Some Ideas from the Suresh Raina and Priyanka Chaudhary Wedding

We all know that, Suresh Raina is a star batsman of Indian cricket team and Priyanka Chaudhary is his lady love. They both got married some months before. It is always interesting to know the wedding arrangements of important social personality as we all might know that they have included some stunning wedding arrangements. Even though if you refer Hindi Matrimony for getting wedding ideas, but you could only get some common ideas rather the ideas which might suit you.

If you really need such wedding ideas to execute for your wedding, you could refer internets or get some ideas from Suresh Raina and Priyanka Chaudhary wedding. In some of the Hindi Matrimony sites, you could able to get the information about the wedding tips what you are looking for. If not you get, no issues, I will explain you what Suresh Raina and Priyanka Chaudhary did for their wedding. Just read the article further to know about that,

Raina and Priyanka  Wedding

  • Simple Wedding Card – The reputed personality Suresh Raina has decided to be simple and elegant with his marriage card rather thought of getting a stunning one. His marriage card was a half white color printed with golden color fonts. And his wedding card explained the details like bride and groom’s name, wedding venue, timing and something very important rather stuffing more things in it. If the needed be, you could as well follow the simple card tip for your wedding as well. Since, nobody is going to keep your wedding card until their life time. So, it is not mandatory to go for grand wedding card by spending more money.
  • Wedding Outfits – Suresh Raina opted for a grandly designed golden color sherwani and the bride Priyanka Chaudhary opted for a lavishly crafted red color lehenga choli. In short, they both have opted for luxurious wedding outfits. I could not find anything wrong in that, the outfits are the only way to seize the attention of the people gathered for the wedding. So, it would be a wise choice to choose grand enough outfits as per your budget. Suresh Raina and Priyanka did the same as they have seized the focuses of everyone with their stunning appearance.
  • Wedding Menu – The wedding items of the Suresh Raina and Priyanka Chaudhary wedding are Kbabas, briyani, mutton briyani, galawatkababas and mutton korma. The wedding menus of the famous cricketer’s wedding were so delicious and juicy. Suresh Raina invited a crew of excellent cookers from TundayKbabas to make his wedding a luscious one. You might also try including the above said wedding menus in your wedding, if you have no problem in tasting non vegetarian.
  • Wedding Venue – Suresh Raina has opted Leela Palace, Delhi as his wedding destination just for the reason that, he has so many friends in that city. As like that, you could decide your wedding destination where you have more friends and relatives. By this, you can get help from them for getting done your wedding tasks rather doing it single handedly.

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