific destination then it would be like vacation cum wedding. There would be a need for event Management Company which can help bring all the vendors together so that the bride, groom, families and relatives attending the wedding do not face any issues.

The rituals in Bengali wedding

Just after pakka katha there is ashirwad ceremony in which the guests come and bless the Bengali brides and the groom. This is just like the engagement ceremony. After this the wedding day is selected. But just a couple of days before wedding there is a puja called as vriddhi to be taken up. Now on the wedding day in the morning both the bride and the groom have to eat only milk and milk products. This is called as dadhi mangal. This is because after that till wedding is over there is a vrata that they have to keep. Just when the wedding is over they are given water from the well in an earthern pot.

Then there is subha drishti and then artoi when the groom comes. The mother of the bride receives him and there is arti. Soon the exchange of garlands takes place. Now the actual wedding ceremony takes place where the saat pheras take place in front of agni. But again, the sindoor vidhi do not take place at that time. It happens on the next day. After that, bidai takes place. So it is clear that there are many rituals that have to be performed. It surely is a matter of few days and thus if it is organized in the form of destination wedding then it would be easy for the guests to stay at all the functions.

Best locales for Bengali wedding

1. Castle wedding: If you can afford then a castle wedding would really be awesome. You can find castles at many places in India and you can contact that hotel and get the venue fixed for wedding. The guests can stay in that hotel or somewhere in the nearby hotel and all the rituals and function can take place at any room in the castle.
2. Beach wedding at Goa: Goa is truly a wonderful place where you can find amazing things to feats on. Of course there are many hotels which are near the beaches and so a beach wedding would also become an amazing affair.

Beach Bengali Wedding at Goa
Beach Bengali Wedding at Goa (PC: myweddingplanning.in)

3. Wedding in farm house: You will find many party plots and farm houses in India. You can arrange the accommodation for the guests and then the wedding can take place at any such place.

In India you will find many diverse and beautiful places where wedding can take place. Bengalis love good food and thus even if they don’t stay in Kolkata, they can still book some good hotel there and arrange the wedding there. It would give them the experience of authentic food and the wedding rituals.


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