Bridal Style Tips From The New Bride, Urmila Matondkar

Jewelry has been used as a piece of adornment for many years in India. Perhaps, it is the oldest form of adornment used by women. In olden days, gold and silver jewelry was worn by not just women but also men. Bridal jewelry has to be very exquisite and the making of traditional jewelry designs for brides to be adorned on their wedding ceremonies. is an online matrimonial portal where one can search for potential brides/grooms online.

Urmila Matondkar is a Bollywood actress who has appeared in various movies during the 90’s in Hindi, Tamil, Telegu, Malayalam etc. Urmila Matondkar tied the knot with her long-term beau who is a Kashmiri businessman and model named Mohsin Akhtar Mir. We are going to discuss some excerpts on her stunning bridal look that was quite elegant and traditional.The actress wore a gorgeous red embroidered lehenga which was designed by Manish Malhotra. She paired up the red lehenga with traditional green bangles that is a custom of Maharashtrian brides. The beautiful red legenha complemented well with the heavy jewelry that she had worn.

Brides to be can take inspiration from the new bride UrmilaMatandokar. Traditional wedding jewelry always complements well with the red colored wedding attires. The heavy jewelry worn by Urmila includes a beautiful head piece also called as a MathaPathi and a lovely nose ring. It is made out of pure gold and is pearls studded. Also she wore a chunky piece of gold ring in her fingers, in both her hands.

Bridal Style Tips
Bridal Style Tips From UrmilaMatondkar

After her big day, she wore a beautiful white and gold gown for her reception. Blushing brides can wear red for their main day of wedding as red is the most traditional bridal color worn by brides of all faiths in India. The bridal red lehenga worn by Urmila Matondkar has been paired up nicely with a peach dupatta.

The way her dupatta has been nicely pinned up looks neat and classy. The style of pinning up the dupatta is elegant and looks quite clean. She has beautiful intricately designed mehndi in both her hands. The Mehndi design is also very traditional in nature, and is a representation of Indian Mehndi design.

Out of all the gorgeous set of jewelry, the most popular ones are the Indian bridal jewelry which is perfectly crafted for a bride to go well with the traditional Indian bridal attire. The colors used and the precious gems used are extra ordinary and complement the bridal appearance of the brides. The bridal appearance of a bride is incomplete without pairing up of complete beautiful jewelry.

As the saying goes, Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. It actually holds true for Urmila Matondkar’s bridal look during all of her wedding ceremonies. She looked every bit like a princess that she is, with her stunning attire to her grace, she nailed the bridal look effortlessly and with an added charm. She certainly knows how to incorporate the right make up with the right pair of accessories on a special occasion like that of a wedding.


Why Nadar Girls Make Awesome Wives?

The nadar community is considered one of the most intellectual and developing community, adapting the modernized way to living. The social and economical development by Nadars in this free and independent India of thoughts and ideas have evoked great academic interest and an unexpected  appreciation across the world. This caste entered many professions in the 20th century, from “high-tech entrepreneur” to owner of a large dairy company, they have scattered themselves into every field with lot of hard work and perseverance.

The Nadars, who were once not allowed to enter Hindu temples built by castes above them, now occupy respected positions as Trustees in many Hindu temples of Tamil Nadu. The changing scenario of this caste is all because of the people of this community who have proved themselves as a powerful community today. They are financially very strong and independent and are also politically influential in the Southern Tirunelveli regions of Nanguneri, Srivaikuntam, Tiruchendur, Tuticorin and Kaniyakumari. There is a Nadar in almost every political party.

Nadar Wedding Girl
Nadar Wedding Girl (PC:

The women of nadar community are as ambitious as the men of this community are. They have it in their blood to be a determined and well educated citizens raising the level and prestige of their community. They were initially submissive, but their modern thinking and development in every field have given them the opportunity to establish themselves among great personalities. South Indian culture does not allow the girls to have a bold sense of living, that is independent and at higher level highlighting them in the society. But now as things are changing, the beliefs and living style is changing with the changing era, women also take over this independent living to another level, the nadar matrimony gives the best match for the nadar boys and proving that nadar girls can be a good choice for having them as wives.

