Modern Styling Tips For a Lingayat Groom

Lingayat weddings show you the rich culture of Karnataka. This caste speaks Kannada and they do go ahead with the traditions and the customs. The groom does wear simple clothing and the one that is authentic. The dhoti is the traditional clothing for Lingayat grooms in Lingayat Matrimony. But interestingly, the modern groom wants some changes. They want to look smart with different styling tips. Here are some of the important styling tips for Lingayat groom. Lingayat grooms can look smart and handsome with a few modern tips.

Some tips for the modern Kannada or Lingayat groom

  1. The groom and the bride should first make sure and plan out as to what all ceremonies would be there. If there are ceremonies like sangeet and reception too then the dresses would have to be planned in that fashion. Normally, the groom of this community would wear things like dhoti and the simple kurta. But if he wants to give himself a different look then he can try something like sherwani. This is normally used by other grooms in the weddings. But even the Lingayat groom can try this. In fact he can wear something traditional and authentic in haldi. For reception, the destination matters. If it’s a beach side wedding and reception then things should be designed and planned as per that.
  2. The groom should finalize as to which colors he would be wearing. The current trends are of black, blue and corals too. Based on all that you should tell the designer to design the dress and the colors.
  3. The material that is required to be chosen also make good amount of difference.
  4. Kannada weddings have changed a lot these days and you can find that people would prefer destination weddings too. Now, based on this, you can plan the dresses to be worn. Also, make sure what the bride would be wearing. If the bride is wearing something bright then you should plan bright colors. Make sure that there is good amount of compatibility.
Styling Tips For Lingayat Groom
Styling Tips For Lingayat Groom (PC:

Lingayat Matrimony has amazing rituals and you can see that there would be good food at the weddings too. You should wear something practical so that even you can be an active participant of the wedding. In the times when every man wants to look smart and at the same time wear something practical, this holds true for the Lingayat groom too. Just search online about the trends that would be available. You can check on the web and this would help you to a greater extent.

Lingayat weddings show you the rich culture of Karnataka. This caste speaks Kannada and they do go ahead with the traditions and the customs. The groom does wear simple clothing and the one that is authentic. But thanks to the modern tips that even the Lingayat groom can look smart. Times have changed and so even the dressing styles should change. This will help you in looking trendy. Staying fashionable is in trend.


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Important Things to Consider At Iyer Weddings

In India marriages are based on common religious percepts but they are different for different castes and communities throughout the country. We tell you all about Iyer weddings and what makes them special.

Vang Nischayam – This is the first ceremony in an Iyer wedding wherein, a formal marriage proposal is confirmed after a small pooja and exchange of Coconut, betel leaf and arecanut before elderly people of both families. Post this, the Lagna Patrika, a contract by both parents about the marriage is read out. This is a formal engagement ceremony.

Receiving of the Groom – This is an age old tradition, where the bride’s parents welcome the groom’s side at the boundary of the village with coconuts and Nadaswaram (traditional wind instrument) and take them to the venue. However, now with changing times, the groom’s family is welcomed by the bride’s family at the wedding hall itself.

Kappukettal & Vratham – The marriage ceremony commences with the vratham that is performed separately by the bride and the groom. The bride ties the kappu or the holy thread around her wrists to ward off evil spirits. While for the groom it starts with invocations involving the Gods. He prepares himself for the new phase of life as a homemaker. His days of being a bachelor are over and the acceptance of this is the essence of the ceremony. Along with the ceremony, rituals are performed to protect the newlyweds from all kinds of evils. Scared yellow thread is tied on their wrists as a symbol of purity. The ‘palika’ ceremony (sprinkling of nine varieties of grains) follows suit for the prosperity of the couple.

Mangalya Dharanam
Mangalya Dharanam (PC:

Kashi Yatra – This is an important ceremony in an Iyer matrimony, where the groom is dressed in a “Panchakatcham” veshti, a traditional dress of the Iyers and he sets off on a mock pilgrimage holding an umbrella, a fan, walking stick, and a towel with rice and pulses. He shows that he wants to pursue his religious studies and renounce worldly pursuits. However, the groom’s father stops him and requests him to get married, advocating about the superiority of married life to an ascetic life. The groom agrees and returns to the mandapam.

