Offbeat Colors a Telugu Bride Can Try

Just like every other wedding, Telugu wedding has its own special place. In it the bride is given utmost importance and through out the life the most important person in the groom’s life is supposed to be the wife. Of course, Telugu wedding is similar to Hindu and Tamil wedding. It really is special because it is initiated at the temple. But since the number of people is more these days it is held at temple premises. There was a time when the fests would continue for 16 days. Today these fests are for 5 days as people don’t have so much of time.

The rituals of Telugu wedding

A Telugu wedding has many rituals and these would include pre wedding, on the wedding day and post wedding rituals. The bride usually wears light cream saree or orange saree. But these days there are many brides which want to look a bit different and thus thy can try off beat colors. Here are some of the options for Telugu brides for dressing in off beat colors.

Telugu Bride
Telugu Bride (PC:

New trend and off beat colors telugu brides can try

  • The trend keeps on changing but the telugu bride can try different ones. Today people have become open minded and bold and thus trying something different would surely be a welcome change. It is not necessary to keep on repeating the same color style and the jewelry style that every other bride has done. You can try blue color which would look authentic and yes of course smart.
  • Often telugu brides have worn big gold necklaces. But now if you are trying some off beat saree colors then less would be good. If the saree is somewhere around purple then too much gold would not look good. White gold necklaces or diamond necklace would suffice. Any light jewelry would give amazing look.
  • There should be many dresses and sarees to be bought as there are many functions. For every ceremony there should be a dress code. It is vital that you purchase thing much in advance to avoid any sort of last minute confusion.
  • You can find much kind of telugu wedding saree and jewelry online too. If you are quite busy and thus going to any brick and mortar store is tough then you can just order things online.

Thus from the above ideas you can adopt anyone you like. Things do change and even fashion change. The place of telugu bride is just untouched. There are so many guests to attend the wedding and thus there should be perfection in everything. You should not take a risk if you are not sure. Take up tests and trials first and only when you are sure of something try that. You can take help of your friend or your groom for the same so that things are quite settled. Wedding is a big and auspicious day and you therefore should not take chance and look your best. Try new look but stick to something you are confident about.


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