Post Wedding Wardrobe For a Tamil Bride

Tamil wedding has different rituals and some families still follow all the rituals. Some of the urban and modern families don’t follow all the rituals. But it is truly exciting if you go ahead with things that are as per the custom and tradition. Many families feel that soon the wedding is over the couple is free. But it is not so. Tamil brides have many rituals to follow even after the wedding is over. Thus even after the wedding is over the bride should have some dresses and saris so that she can easily participate in all the ceremonies.

The ceremonies after the wedding

  1. Pon Azhaippu is one of the ceremonies and it means that the bride has to be welcomed in the home of the groom. The groom’s mother or sister initiates this ceremony. In this the bride can come home with the wedding dress that she had already worn.
  2. After this there is arti and it actually means that the mother of the groom gives home responsibility to the bride.
  3. In Arasanikkal the father of bride removes the bamboo stick that was erected at the start of the wedding. This ritual means that the wedding ceremony is over.
  4. Then comes the turmeric bath. In this the bride as well as the groom should wear the set of plain clothes as there would be oil and turmeric massage to relax the couple. So, a simple sari or any dress that you find comfortable can be worn.
  5. After a few days when the date if for marriage registration, the bride can wear her favorite colored sari.
Tamil Brides
Tamil Brides (PC:

On the wedding day there should be wedding rituals and thus the bride has to wear the sari as per the rituals. But after the wedding ceremony the wardrobe is not a compulsion. Tamil brides can wear anything she is comfortable in. But as marriage is procession when the bride has to look great, try to include the saris that would make you look great.

For honeymoon the bride can take all the liberties in the dresses. She can take help of the husband and ask him what he would like her to wear. She can wear western attire or something that would look sensational.

Tamil weddings are mostly conducted in the temple in the simple manner. But the bride should wear contemporary clothing and jewelry and this is the charm of the wedding. Both the bride and the groom should look forward for wearing the wedding and post wedding wardrobe to be complementary to one another. Bride has to look her best and she can take help of the granny and mother who would help in getting an idea as to what should be worn in weddings and various ceremonies attached to it. The Tamil wedding has pre-wedding, wedding and post wedding rituals. Both the groom and the bride should shop for various clothing so as to look great on all the ceremonies. Tamil brides would look amazing if she chooses to wear contemporary jewelry as well.


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