Maalai Maatral – After the groom gets back, the “Maalai Maatral or exchanging of garlands takes place. The bride and the groom try to garland each other three times and every time the other party dodges. As per the shastras, the exchange of garlands symbolizes the unification of two souls.

KanyaDhanam – In this ceremony the bride is made to sit on the father’s lap and given away as a gift to the groom. Some mantras are chanted during this ceremony to protect the bride and the groom assures the father that he will look after his daughter in joy and sorrow, in this life and the life after.

Mangalya Dharanam– In this holy ceremony, the Mangal Sutra is tied around the bride’s neck at an auspicious time as a symbol of a married woman.

Saptha Padhi – In this ceremony, the couple walks the sacred seven steps around the holy fire and only after this is the marriage complete and with each step they take a vow.

Simple and ritualistic, Iyer matrimony is all about traditions and customs that are depicted in the most elegant manner.

Styling Tips For Grooms From The Asin Rahul Wedding!

Oh my god! Love marriages look simply like a fairytale and one of this has happened few days back. It is Asin and Rahul Sharma’s wedding. They both looked so cute and happy together. Their wedding took place in 2 ways, one is Christian wedding and another is according to Hindu rituals. They both are well known in their respective industries. Rahul is a micromax CEO and Asin is a well known bollywood actress.

Their shadi turned out to be one of the most amazing fairytale that every girl dreams about. Rahul Sharma is one handsome guy and looked quite stunning on his wedding day. His style is well known among people and he loves to dress up. He lives a lavish lifestyle and gifted her wife a whooping 6 crore engagement ring. The ring he got designed by one of his friend that has 20 carat solitaire imported directly from Belgium.

This ring has Rahul and Asin (AR) monogram on it. Rahul has even got a private message engraved for Asin on the ring. This style of impressing a girl friend or fiancée is definitely very different. Men who are ready to get married should follow some footsteps from this handsome hunk. Would be groom can take some styling tips and ideas from the handsome Rahul Sharma. He surely knows how to woo a woman’s heart. This super expensive ring is in media mews from quite some time now. He looks superb in his daily life as well. Style is not only when you get dressed up in expensive clothes but style shows from your attitude as well.

Asin Rahul Wedding
Asin Rahul Wedding (PC:

How well you treat your girl and how you do all little things to make her happy. All these are the things that a groom to be should learn from Rahul Sharma. He is a very stylish man in all terms. It is always advisable for the groom should watch the style of suits Rahul wore at his wedding and reception and get inspired by him. He looked just amazing on his wedding day.

Shadi is the most sacred thing, so man and woman both should take care of what they are wearing and how they are going to do things. All planning is necessary. You can search on internet the latest pictures of the duo and get a suit designed in the same way. Marriage is a crazy affair so be crazy and enjoy each moment of your occasions.

Girls can get lehenga inspired by Asin and men can search various outfits online and take inspiration from what Rahul Sharma wore on his big day! Styling is very important for a groom as all eyes are on bride and groom in the wedding. They should look just perfect and their attires should be just wow! So be amazing be crazy and rock the party with your style and look.Always choose to be different and fantastic!

Important Things to Consider At Viswabrahmin Weddings

India is a secular country and you will see that it has so many castes. Every caste stays with peace and thus there is good amount of bonding between all the people. You will see that even Vishwabrahmin weddings are quite exciting. They have many rituals as such. But they really provide a good platform for the bride as well as the groom to enjoy the wedding.

Important things to consider

Vishwabrahmin is a sub-caste to Brahmins. They are quite traditional in nature. Yet, with the demand of time, they have become a bit flexible. There was a time when they would tell their children to marry only within the caste. But now, times have changed and thus there are a few inter-caste marriages seen.

