Typical Traits Of A Oriya Groom’s Family

Weddings season is here and it’s all fun to know the family of groom and bride both equally. There are so many people, families and friends are involved in the wedding. It all looks so splendid and extravagant. People who are looking for Oriya brides or Indian grooms they can search on various Oriya matrimony sites for the better life partner. Oriya weddings are not so splendid but they are very interesting followed by many rituals and customs. Both sides’ people can be differentiated easily with the behavior and acts of individuals present in the wedding. The Oriya society considers the groom side to be rich and superior to bride’s side.


The groom is treated with all respect. He is actually honored. Groom family welcome the bride like a queen. The groom’s family welcome the bride with all responsibilities and promises made during the wedding has to be fulfilled through the life. There are many things that groom’s family takes care of when they perform various rituals of the matrimony. There is one such ritual called vilayadal where you will find many fun games played by the side of groom.

This vilayadal is nothing but one of the most famous Oriya wedding rituals where the groom’s sister present various meaningful gifts to the bride. The groom and bride then sit down and have fun while playing wedding games. Relatives cheer them and have fun too. The groom and bride will continuously roll a coconut between and while a relative or a friend counts 1 to 3 the groom or the bride should reach and clutch the coconut. Generally, groom is permitted to use only one hand whereas bride can make use of both her hands.

Oriya Weddings
Oriya Weddings (PC: videobabylon.ca)

Various customs of Oriya groom’s family:

There are many more games that are played from the groom’s family side to relieve up the anxiety between the groom and the bride. There are many Oriya matrimony sites available online from where you can search a Oriya groom and bride for you. There are many Indian grooms you will find online. Oriya wedding consists of different pre wedding rituals. These customs and rituals embody various practices like PaalikaliThalippu that includes decorating 7 clay pots with grains, sandalwood paste as well as kumkum powder that are then filled by curd and 9 sort of grains or navadhaanyam.

One of the biggest traits of groom’s family is that they bless the bride with a destiny of death prior their husband, the occurrence of this is considered as lucky. There are various traits of Oriya groom’s family that you will be able to know when you are married to Oriya groom. There are several matrimonial sites available online such as Brahmin matrimony and other. You will find different profiles of Indian grooms Oriya matrimony sites online. These grooms are from high society Indian cultural background. You can find the one that is best suitable to you and your family needs. Always prefer the profile that is best suitable to your family background.


Some Typical Traits Of A Nadar Bride’s Family

Nadar is the community that comes from the state of Tamilnadu. There are Northern Nadars and Southern Nadars depending on the particular demography that they come from. Historically the Nadars were cultivators of jaggery and the Palmyra trees and have also had experience of facing caste discrimination by the other classes. They were also forbidden to enter the temples and worship there.

Highlights of a bride’s family

Today the scenario has completely reversed, and the Nadars are among the topmost and respected families in the societies of South India. In case you have a proposal of a Nadar matrimony that has come to you from the bride’s side, you will do well to understand the tradition and the customs of such a family. In most cases they still prefer to maintain the age-old traditions incorporating them into their modern lives.

Nadar Wedding Brides
Nadar Wedding Brides (PC: pinterest.com)
  • Firstly Nadar family that you are likely to come across today is going to be well-educated with members of the families holding good academic degrees. If it is a working family, they are likely to be well-placed in the government jobs or secure high ranks in the private sectors. They are a community that is known for their intellectual acumen and have attained several accomplishments in different professional fields.
  • Today, most of the Nadars are extremely well off financially being engaged in business of different types. Some are also moneylenders that wield lot of influence in the society. On the whole, the family to which you are likely to be tied by way of Nadar matrimony will certainly command the respect of the neighbors and the populace in general. They are also the trustee of many wealthy temples in the South and have a command over the proceedings of the temple affairs.
  • By nature, they are a religious lot, and the Nadar community population consists of both Hindus as well as a good number of Christians that have placed themselves well in life. Whatever be the religion of the family to which you are likely to be tied by way of the Nadar matrimony, you will find them to be a devout and a God fearing lot. This is one of the reasons that they will insist on following the traditions and the rites of the marriage ceremonies.
  • Despite the Nadar girls being well-educated and some also likely to be working as professionals, they prefer to maintain the traditional ways of South Indian families with respect to the way that they dress up and the lifestyle that they follow. They are also trained to be respectful towards the elders of the family.