Women have always played a great role in setting example by simultaneously working and taking the charge of the house. Women are respected a lot, they are considered auspicious, so they are supposed to participate in every ceremony and ritual, this makes them an all rounder along with the community giving them the freedom to show that they are smart and intelligent as well as caring and a home maker.

Nadar matrimony, gives many examples of eligible brides which are ambitious and determined to have a successful life being a wife. And the very important thing is, even nadar boys consider having a working wife, so they can all earn their living as well as enjoy the same equality in life in every step they take together.

Understanding Vanniyar Wedding Customs

Indian weddings are such amazing way to say that yes, weddings are special and that we love celebrating the same. In vanniyar weddings too you will see that there would be three days grand celebrations. These weddings would be full of rites and rituals. In the times when everyone do not have so much of time, people in Vanniyar matrimony have now reduced this to a single day celebration. It used to be three day celebration initially. These weddings have lots of rites and rituals and just go through the same so that you can get the basic understanding.

The basic customs and rituals

  • There is one amazing and different ritual in Vanniyars. You will really find this quite different, there is a ceremony called as Betrothal. In this, the bride groom goes to the bride’s house a few days before the wedding. In front of many guests he would give some gifts to the bride’s father and mother. This would include money, jewels, milk money, beetle, sweets and so on. This is like a kind gesture on the part of the groom that since the father in law has given her a good and well-nourished girl. Three times, the groom would say in the mother tongue that, the money is mine and the girl is mine. In return to this father in law would say the money is mine and girl is yours.
  • There is one more traditional and different ceremony wherein the bride groom allows the bride to touch the bow and the sword that he carries. He then proceeds for the wedding in a grand style.
  • These people do have other rituals like Nalagu, puja of deities and kanganam etc. you will see that there used to be three day celebrations of such rituals in earlier days. But modern families rarely have such time. Thus, they try to cover up almost all the rituals within a day.
Vanniyar Wedding Customs
Vanniyar Wedding Customs (PC:

It is good that in Vanniyar matrimony too people have become quite open and modern. This makes it very clear that things can be done in the way you wish as per the convenience. The families have become modern and thus even though they are specific about the rituals; they would carry out these things as per the convenience of everyone.

In the times when everyone has become quite frank, you can see that people do attend the weddings but they inform the hosts form the beginning only. This will help the host make the necessary preparations.

We often do not get proper ideas about what the wedding custom would mean. In that situation it would be vital to ask someone who is elder to you. You can take help of grannies as they are quite expert and experienced in such matters. It is really vital that when you can understand the rituals first and then follow them. The current generation is quite new and different and they really do not mind when they are taught about the customs. They search for reasoning in everything and thus it is vital that you really understand all the wedding customs before following them.

Why Yadav Girls Make Awesome Wives

It has been very rightly said by Martin Luther that there is no more lovely, friendly and charming relationship, communion or company than a good marriage. Wedding is all about choosing the right partner. In India, this choice becomes even more difficult when we have so many available options. Talking about women in particular, we all know that Indian women are absolutely exceptional. Choosing a life partner is the biggest decision of one’s lifetime. Talking about girls who are marriage material in India, Yadav girls in particular, are all set to make a mark as an awesome wife. So, without much ado, let me navigate you through some of those qualities that make Yadav girls an amazing wife and a Yadav matrimony a success.

Realness and Modesty

A Yadav woman’s character is displayed in how well she handles the power of her femininity. In other words—how modest is she? These young Yadav women’s character is displayed in not only on the inside, but the outside as well. Being “real” is what attracts a man. They are fully themselves and that makes them unique and sets them apart from every other woman. They shine in their real self.

Energetic personality

Any relationship sustains and thrives on time and energy. Yadav girls have high amounts of energy to listen to, and to take constructive feedback, to have real conversations, and to be intimate. They can invest huge amounts of time in constructive conversations and discussions.

