Typical Traits Of A Oriya Groom’s Family

Weddings season is here and it’s all fun to know the family of groom and bride both equally. There are so many people, families and friends are involved in the wedding. It all looks so splendid and extravagant. People who are looking for Oriya brides or Indian grooms they can search on various Oriya matrimony sites for the better life partner. Oriya weddings are not so splendid but they are very interesting followed by many rituals and customs. Both sides’ people can be differentiated easily with the behavior and acts of individuals present in the wedding. The Oriya society considers the groom side to be rich and superior to bride’s side.


The groom is treated with all respect. He is actually honored. Groom family welcome the bride like a queen. The groom’s family welcome the bride with all responsibilities and promises made during the wedding has to be fulfilled through the life. There are many things that groom’s family takes care of when they perform various rituals of the matrimony. There is one such ritual called vilayadal where you will find many fun games played by the side of groom.

This vilayadal is nothing but one of the most famous Oriya wedding rituals where the groom’s sister present various meaningful gifts to the bride. The groom and bride then sit down and have fun while playing wedding games. Relatives cheer them and have fun too. The groom and bride will continuously roll a coconut between and while a relative or a friend counts 1 to 3 the groom or the bride should reach and clutch the coconut. Generally, groom is permitted to use only one hand whereas bride can make use of both her hands.

Oriya Weddings
Oriya Weddings (PC: videobabylon.ca)

Various customs of Oriya groom’s family:

There are many more games that are played from the groom’s family side to relieve up the anxiety between the groom and the bride. There are many Oriya matrimony sites available online from where you can search a Oriya groom and bride for you. There are many Indian grooms you will find online. Oriya wedding consists of different pre wedding rituals. These customs and rituals embody various practices like PaalikaliThalippu that includes decorating 7 clay pots with grains, sandalwood paste as well as kumkum powder that are then filled by curd and 9 sort of grains or navadhaanyam.

One of the biggest traits of groom’s family is that they bless the bride with a destiny of death prior their husband, the occurrence of this is considered as lucky. There are various traits of Oriya groom’s family that you will be able to know when you are married to Oriya groom. There are several matrimonial sites available online such as Brahmin matrimony and other. You will find different profiles of Indian grooms Oriya matrimony sites online. These grooms are from high society Indian cultural background. You can find the one that is best suitable to you and your family needs. Always prefer the profile that is best suitable to your family background.


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