Why Nadar Girls Make Awesome Wives?

The nadar community is considered one of the most intellectual and developing community, adapting the modernized way to living. The social and economical development by Nadars in this free and independent India of thoughts and ideas have evoked great academic interest and an unexpected  appreciation across the world. This caste entered many professions in the 20th century, from “high-tech entrepreneur” to owner of a large dairy company, they have scattered themselves into every field with lot of hard work and perseverance.

The Nadars, who were once not allowed to enter Hindu temples built by castes above them, now occupy respected positions as Trustees in many Hindu temples of Tamil Nadu. The changing scenario of this caste is all because of the people of this community who have proved themselves as a powerful community today. They are financially very strong and independent and are also politically influential in the Southern Tirunelveli regions of Nanguneri, Srivaikuntam, Tiruchendur, Tuticorin and Kaniyakumari. There is a Nadar in almost every political party.

Nadar Wedding Girl
Nadar Wedding Girl (PC: purpleganesh.com)

The women of nadar community are as ambitious as the men of this community are. They have it in their blood to be a determined and well educated citizens raising the level and prestige of their community. They were initially submissive, but their modern thinking and development in every field have given them the opportunity to establish themselves among great personalities. South Indian culture does not allow the girls to have a bold sense of living, that is independent and at higher level highlighting them in the society. But now as things are changing, the beliefs and living style is changing with the changing era, women also take over this independent living to another level, the nadar matrimony gives the best match for the nadar boys and proving that nadar girls can be a good choice for having them as wives.

Women have always played a great role in setting example by simultaneously working and taking the charge of the house. Women are respected a lot, they are considered auspicious, so they are supposed to participate in every ceremony and ritual, this makes them an all rounder along with the community giving them the freedom to show that they are smart and intelligent as well as caring and a home maker.

Nadar matrimony, gives many examples of eligible brides which are ambitious and determined to have a successful life being a wife. And the very important thing is, even nadar boys consider having a working wife, so they can all earn their living as well as enjoy the same equality in life in every step they take together.


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