Best Destinations for Lingayat Weddings

It is a known fact that India is rich in culture. Thus, in India attending a wedding would really be a great thing. There are many different castes in this country. As far as Lingayat matrimony is concerned, this caste is quite orthodox. But they have interesting ceremonies and they have now become quite forward. Thus, they don’t mind opting for destination weddings too.

The destination weddings for Lingayat

In Lingayat, you will see that the ceremonies would last for around 3-4 days. Thus, it would really be cool if there would be location or destination wedding. This is because, if the wedding is conducted in banquet and you are in your own location, then there would always be stress and hustle and bustle. If you want the wedding to be enjoyable and relaxing then a destination wedding would really work for you.

Holiday destinations

You can opt for holiday destinations for the wedding. This would be a great time for the guests too who would come to attend the wedding. In fact, such a destination would help to enhance the bond between the two families and thus it would also become a good family holiday. You can search on the web and find out which destinations fall in your budget and range.

Holiday Wedding  Destinations
Holiday Wedding Destinations (PC:

Hill stations

While choosing hill stations for the destination wedding, you should make sure that you do not choose too much extreme place where reaching would be an issue. If you want maximum people to attend the wedding then you should organize the same at a place where people would be able to reach easily. Choose something nearby from your location. This will really help you by all means.

Out of country

Those, who are quite well to do also arrange the weddings out of India, they preferably choose the weekend so that many people can come and attend the wedding.

However, this is something that would depend on persons’ choice. Some people like simple weddings followed by lunch or dinner. There is nothing wrong in that either. In Lingayat matrimony, you will really see an authentic wedding which would give you an idea about their rich culture. Also, there would be some amazing rituals which would be complete fun. Also, there would be good and authentic food served at the wedding venue. In the times when the cost of everything is quite high, a simple wedding would also be pleasant. But, there is also a feeling that we marry only once. Thus, the wedding should have some really great moments and such moments would be possible when there is a location wedding. The romance and the beautiful environment at the location would make the memories stronger and better. Yes, wedding is really something, both the families should attend. Marriage is a grand event and it should really be something memorable. You should attend a Lingayat wedding when you get a chance. This is because; it is quite interesting and amazing. Weddings should have amazing photography and thus great scenic beauty is the main and important factor.


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