Yadav Weddings
Yadav Weddings (PC:


The most beautiful thing about a Yadav woman is that she is secure and knows her intrinsic value. She is proud of her being a woman and expects the same from her partner. Confident Yadav women are trend setters and spend no time thinking about what is “in” and what she wants. They make choices based on what they like and are not afraid to ask for what they want.

Cooking divas

Yadav women strongly believe that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. She makes all efforts to cook meals and satisfy the taste buds of her husband and family.

The friendly wife

Yadav women are of the firm belief that marriages are based on friendship where the couples are best friends and share every secret from the past and even plan for the future. This is how a very healthy friendship develops between the two, and the marriage is gonna rock!

Contentment is the mantra

The husband’s state of mind depends on the wife to a great extent. So therefore the Yadav girls take it as their duty to keep their husband satisfied in every manner- keep a healthy  environment at home, cook good food, be friendly, respect in-laws, share, discuss and find solution to problems jointly. The contentment becomes a blessing in disguise for the matured and understanding Yadav girls.

Passionate about hobbies and passion

Yadav women make phenomenal efforts to become better at their hobbies and passions and don’t waste their lives with mindless addictions. They find out what they love doing and do it with finesse. It defines them and makes them more sought after and desirable wife-to be material.

Adding a Contemporary Look To Your Traditional Kamma Wedding

Kamma weddings are really quite interesting and you will see that there are many customs and traditions. Weddings are really quite amazing and when you are an invitee you will really have fun. But what if you have to arrange the entire wedding? Will you want to make certain changes as in adding contemporary look and feel for Kamma matrimony?

How to make arrangements for contemporary wedding?

In order to make contemporary weddings quite interesting you must first add lots of charms to the decor. The decoration of the venue makes good amount of difference. This would really look good. If you have been looking for an altogether different wedding then you can think of innovative ideas as to what new things you are going to do at the decoration. The venue should be such that there can be such flexibilities allowed.

In the times when people even opt for things like destination weddings you will really enjoy the entire thing. There are many ideas that you can opt for in the Kamma weddings. This would include things like asking your friends if they have some different idea in mind. Also, you can get in touch with some reputed wedding planner and if he or she can guide you over the matter it would really be quite interesting. In Kamma matrimony you will really find some of the most amazing things. Just enjoy the wedding.

Kamma Wedding
Kamma Wedding (PC:

What you can do?

You can make certain potent changes in the normal traditions and customs. This is really vital. If you have been looking for something like innovative ideas then you should opt for things like the changing of decoration, dressing and food. A wedding is a wedding with the right food, the dressing, decoration and theme. If you want you can add some music too to the simple wedding. These weddings are quite simple and full of rites and rituals. But if you really are looking for the touch of contemporariness then you can really find a lot of options.

If you have ever attended some different wedding then you must jot down the ideas and the novel things. Often, we forget things of the past. But it would be vital to find out what all things were there at the wedding and jot them down for future records. This will give you many new ideas and finally you will be successful in making the normal wedding as the contemporary wedding.

You can even find a lot of ideas online. Today, in the world were everything is seen on the web you can search for a few contemporary ideas and this will really give you some of the best options ever. Try this and see what changes you can bring in. In order to make contemporary weddings quite interesting you must first add lots of charms to the decor. The decoration of the venue makes good amount of difference. This would really look good. If you have been looking for an altogether different wedding then you can think of innovative ideas as to what new things you are going to do at the decoration.

Understanding Nair Wedding Customs

Nairs are mainly Malyalee and they belong to Kerala. They take up the wedding in the simple way. You will see that there are so many rituals and customs in these weddings. But the point is that, do we really need to understand the rituals and customs. Well, it is not compulsory. But if you try to take a close looks at Nair matrimony you will realize that knowing the customs and understanding them would be a very good thing as in you will be in the position to gain enough of knowledge.

The customs and traditions in Nair weddings

In Nair weddings you will see that the wedding ceremony may take place at the temple or some convention center near the temple. Some people even hold the wedding at the bride’s ancestral place. Now, there are many rituals that would come into picture. There would be few things that would be taken up at the wedding and some before the wedding. Thus, there are many pre-wedding and wedding rituals that you would come across.

