Styling Tips For Grooms From The Asin Rahul Wedding!

Oh my god! Love marriages look simply like a fairytale and one of this has happened few days back. It is Asin and Rahul Sharma’s wedding. They both looked so cute and happy together. Their wedding took place in 2 ways, one is Christian wedding and another is according to Hindu rituals. They both are well known in their respective industries. Rahul is a micromax CEO and Asin is a well known bollywood actress.

Their shadi turned out to be one of the most amazing fairytale that every girl dreams about. Rahul Sharma is one handsome guy and looked quite stunning on his wedding day. His style is well known among people and he loves to dress up. He lives a lavish lifestyle and gifted her wife a whooping 6 crore engagement ring. The ring he got designed by one of his friend that has 20 carat solitaire imported directly from Belgium.

This ring has Rahul and Asin (AR) monogram on it. Rahul has even got a private message engraved for Asin on the ring. This style of impressing a girl friend or fiancée is definitely very different. Men who are ready to get married should follow some footsteps from this handsome hunk. Would be groom can take some styling tips and ideas from the handsome Rahul Sharma. He surely knows how to woo a woman’s heart. This super expensive ring is in media mews from quite some time now. He looks superb in his daily life as well. Style is not only when you get dressed up in expensive clothes but style shows from your attitude as well.

Asin Rahul Wedding
Asin Rahul Wedding (PC:

How well you treat your girl and how you do all little things to make her happy. All these are the things that a groom to be should learn from Rahul Sharma. He is a very stylish man in all terms. It is always advisable for the groom should watch the style of suits Rahul wore at his wedding and reception and get inspired by him. He looked just amazing on his wedding day.

Shadi is the most sacred thing, so man and woman both should take care of what they are wearing and how they are going to do things. All planning is necessary. You can search on internet the latest pictures of the duo and get a suit designed in the same way. Marriage is a crazy affair so be crazy and enjoy each moment of your occasions.

Girls can get lehenga inspired by Asin and men can search various outfits online and take inspiration from what Rahul Sharma wore on his big day! Styling is very important for a groom as all eyes are on bride and groom in the wedding. They should look just perfect and their attires should be just wow! So be amazing be crazy and rock the party with your style and look.Always choose to be different and fantastic!


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