Important Things to Consider at Kapu Weddings

Indian weddings are so much fun. In India you will find a wide variety of people around. They all share different cultures. Getting invitation to different weddings and attending them would give you a good idea about their rich culture. In Kapu matrimony you will find a lot of fine options in the rituals. They are meaningful and fun. They have involvement of even the farthest relatives.

There are a few things that you must know about these weddings

  1. The first ceremony is the Nischay ceremony. In this the two families meet for the first time and they carry out talks. The girl meets the boy and there is also matching of horoscopes. If everything seems fine then wedding is finalized. This ceremony is mainly for fixing the wedding talks and thus it is called as Nischay ceremony.
  2. Later, a Mahurat is decided on which the engagement would take place. Thus, you will find an engagement ceremony where in there would be exchange of rings and also there would be some dance and all, if the families are modern and are fine with the current wedding celebrations.
  3. There is a strange and interesting ceremony called as Snatakam. In this, you will see that the priest comes home to the groom’s place. The priest takes up the rituals. In this, the father of the groom gives the responsibilities of the home to the groom. This is because, now since he is about to get married, he would be a responsible man.
  4. Mangal Sutra plays a vital role in Kapu matrimony. You will find that almost when all the rituals is about to get over, there would be a ritual called as mangal sutra tying. After that, the talambralu would be showered on the couple.
  5. On the 16th day of wedding, there is one more ritual where there would be involvement of mangal sutra. In this, two mangal sutras have to be tied together and this means that now there has been union of two lives. This is the time when the bride has to wear a nice sari. There would be blessing ceremony after this ritual.
Mangalsutra on Kapu Wedding
Mangalsutra on Kapu Wedding (PC:

These are some of the things that you need to understand. There are some of the rituals which are just like those in Hindus. There would be saptapadi and kanyadan too. Weddings are the time to have lot of fun.

Food is served in an authentic way. You will really enjoy this. Kapu weddings are charming. The bride and the groom, both get ready very well. This is the best time of their life. The guests would also be given some gifts. Some people opt for personalized gifts while some people buy the general ones. The invitation cards that they distribute are also quite amazing. Indian weddings are so much fun. In India you will find a wide variety of people around. They all share different cultures. Getting invitation to different weddings and attending them would give you a good idea about their rich culture. These are some of the important things you need to know about Kapu weddings.


Best Destinations for Lingayat Weddings

It is a known fact that India is rich in culture. Thus, in India attending a wedding would really be a great thing. There are many different castes in this country. As far as Lingayat matrimony is concerned, this caste is quite orthodox. But they have interesting ceremonies and they have now become quite forward. Thus, they don’t mind opting for destination weddings too.

The destination weddings for Lingayat

In Lingayat, you will see that the ceremonies would last for around 3-4 days. Thus, it would really be cool if there would be location or destination wedding. This is because, if the wedding is conducted in banquet and you are in your own location, then there would always be stress and hustle and bustle. If you want the wedding to be enjoyable and relaxing then a destination wedding would really work for you.

Holiday destinations

You can opt for holiday destinations for the wedding. This would be a great time for the guests too who would come to attend the wedding. In fact, such a destination would help to enhance the bond between the two families and thus it would also become a good family holiday. You can search on the web and find out which destinations fall in your budget and range.

Holiday Wedding  Destinations
Holiday Wedding Destinations (PC:

Hill stations

While choosing hill stations for the destination wedding, you should make sure that you do not choose too much extreme place where reaching would be an issue. If you want maximum people to attend the wedding then you should organize the same at a place where people would be able to reach easily. Choose something nearby from your location. This will really help you by all means.

Out of country

Those, who are quite well to do also arrange the weddings out of India, they preferably choose the weekend so that many people can come and attend the wedding.

