Some Typical Traits Of A Nadar Bride’s Family

Nadar is the community that comes from the state of Tamilnadu. There are Northern Nadars and Southern Nadars depending on the particular demography that they come from. Historically the Nadars were cultivators of jaggery and the Palmyra trees and have also had experience of facing caste discrimination by the other classes. They were also forbidden to enter the temples and worship there.

Highlights of a bride’s family

Today the scenario has completely reversed, and the Nadars are among the topmost and respected families in the societies of South India. In case you have a proposal of a Nadar matrimony that has come to you from the bride’s side, you will do well to understand the tradition and the customs of such a family. In most cases they still prefer to maintain the age-old traditions incorporating them into their modern lives.

Nadar Wedding Brides
Nadar Wedding Brides (PC:
  • Firstly Nadar family that you are likely to come across today is going to be well-educated with members of the families holding good academic degrees. If it is a working family, they are likely to be well-placed in the government jobs or secure high ranks in the private sectors. They are a community that is known for their intellectual acumen and have attained several accomplishments in different professional fields.
  • Today, most of the Nadars are extremely well off financially being engaged in business of different types. Some are also moneylenders that wield lot of influence in the society. On the whole, the family to which you are likely to be tied by way of Nadar matrimony will certainly command the respect of the neighbors and the populace in general. They are also the trustee of many wealthy temples in the South and have a command over the proceedings of the temple affairs.
  • By nature, they are a religious lot, and the Nadar community population consists of both Hindus as well as a good number of Christians that have placed themselves well in life. Whatever be the religion of the family to which you are likely to be tied by way of the Nadar matrimony, you will find them to be a devout and a God fearing lot. This is one of the reasons that they will insist on following the traditions and the rites of the marriage ceremonies.
  • Despite the Nadar girls being well-educated and some also likely to be working as professionals, they prefer to maintain the traditional ways of South Indian families with respect to the way that they dress up and the lifestyle that they follow. They are also trained to be respectful towards the elders of the family.

Traditionally the nadir community had the family inheritance being shared only among the sons of the family with the eldest son becoming head of the family. This tradition has led to the girls of the community to remain respectful towards the male members and achieve higher educational goals to gainbetter position within the family. Yet, each girl is trained in all the household chores such that you are likely to have an ideal wife after your Nadar matrimony.


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