Traditionally the nadir community had the family inheritance being shared only among the sons of the family with the eldest son becoming head of the family. This tradition has led to the girls of the community to remain respectful towards the male members and achieve higher educational goals to gainbetter position within the family. Yet, each girl is trained in all the household chores such that you are likely to have an ideal wife after your Nadar matrimony.

The Best Moments To Capture A Bride’s Emotions!

When a girl enters a marriageable age then her parents start searching a suitable match for her. Entering in a matrimonial relation can prove out to be a turning point in anybody’s life. In Indian scenario, the arrange marriage culture is quite widespread and marriages can be a gambling game in real. There are many good memories attached with the wedding day. There are just celebrations and celebration all around in the house for weeks and months. Some people are so excited about their wedding day that they start planning way before the marriage date. They start organizing and planning about the wedding outfit, jewelry, trousseau, photographer and other little wedding details. Most of the girls search their spouse through a matrimony website.

There are many sites that are available nowadays that helps people to find the best suitable match for them. Shadi.com is one such website, which is very reliable and offer thousands of match for you. When you plan a wedding then make sure your each moment are captured naturally. There are many moments to capture in any matrimony and one of the best moments that cannot be missed is her departure from the wedding hall that is called vidai. This is the moment that a girl will never ever forget. This is the time when she is entering in to the whole new world of her and leaving the old house behind. She will leave all her family and friends behind to make new relationship. This is the moment when her expressions should not be missed along with the family and friends.

Wedding Photos
Wedding Photos (PC: ibnlive.com)

Many people find love on shadi website and involve their families later. These matrimony sites are doing wonderful job by making two people come together and bind them in the relationship that last forever. When entering in to the wedding arena, jaimala time, the time when groom fill the front partition on head with war melon are some of the few moments that should be captured in a camera by the photographer. All these are some very important moments of wedding. It is of great significance that people who are tying the knot at mature age should know well about their partners to be. In arranged marriages people usually call photographers to capture all wedding photos and pre wedding shoots also happen in many weddings.

You can take help of various matrimony sites if you are unable to find a good match for your children. Shadi.com is the most reputable website that one can rely up on for good profiles of boys and girls equally. You will find thousands of profiles there. This matrimony site is quite popular among youngsters and people who are aged and looking for the perfect partner. It is very important that you search well about the background and family details of the person you are planning to settle down, then only you will be able to cherish the wedding moments and you will be able to enjoy your wedding day.

Meaning of Traditional Solah Sringar for Brides

The bride’s dream would be to look her best. She would want to look just unmatched. We often talk of solah sringar being the part of the shadi for every bride. Solah sringar means sixteen adornments. She should take this beauty regime up and lookher best. The charm of the bride is any way quite different. She is the bride and thus has to look better than the rest. She works towards the same and then begins the beautification process. Basically, solah sringar means sixteen phases of moon. Also, this term has relevance with Goddess Lakshmi and thus it would mean feminist and luck as well.

The solah sringar would include

There are many types of adornments and this would enhance the look of the bride. It would include things like jewelry, hair style, perfume, dressing and henna color. The look of the bride matters a lot. She has to look great as she would just be different. It would include Nose Ring, Mang Tikka, Ear Rings, makeup and so on. Of course your dress, your look and everything would be included in this term. But now the question is, does the modern bride have time to do all these things? Well, yes, it has always been women’s passion to adorn her with flowers and jewelry. So, since now is the time, she can just stay in the perfect ways.