However, this is something that would depend on persons’ choice. Some people like simple weddings followed by lunch or dinner. There is nothing wrong in that either. In Lingayat matrimony, you will really see an authentic wedding which would give you an idea about their rich culture. Also, there would be some amazing rituals which would be complete fun. Also, there would be good and authentic food served at the wedding venue. In the times when the cost of everything is quite high, a simple wedding would also be pleasant. But, there is also a feeling that we marry only once. Thus, the wedding should have some really great moments and such moments would be possible when there is a location wedding. The romance and the beautiful environment at the location would make the memories stronger and better. Yes, wedding is really something, both the families should attend. Marriage is a grand event and it should really be something memorable. You should attend a Lingayat wedding when you get a chance. This is because; it is quite interesting and amazing. Weddings should have amazing photography and thus great scenic beauty is the main and important factor.

Shopping for Gujarati Wedding

Weddings are meant to be pompous. In fact, Gujarati weddings are really quite exciting and amazing. Of course, they are lavish and full of fun. Also, in Gujarati matrimony, you will find that there would be too much concentration on presentation. Thus, the way the thalis are decorated you would just be amazed to see that. But all that requires a good amount of preparations. In fact, in Gujarati weddings, there is a good gap between the engagement and wedding. You can say a period of 5-6 months as there is a lot of shopping to be done and in Gujarati weddings you will really see all these preparations with perfection.

Shopping required for Gujarati weddings

Shopping is something that truly excites everyone. When it comes to wedding shopping, you might get a bit tensed as this involves a lot of things to be done. In fact, in Gujarati weddings, you will see loud clothes and amazing decorations even in the house. Thus, it is for sure that there is so much of shopping needed. Here are some of the things that would be needed.

Gujarati Wedding Shopping
Gujarati Wedding Shopping (
  1. Clothing for the bride and the groom: The bride has to wear a sari in Gujarati style. Mostly people opt for white and red or full red. The groom can wear something traditional like sherwani. The bride and the groom should also be prepared with jewelry, footwear and accessories. Apart from that, there would be many pre-wedding ceremonies too and thus, there should be shopping for clothing required in those ceremonies too.
  2. Items as required for vidhi: Most of the items required in the marriage vidhi would be brought by the priest only. But when it comes to the presentation of the thalis, the Gujarati are best in that. When there is arti, you will see a well-decorated thali for the same. You will also see the trays where they would keep the flower petals to shower on the bride and the groom while pheras are going on. Thus, the items of decoration have to be bought by the families.
  3. Gifts for the bride and the groom: The gifts for the bride and the groom should be arranged in special decorative trays. You will find these decorative trays too as available ready from some special stores. You can even make it at home. Well, the family of the bride should gift certain things to the groom and similarly, the groom’s family will buy something for the bride. Thus, there have to be such preparations to be done well in advance.
  4. Gifts for the guests: In Gujarati matrimony you will find that there is a good amount of concentration on the guests. Thus, there should be some special gifts for the guests too. Thus, one should opt for amazing items as per the likes of the guests.

Thus, in brief, Gujarati marriages need a lot of preparations. They are fun loving and food loving people. You will really have a gala time when you get a chance to attend these weddings.

Important Things to Consider At Jain Weddings

Jain weddings have so much to celebrate. If you have never attended one such wedding, then it’s the time now. If at all you are an invitee then make sure that you attend one. There are many rituals and these rituals are truly nice. Every ritual has a unique meaning. This is the time when the bride and the groom would get united forever and they will live a good life ahead with one another. Jain matrimony has so much to celebrate. Right from the rituals to food, everything is attractive and interesting.

There are a few important things that you need to understand when it comes to celebrating Jain weddings.

