Adding A Contemporary Look To Your Traditional Kerala Wedding

Indian weddings are always known for the lavish traditional look that comprises of the rituals and the decor in keeping with the tradition of the area. South Indian weddings are known for the heavy accessories that are complemented by the series of rituals and Kerala matrimony is no exception. This apart, setting a theme and livening up the decor accordingly will give it the plush contemporary look that even the hardcore traditionalist will appreciate.

Kerala Wedding
Kerala Wedding (PC:

The best of tradition and modern

But you can make it look more contemporary by minimal makeup, costume, along with the jewelry as well as the setting of your Kerala matrimony.

  • South India is known for the heavy silk saris that are an inevitable part of the Kerala matrimony Give yourself a contemporary look as the bride. You can opt for a gown in such silk or wear the sari in a way that makes it look like a gown. A flowing lower end with a corset style top to match is the perfect modern wedding companion.
  • The traditional white and golden border sari is the costume for any high festival in Kerala. Stitching your wedding attire in this color combination as a lehenga and choli with a lot of golden sequence on the white will give you a plush look as a bride.
  • Placing flowers in the hair is a must as part of the Kerala wedding. For a contemporary effect, you can consider carrying a large bouquet and placing only a few to style your hair. This will create a fusion look that is much in vogue around the world. With a minimalistic approach to deftly used makeup, you can give yourself the look that you can wow on later as you leaf through the photographs.
  • Despite the tradition of wearing extremely heavy jewelry, you can give yourself a more contemporary look by picking the essential pieces but in lightweight modern designs that you can wear later too.
  • Concerning the venue of your wedding, you can style it up in a theme that will reflect both your personalities and individual choices. Usually, there are a lot of flowers and leaves that are used in traditional weddings. While keeping in line with the tradition, you can use them tastefully to create an awesome looking indoor garden that is aesthetically pleasing too.
  • It is an age of destination wedding. If you can afford it, then choose a destination that will reflect a different culture and set up than the traditional Kerala wedding decor to give a stunning contrasting effect. This way you are sure to catch the fancy of your guest both indigenous as well as from overseas.

When you talk about the wedding, you naturally cannot ignore the food and the menu. Setting up stalls that reflect other states of the country and the respective food contrasting it with the traditional Kerala wedding set up will give your guests the best of both worlds. Make sure to set up a bar and have cocktail options of both fruit juices as well as hard drinks so whet the appetite of your modern guests.


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