Meaning of Traditional Solah Sringar for Brides

The bride’s dream would be to look her best. She would want to look just unmatched. We often talk of solah sringar being the part of the shadi for every bride. Solah sringar means sixteen adornments. She should take this beauty regime up and lookher best. The charm of the bride is any way quite different. She is the bride and thus has to look better than the rest. She works towards the same and then begins the beautification process. Basically, solah sringar means sixteen phases of moon. Also, this term has relevance with Goddess Lakshmi and thus it would mean feminist and luck as well.

The solah sringar would include

There are many types of adornments and this would enhance the look of the bride. It would include things like jewelry, hair style, perfume, dressing and henna color. The look of the bride matters a lot. She has to look great as she would just be different. It would include Nose Ring, Mang Tikka, Ear Rings, makeup and so on. Of course your dress, your look and everything would be included in this term. But now the question is, does the modern bride have time to do all these things? Well, yes, it has always been women’s passion to adorn her with flowers and jewelry. So, since now is the time, she can just stay in the perfect ways.

Traditional Brides
Traditional Brides (PC:

Do all the preparations in advance

In the times when weddings have become grand affair, it would really be quite time consuming for the bride to find out all the perfect things that she would need for her shadi. In that case, you must be prepared with all the things very much before than the wedding begins. But it is good that the bride has a good company and the friends, cousins and relatives do provide the right help while the bride has been searching for various options in relation to wedding preparations. Today, more of the research can be done online and this really helps you save good amount of time. Many tips you would get on the ready basis and so get a perfect idea about how things would come out.

Wedding is the time which would give the bride some stress also. But she should find enough time to take rest. This is because; if she runs around everyday then her system and her sleep would be affected. In that case, it would be better to get in touch with various things that would help you. Make a habit to sleep well and this will help you over a longer period of time.

The word Solah Sringar has so many things. But if you are modern and you just want to look great but not burdened with things then you can take your own call. Of course, no one would interfere in such decision. But if anyone does then tell them why you like minimal and also that minimal has always been there in trend.


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