Shopping for Vishwakarma Weddings

Do you have any friend who belongs to Vishwakarma caste? If he or she is about to get married then you should help them with shopping. This is because wedding is going to be quite hectic thing for all. Thus things should be planned well in advance. Vishwakarma weddings are quite simple and there are few rituals. Some rituals are to be performed before the wedding and some to be performed at the wedding. The pre-wedding rituals include Mahurat, blessing ceremony, engagement ceremony and puja. Wedding has rituals like kanyadaan and pheras in Vishwakarma matrimony.

But the main point is that since there are multiple ceremonies the bride and groom would need proper attires and thus there would be need to shop for things well in advance. Here are the things that would be required to shop before the wedding.

Shopping for wedding

Attire for bride: The bride has to wear traditional silk sari on the wedding day. Apart from that she would need saris for mahuratam, engagement, puja and blessing ceremony too. She should decide over the colors and patterns with the help of the aunts in your family or with the help of mother. Also, along with the attire there should be proper matching of jewelry and accessories.

Attire for groom: Just like the bride has to buy the saris and such other things for wedding and pre-wedding ceremony, the groom should also be ready with all that well in advance. In the wedding, groom will have to wear something authentic and traditional. But if he wants he can wear something else for engagement ceremony. If there is going to be reception then the groom will have to shop for suit too.

Attire for Bride & Groom
Attire for Bride & Groom (PC:

The gifts for guests: Both bride and the groom would have guests at home for the wedding. They will have to be gifted with certain things. All these things should be purchased in advance. While buying gifts the personal choice of everyone should be kept in mind. It is bit tough. But still, one should try getting the best so that when you give the gift to the guest, the guest has a smile on the face.

Gifts for bride and the groom: The family of bride has to gift something to the groom and the same thing holds true for the groom’s family too. Gifts should be purchased as per the liking. Also, the bride’s family would give their daughter many gifts like jewelry and dresses.

Since shopping is a bit complicated thing as you have to keep in mind so many things, the best thing is to make purchases well in advance. This will help in organizing things properly at Vishwakarma matrimony. This is not the case only at Vishwakarma weddings. But you will find that such things are mostly common in almost all weddings. In fact, as compared to the rest, since the rituals and wedding style is quite simple among Vishwakarmas, the shopping task is also less complex when you compare this with other castes.


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