Nair Wedding Customs
Nair Wedding Customs (PC:

The ceremonies would start when the boy and the girl would meet and like each other. There would be matching of horoscopes and if things are fixed then there would be announcement of engagement ceremony. Once that is done, you will see that the shopping would start. The bride’s family would have to do lots of preparations. Also, the groom’s family has to buy things for the bride. This would include sari, jewelry and so on.

There is blessing ceremony that takes place a few days before the wedding at the bride’s place. This is because, the bride would now leave her home and thus this would be a good opportunity for her to spend time with her family members. The blessing ceremony would include all the elders coming home and blessing the bride for a good and successful married life.

Of course, there would be ceremonies like haldi, mehendi etc. These wedding ceremonies are really quite amazing and there would be fun filled environment in the home. They take up the wedding in the banquet halls or at some good destination. With the changing times you will see that even the Nair matrimony is changing.

But the rituals are still quite authentic and the food that they serve is also awesome. If you have attended a Nair wedding till date then you would know as to what things they celebrate. If you have not attended and if you get a chance to attend it once then go ahead and attend this wedding once as it is fun filled and full of customs. It is fun to even know about the rituals as it would represent the culture that is quite rich.

Some people even hold the wedding at the bride’s ancestral place. Now, there are many rituals that would come into picture. There would be few things that would be taken up at the wedding and some before the wedding. Thus, there are many pre-wedding and wedding rituals that you would come across.

Style cues from the Naina Bachchan Wedding

Bollywood sure does know how to celebrate weddings in style- be it the Saif Ali – Kareena wedding or Soha Ali Khan-Kunal Khemu wedding. The latest to join the bandwagon is Naina Bachchan and Kunal Kapoor, who had a private wedding at a breathtaking locale of Seychelles Islands and threw a grand reception in Delhi. We tell you all about the styles and trends seen at this big fat Indian wedding.

Designed by Rohit Bal, this wedding was surely a treat for the eyes. With the bride and the groom dressed to kill in their gorgeous Indian attires. Wedding couturier, Rohit Bal Luxury Weddings and Events joined hands with Pakistan-based, J & S Event Planners for this grand event.

Romantic Setup

The theme of the evening was wedding under the stars in a beautifully landscaped garden in Delhi. Bal went for an understated elegant look for the evening reception at the Delhi’s Amaanta Lawns quite different from the blingy and over the top look seen at most of the high profile weddings. The idea was to create a romantic appeal to suit the occasion. Hence, decadent shades like maroon, baroque were chosen with gold crockery. The entrance was adorned with candles to give a fairy tale feel to the wedding. The entrance looked magnificent with red rose petals, candles and long flowing white curtains. The dining area had ornate candle stands to give the perfect lighting needed for a romantic evening under the starts. The show stopper however, was the flaming kali motif that put the bar on fire.

Naina Bachchan Wedding
Naina Bachchan Wedding (PC:

To give it an Indian feel, a plethora of Indian flowers were used along with organic fabrics and materials, giving an aura of timeless romance and quiet elegance.

Wedding Attire

Both Kunal and Naina wanted something elegant yet stylish unlike the popular trend of bling and showy. Rohit Bal gave them the perfect ensemble. Kunal looked uber-stylish in a black bandhgala sherwani that was teamed up with a white churridar while the beautiful bride looked ravishing in a heavily-embellished maroon lehenga. She wore beautiful kundan jewelry to go along with the lehenga.

The Royal Bollywood Family

The Bacchan family was also dressed to perfection for the big day. The proud parents of the bride stuck to the subtle shades of white while the elder brother Amitabh Bachchan wore a classic black bandhgala with Jaya in contrast in a golden saree. The younger Bachchans Abhishek and Aishwarya looked stunning with Abhishek in a black suit and Aishwarya in a gorgeous red Anarkali.

This chic yet earthy semblance for the grand Bachchan shadi was a hit with one and all. Rohit Bal kept to his understated, graceful theme with a beautiful display of colours and lights spreading love and romance in the air.