The important things you need to know

  1. The unique ritual of lagna lekhan: Lagna lekhan is a unique ritual in Jain wedding. In this when the invitation cards come from the printing press, a good day is chosen. On that day, a few wedding cards are named with the red ink. These wedding cards go to special relatives. The first card goes to the God’s temple and then to the very close relatives. After this, the invitation cards can be distributed to others.
  2. Mandap mahurat: There is a ritual called as Mandap mahurat. In this ritual, there is a priest who gets done all the rituals. This happens in the bride’s place as well as at the groom’s place. This is an important ceremony for both of them.
  3. Jain food includes food that is free from root vegetables: Jains are pure vegetarian. In fact, they don’t even eat root vegetables. Thus, most of the weddings serve food that does not have root vegetables inside the food. Also, some weddings keep both Jain food as well as non-jain food.
  4. Jains usually have food before sun set: It’s a trend in jains that they have food before the sunset only. However, many people have changed these days. But it has been a system among jains to serve the dinner early. Thus, dinner mostly starts very early and then it lasts for a few hours.
  5. Some jain communities opt for the day functions only: Since Jains believe that all the good tasks should be done in the day time they do not prefer too many evening functions. They have day functions. Thus most of the ceremonies they hold are at the day time.
Jain Wedding
Jain Wedding (PC:

Just like every wedding has some excitement and some unique things the same holds true for these weddings too. In Jain matrimony, you will see some really amazing functions. However, these are some important things that you need to know.

Jain people love lavish functions. Thus, even when they have a reasonable financial status they make the functions look too good. The decoration, the food and everything that is involved would really make the functions look lavish. It is important to note that this is not like the south Indian weddings. These weddings are not conducted at the temples. They mostly opt for banquet halls or some destination wedding spaces.

Best Destinations for UP Weddings

Weddings are a once in a lifetime occasion and they should be celebrated with grandeur and splendor. Today the trend is to have destination weddings- far from the hustle bustle of city life. It is fast catching up with all the communities in India. Let’s look at some great saadi hubs for UPites.

Manali- Closer to home for UPites

Ever imagined your wedding closer to the hills- amidst the snow peaked mountains and wooded slopes? You can plan it now in Manali- a fantastic place for weddings now days. It offers great resorts and hotels to plan a perfect UP wedding with a picture perfect setting. All you have to do is pack your bags and the wedding essentials and just enjoy a fairy tale wedding in a not so far away land.

Wedding Destination Manali
Wedding Destination Manali (PC:

Goa- A “fun”tastic destination for fun loving UPites

Always saw beach weddings on television but never imagined having one of your own. Fret not, now with destination weddings being a trend; Goa is one of the favorite amongst Indians. You can plan a beautiful wedding on the beaches of Goa with the azure blue waters of the ocean as a backdrop and the sandy white beaches as a platform for the most perfect UP saadi.

Kerala- an out of the box destination for North Indians

Discover true luxury and serenity in the quiet backwaters of Kerala- a totally different setting for a UP wedding but the most perfect place to have a North Indian wedding. You will be enchanted by the rich cultural heritage of Kerala and its inherent geographic beauty. Now days many big hotel chains and resorts offer all the facilities for having a UP wedding. You only need to get all the wedding essentials and you are set to have the most beautiful wedding in a postcard perfect setting. You can choose between the quiet backwaters, spectacular beaches or regal South Indian palaces.

Udaipur- To give a Royal Flair to a UP wedding

Always dream of having a royal wedding but didn’t know how to add that Midas touch to your UP wedding. Don’t worry, now you can have your dream wedding amidst the shimmering lakes and mellow palaces of Udaipur and rekindle the romance and beauty of your wedding. Many hotels have become classic wedding venues in Udaipur offering the grandeur and opulence of a bygone era and presenting the perfect venue for an idyllic wedding.

Hawaii- For the Flamboyant UPites

If you have the money and want to have a wedding overseas then there is no place like Hawaii. There are only a few places on earth that evoke romance and Hawaii is one such destination. This breathtaking wedding venue has jagged mountain spires, lush green farms, sweeping canyons and the all time favorite pristine beaches. You can plan your UP wedding at any of these locales and make it picture perfect with the simplicity of the natural setting.

So get set to take a leap into the great wedding destination saga and have an out-of-the-world experience at your UP wedding.