Important Things to Consider At Jain Weddings

Jain weddings have so much to celebrate. If you have never attended one such wedding, then it’s the time now. If at all you are an invitee then make sure that you attend one. There are many rituals and these rituals are truly nice. Every ritual has a unique meaning. This is the time when the bride and the groom would get united forever and they will live a good life ahead with one another. Jain matrimony has so much to celebrate. Right from the rituals to food, everything is attractive and interesting.

There are a few important things that you need to understand when it comes to celebrating Jain weddings.

The important things you need to know

  1. The unique ritual of lagna lekhan: Lagna lekhan is a unique ritual in Jain wedding. In this when the invitation cards come from the printing press, a good day is chosen. On that day, a few wedding cards are named with the red ink. These wedding cards go to special relatives. The first card goes to the God’s temple and then to the very close relatives. After this, the invitation cards can be distributed to others.
  2. Mandap mahurat: There is a ritual called as Mandap mahurat. In this ritual, there is a priest who gets done all the rituals. This happens in the bride’s place as well as at the groom’s place. This is an important ceremony for both of them.
  3. Jain food includes food that is free from root vegetables: Jains are pure vegetarian. In fact, they don’t even eat root vegetables. Thus, most of the weddings serve food that does not have root vegetables inside the food. Also, some weddings keep both Jain food as well as non-jain food.
  4. Jains usually have food before sun set: It’s a trend in jains that they have food before the sunset only. However, many people have changed these days. But it has been a system among jains to serve the dinner early. Thus, dinner mostly starts very early and then it lasts for a few hours.
  5. Some jain communities opt for the day functions only: Since Jains believe that all the good tasks should be done in the day time they do not prefer too many evening functions. They have day functions. Thus most of the ceremonies they hold are at the day time.
Jain Wedding
Jain Wedding (PC:

Just like every wedding has some excitement and some unique things the same holds true for these weddings too. In Jain matrimony, you will see some really amazing functions. However, these are some important things that you need to know.

Jain people love lavish functions. Thus, even when they have a reasonable financial status they make the functions look too good. The decoration, the food and everything that is involved would really make the functions look lavish. It is important to note that this is not like the south Indian weddings. These weddings are not conducted at the temples. They mostly opt for banquet halls or some destination wedding spaces.


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