Traditional Brides
Traditional Brides (PC: pinterest.com)

Do all the preparations in advance

In the times when weddings have become grand affair, it would really be quite time consuming for the bride to find out all the perfect things that she would need for her shadi. In that case, you must be prepared with all the things very much before than the wedding begins. But it is good that the bride has a good company and the friends, cousins and relatives do provide the right help while the bride has been searching for various options in relation to wedding preparations. Today, more of the research can be done online and this really helps you save good amount of time. Many tips you would get on the ready basis and so get a perfect idea about how things would come out.

Wedding is the time which would give the bride some stress also. But she should find enough time to take rest. This is because; if she runs around everyday then her system and her sleep would be affected. In that case, it would be better to get in touch with various things that would help you. Make a habit to sleep well and this will help you over a longer period of time.

The word Solah Sringar has so many things. But if you are modern and you just want to look great but not burdened with things then you can take your own call. Of course, no one would interfere in such decision. But if anyone does then tell them why you like minimal and also that minimal has always been there in trend.

Some Offbeat Jewellery and Accessories For Tamil Brides

When it comes to wedding, jewellery and accessories play an important role in every wedding, be it any religion, caste or culture. South Indian weddings are the most famous of all to deal with jewellery. Tamil brides embellish them in an attractive and tempting manner. They get the attentions of everyone by looking at the amount of gold the bride has to pull off and people often look for the new variety and design the bride is wearing. Jewels are something very mandatory and needed as far as women are concerned. No matter, either is it a normal woman or the bride, all of them are eager to wear the best accessories they have in store.

There is always some special connection between women and jewels. To  get some great jewelry ideas, that keeps their tradition alive as well as giving it a offbeat touch to the  jewelry ideas of Tamil brides by visiting Tamil Matrimony sites. Since matrimony sites usually have some pictures of Tamil bride so one can get some clear idea about, what kind of jewels a Tamil bride wear and how much jewels she has to wear.


A Tamil bride wears a tikka, they are very important. The bride can get a customized tikka for herself, as to make it a little offbeat she can go for something that is not only gold. Gold stands as an important element in the lives of Tamilians, it is a traditional thing to wear all gold. The Tikka gives an adorable look to the bride. It should complement the entire appearance of the bride. Tikka is only thing which could adorn the head of the bride. You can also decorate your braid with gold ornaments and fresh flowers.


When it comes to earings, the bride can jump on to any kind of earrings made of gold. The Tamil bride should wear the big and traditional Jhumkis usually but to give a new look you can have a different design and style of jhumki’s made out of gold. With many designs and colors, the bride should find something appropriate for herself that matches the complexion and style. Jhumkis simply add more beauty to the face of the women without any doubts.

Wedding Jhumkis
Wedding Jhumkis (PC: wishary.in)


A typical tamil bride needs to wear at least three to four different kinds of neck pieces of different sizes. To keep the tradition going on, one can wear a long necklace of gold rest the choker and all can be of different material to compliment the outfit and the complexion. Make sure whatever you get designed, every ornament should complement each other and not be a mismatch.


While it comes to wearing bangles, wear as many bangles as you can. Wear bangles that match your saree and its color with some gold bangles to compliment it and as a part of the tradition the tradition.

Tamil matrimony gives great ideas of shops and jewelers that can give you an idea about where one can find variety and proper traditional jewellery for the bride, by looking at various pictures of the brides.

Adding A Contemporary Look To Your Traditional Kerala Wedding

Indian weddings are always known for the lavish traditional look that comprises of the rituals and the decor in keeping with the tradition of the area. South Indian weddings are known for the heavy accessories that are complemented by the series of rituals and Kerala matrimony is no exception. This apart, setting a theme and livening up the decor accordingly will give it the plush contemporary look that even the hardcore traditionalist will appreciate.

Kerala Wedding
Kerala Wedding (PC: webneel.com)

The best of tradition and modern

But you can make it look more contemporary by minimal makeup, costume, along with the jewelry as well as the setting of your Kerala matrimony.

