Shopping for Gujarati Wedding

Weddings are meant to be pompous. In fact, Gujarati weddings are really quite exciting and amazing. Of course, they are lavish and full of fun. Also, in Gujarati matrimony, you will find that there would be too much concentration on presentation. Thus, the way the thalis are decorated you would just be amazed to see that. But all that requires a good amount of preparations. In fact, in Gujarati weddings, there is a good gap between the engagement and wedding. You can say a period of 5-6 months as there is a lot of shopping to be done and in Gujarati weddings you will really see all these preparations with perfection.

Shopping required for Gujarati weddings

Shopping is something that truly excites everyone. When it comes to wedding shopping, you might get a bit tensed as this involves a lot of things to be done. In fact, in Gujarati weddings, you will see loud clothes and amazing decorations even in the house. Thus, it is for sure that there is so much of shopping needed. Here are some of the things that would be needed.

Gujarati Wedding Shopping
Gujarati Wedding Shopping (
  1. Clothing for the bride and the groom: The bride has to wear a sari in Gujarati style. Mostly people opt for white and red or full red. The groom can wear something traditional like sherwani. The bride and the groom should also be prepared with jewelry, footwear and accessories. Apart from that, there would be many pre-wedding ceremonies too and thus, there should be shopping for clothing required in those ceremonies too.
  2. Items as required for vidhi: Most of the items required in the marriage vidhi would be brought by the priest only. But when it comes to the presentation of the thalis, the Gujarati are best in that. When there is arti, you will see a well-decorated thali for the same. You will also see the trays where they would keep the flower petals to shower on the bride and the groom while pheras are going on. Thus, the items of decoration have to be bought by the families.
  3. Gifts for the bride and the groom: The gifts for the bride and the groom should be arranged in special decorative trays. You will find these decorative trays too as available ready from some special stores. You can even make it at home. Well, the family of the bride should gift certain things to the groom and similarly, the groom’s family will buy something for the bride. Thus, there have to be such preparations to be done well in advance.
  4. Gifts for the guests: In Gujarati matrimony you will find that there is a good amount of concentration on the guests. Thus, there should be some special gifts for the guests too. Thus, one should opt for amazing items as per the likes of the guests.

Thus, in brief, Gujarati marriages need a lot of preparations. They are fun loving and food loving people. You will really have a gala time when you get a chance to attend these weddings.


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