You will find authentic foods being served at the weddings. But in viswabrahmin matrimony there is also good place for the other cuisines. Thus, you will find that the wedding would have many items. There would be foods right from starters, deserts, soups, salads, main course and rice. Also, there is some specialty food that they would serve to the guests at the wedding.

In India, you will see that there would be many people who would belong to this caste. Thus, there are many families who follow the rituals of this caste. Also, it would be easy to find the families which would be interested in the wedding too.

Viswabrahmin Wedding
Viswabrahmin Wedding (PC:

If you are planning a wedding, then what is important is all the planning should be done, well in advance. There was a time when there used to be many tough rituals. Also, for the wedding the food had to be prepared in the house itself. But now, most of the families give the entire charge of the food to the catering companies.

The reason why Indian weddings are a hit in all over the world is mainly because of the kind of food that would be served. Food is something that everyone would love. When it comes to vishwabrahmin matrimony it is for sure that this is really a grand affair. The food that would be served would be loved by all. In these weddings you will see even the farthest relatives would come and attend.

Weddings are really fun. The way, these days the weddings are carried out would even be more fun. This is because you will see that vishwabrahmins are now quite forward and they even allow an inter caste wedding or a wedding with the amazing destination. You will find some amazing places that would have these weddings.

The charm of Indian weddings

India is a place where you will find a lot of things happening. Of course, weddings really are fun. In the times when every wedding is different, you should attend a Vishwabrahmin wedding. If you are invited then you must go. You will see that even Vishwabrahmin weddings are quite exciting. They have many rituals as such. But they really provide a good platform for the bride as well as the groom to enjoy the wedding.

Shopping for Vishwakarma Weddings

Do you have any friend who belongs to Vishwakarma caste? If he or she is about to get married then you should help them with shopping. This is because wedding is going to be quite hectic thing for all. Thus things should be planned well in advance. Vishwakarma weddings are quite simple and there are few rituals. Some rituals are to be performed before the wedding and some to be performed at the wedding. The pre-wedding rituals include Mahurat, blessing ceremony, engagement ceremony and puja. Wedding has rituals like kanyadaan and pheras in Vishwakarma matrimony.

But the main point is that since there are multiple ceremonies the bride and groom would need proper attires and thus there would be need to shop for things well in advance. Here are the things that would be required to shop before the wedding.

Shopping for wedding

Attire for bride: The bride has to wear traditional silk sari on the wedding day. Apart from that she would need saris for mahuratam, engagement, puja and blessing ceremony too. She should decide over the colors and patterns with the help of the aunts in your family or with the help of mother. Also, along with the attire there should be proper matching of jewelry and accessories.

Attire for groom: Just like the bride has to buy the saris and such other things for wedding and pre-wedding ceremony, the groom should also be ready with all that well in advance. In the wedding, groom will have to wear something authentic and traditional. But if he wants he can wear something else for engagement ceremony. If there is going to be reception then the groom will have to shop for suit too.

Attire for Bride & Groom
Attire for Bride & Groom (PC:

The gifts for guests: Both bride and the groom would have guests at home for the wedding. They will have to be gifted with certain things. All these things should be purchased in advance. While buying gifts the personal choice of everyone should be kept in mind. It is bit tough. But still, one should try getting the best so that when you give the gift to the guest, the guest has a smile on the face.

Gifts for bride and the groom: The family of bride has to gift something to the groom and the same thing holds true for the groom’s family too. Gifts should be purchased as per the liking. Also, the bride’s family would give their daughter many gifts like jewelry and dresses.

Since shopping is a bit complicated thing as you have to keep in mind so many things, the best thing is to make purchases well in advance. This will help in organizing things properly at Vishwakarma matrimony. This is not the case only at Vishwakarma weddings. But you will find that such things are mostly common in almost all weddings. In fact, as compared to the rest, since the rituals and wedding style is quite simple among Vishwakarmas, the shopping task is also less complex when you compare this with other castes.