  • South India is known for the heavy silk saris that are an inevitable part of the Kerala matrimony Give yourself a contemporary look as the bride. You can opt for a gown in such silk or wear the sari in a way that makes it look like a gown. A flowing lower end with a corset style top to match is the perfect modern wedding companion.
  • The traditional white and golden border sari is the costume for any high festival in Kerala. Stitching your wedding attire in this color combination as a lehenga and choli with a lot of golden sequence on the white will give you a plush look as a bride.
  • Placing flowers in the hair is a must as part of the Kerala wedding. For a contemporary effect, you can consider carrying a large bouquet and placing only a few to style your hair. This will create a fusion look that is much in vogue around the world. With a minimalistic approach to deftly used makeup, you can give yourself the look that you can wow on later as you leaf through the photographs.
  • Despite the tradition of wearing extremely heavy jewelry, you can give yourself a more contemporary look by picking the essential pieces but in lightweight modern designs that you can wear later too.
  • Concerning the venue of your wedding, you can style it up in a theme that will reflect both your personalities and individual choices. Usually, there are a lot of flowers and leaves that are used in traditional weddings. While keeping in line with the tradition, you can use them tastefully to create an awesome looking indoor garden that is aesthetically pleasing too.
  • It is an age of destination wedding. If you can afford it, then choose a destination that will reflect a different culture and set up than the traditional Kerala wedding decor to give a stunning contrasting effect. This way you are sure to catch the fancy of your guest both indigenous as well as from overseas.

When you talk about the wedding, you naturally cannot ignore the food and the menu. Setting up stalls that reflect other states of the country and the respective food contrasting it with the traditional Kerala wedding set up will give your guests the best of both worlds. Make sure to set up a bar and have cocktail options of both fruit juices as well as hard drinks so whet the appetite of your modern guests.

Adding A Contemporary Look To Your Traditional Marathi Wedding

An Indian wedding is full of bright colors, traditions and customs. Planning for the wedding can be quite a task and requires a lot of pre planning. Prepping up for the big day can be equally exciting as well as challenging. A traditional Marathi matrimony wedding is soaked in rich cultures and traditions. The rituals of the wedding can be vast. The most defining and highlighted factor of a wedding comes the look of the bride and groom as well as the attendees. Well, following the customs and traditions in dressing up is good but going overboard in traditional attire is never a good choice. Modern day bride and grooms are now preferring to add a touch of modernity to the look of the traditional Marathi wedding.

Marathi Wedding
Marathi Wedding (PC: shaadigrapher.com)

Adding and mixing of traditions with modernity is certainly a great idea and that is what most desis of today are opting for.  While talking about the looks of the wedding, the looks of that of a bride are the most important one. A bride is the most important part of the wedding, she is the center of attention and thus there is no way that the looks or clothing of a bride can be compromised. The bridal attire of a Maharashtrian bride is normally very colorful and vibrant. When it comes to the attire of a Maharashtrian bride which is extremely soothing and serene and the draping style of the Saree is also very unique where the saree is pulled between the two legs. There are many options by which the traditional look of the Maharashtrian bride can carry a bit of contemporary charm. The bride can experiment with an array of colors and styles for the wedding day. The typical Maharashtrian saree of the wedding comes with a beautiful gold embroidered border, and colors like red and green are a popular traditional choice. If you are looking to add some contemporary touch to the bridal attire, go for colors like beige and red. Beige is a trending color and when combined with red, it looks royal on a bride. Also colors like Pink and Gold as worn by celebrity Shraddha Kapoor in the movie EkVillian, where she dresses as a maharashtrian bride looks ideal for fair skinned brides. Dusky complexioned brides can go for colors like turmeric yellow combined with purple.

Before prepping up to appear on the big day of Marathi matrimony, brides should do the trial thing where they can actually see what color suits them the best and then they can go ahead with the final choice. Also make sure the color of the bridal attire complements well with the groom’s outfit. The groom can experiment with new colors and pair up a trendy new vibrant shirt with the Dhoti or the groom should go for a long embroidered kurta and pair up kolhapuris hoes that is an ideal choice for most Maharashtrian grooms. Making such changes to the regular and traditional way of dressing adds a bit of contemporary touch to the weddings.