Adding A Contemporary Look To Your Traditional Marathi Wedding

An Indian wedding is full of bright colors, traditions and customs. Planning for the wedding can be quite a task and requires a lot of pre planning. Prepping up for the big day can be equally exciting as well as challenging. A traditional Marathi matrimony wedding is soaked in rich cultures and traditions. The rituals of the wedding can be vast. The most defining and highlighted factor of a wedding comes the look of the bride and groom as well as the attendees. Well, following the customs and traditions in dressing up is good but going overboard in traditional attire is never a good choice. Modern day bride and grooms are now preferring to add a touch of modernity to the look of the traditional Marathi wedding.

Marathi Wedding
Marathi Wedding (PC:

Adding and mixing of traditions with modernity is certainly a great idea and that is what most desis of today are opting for.  While talking about the looks of the wedding, the looks of that of a bride are the most important one. A bride is the most important part of the wedding, she is the center of attention and thus there is no way that the looks or clothing of a bride can be compromised. The bridal attire of a Maharashtrian bride is normally very colorful and vibrant. When it comes to the attire of a Maharashtrian bride which is extremely soothing and serene and the draping style of the Saree is also very unique where the saree is pulled between the two legs. There are many options by which the traditional look of the Maharashtrian bride can carry a bit of contemporary charm. The bride can experiment with an array of colors and styles for the wedding day. The typical Maharashtrian saree of the wedding comes with a beautiful gold embroidered border, and colors like red and green are a popular traditional choice. If you are looking to add some contemporary touch to the bridal attire, go for colors like beige and red. Beige is a trending color and when combined with red, it looks royal on a bride. Also colors like Pink and Gold as worn by celebrity Shraddha Kapoor in the movie EkVillian, where she dresses as a maharashtrian bride looks ideal for fair skinned brides. Dusky complexioned brides can go for colors like turmeric yellow combined with purple.

Before prepping up to appear on the big day of Marathi matrimony, brides should do the trial thing where they can actually see what color suits them the best and then they can go ahead with the final choice. Also make sure the color of the bridal attire complements well with the groom’s outfit. The groom can experiment with new colors and pair up a trendy new vibrant shirt with the Dhoti or the groom should go for a long embroidered kurta and pair up kolhapuris hoes that is an ideal choice for most Maharashtrian grooms. Making such changes to the regular and traditional way of dressing adds a bit of contemporary touch to the weddings.


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