10 Tips To Make A Sikh Wedding Affordable

The concept of ‘Big Fat Indian Weddings’ is applicable even in the case of Sikh weddings. Traditionally, Sikhs believe in spending lots of money on arranging a lavish wedding and make it memorable for a long time to come. Even if, you are a part of the Sikh matrimony, you might not be ready to spend a huge amount on your wedding. At the same time, you do not want to cut down on the overall list of your guests or the lavishness of your wedding. The combination of these things can certainly make it difficult for you to move on the correct track.

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Finding Affordable Options:

However, you will be glad to know that nothing is impossible today. With a little planning and preparing your budget can help you save lots of money without compromising on the grandeur and lavishness, as a whole. Check out some of the most effective tips to make your wedding affordable.

  • Venue- One of the crucial things that you should never forget is that a big part of the wedding cost is gone into the venue booking and consequent decoration. If you have a big home or a garden, you can arrange your wedding there. It will not only be cozy but also warm and cost-effective. You can decorate the garden beautifully to give it a lavish touch.
  • Food- You do not want the food to go waste. Therefore, based on the numbers of guests attending your wedding, you should plan the food. You need not think of an exclusive menu with lots of items. People in today’s date cannot consume lots of food, due to which lots of foods are wasted. You can cut off the numbers of dishes because 5 starters and 6 main courses are not at all required.
  • The attire- In most cases, the bridal attires are expensive and brides tend to wear it only one day. Do not spend excess money on attire and makeup that you will use only once. Instead of going by the price, you can go by the beauty of the attire, which is available at a reasonable price. Instead of spending loads of money on makeup artists, you can try finding someone who has a basic sense of makeup. This will save your money.
  • Cut down on pre-wedding rituals- Several pre-wedding rituals might not be a part of Sikh matrimony tradition, but it has been introduced solely by the Bollywood. If possible, you can cut down on those unnecessary rituals. Even if, you organize them, you can keep it limited to your close friends and family members.
  • Don’t show off- Many people have the tendency to show off. Don’t go beyond your means to show off because this will not help you with anything other than spending. Understand the requirements and your capacity to spend on them.

These are some of the most effective ways by means of which you can make your wedding affordable, without the need to compromise on anything associated with the wedding.


Cultural Importance of Wedding Rituals Observed At Mudiraj Weddings

The Mudiraj caste is a caste belonging to Andhra Pradesh and they are considered as the other backward class by the government. These classes are famous for their wedding rituals since their rituals are beautiful and they have are performed beautifully. There are several pre-wedding and wedding ceremonies of the mudiraj caste and they all have different meanings. Below mentioned are the cultural importance of the wedding rituals observed at mudiraj matrimonial.

  • There are pre-wedding rituals of the mudiraj wedding that a have different cultural importance. Before the wedding ceremony, the bride and groom are given a bath with milk. Milk symbolizes pureness and is considered to be liquid from the sacred goddess “The cow” and hence the cultural importance of this ritual performed is that it symbolizes a new life given to the bride and the groom and they are starting a pure honest relationship between each other.
  • The nischitartham that is the engagement ceremony performed between the bride and the groom where they put on a finger ring on each other’s hand that symbolizes that their wedding date is officially fixed.
  • There is a ceremony before the wedding in which the bride is given a beautiful saree that is worn for the entire ceremony by the bride. The bride wears the jewellery as well that is given by her in- laws.
  • Kanyadan is the ceremony in which the father gives his daughter’s hand to the groom that is a declaration by the father that from now onwards the bride is his responsibility and the groom’s leg is washed by the parents of the bride in order to show respect to the son in law.
  • Kashi yatra is a ceremony that has the cultural importance of the groom officially taking more responsibilities. This is a playful ceremony in which the groom has an option between going to a journey to Kashi or marrying the bride. The groom playfully gets ready to go on a journey to Kashi instead of marrying the bride and the bride’s brother has to request him to stay back and marry his sister. After a period of teasing the groom agrees to marry the young man’s sister. The need of this ceremony is to strengthen the bond between the bride, groom, and their families.
  • Jeelakarra bellamu is the ceremony or ritual that takes place on the wedding day and is considered to be the main event of the wedding day. Jeelakarra refers to cumin and bellamu refers to jiggery and the ritual includes the ceremony of placing a paste of cumin and jiggery on the hands of the bride and the groom respectively. Then this paste is placed on their heads by each other and the significance of this ceremony is to show that the bride and the groom will stay together every sweet and bitter part of their lives.

Each ritual has a cultural importance behind them and is performed wholeheartedly by the two souls.

Cultural Importance Of Wedding Rituals Observed At Bhandari Weddings

Culture is the identity of a particular state and nation, which highlights their beliefs and rituals. Marriage is an important part of a life, a new beginning, a partner for a lifetime in all the ups and downs. It’s a big thing, altogether a new turn to the lives a girl and a boy. Considering the culture and tradition through the wedding rituals is the best way to summarise the society and their beliefs.

Bhandari weddings are a part of the Maharashtrian culture, and Bhandari Matrimonial is a complete guide to having an overview from an appropriate Bhandari match to their rituals, ceremonies, beliefs and culture preserve. The importance of their culture in a most beautiful way can be depicted through marriages, something that shows the religious, spiritual, ethnic side of the people of the society.



Considering the horoscopes and finding the right match in the presence of a learned priest and elders of the family is the way a marriage is initiated. And when the match is fixed to start something auspicious it is a ritual of giving sweets to each other and officially accepting the bride and the groom by their families by giving gifts and making them taste some sweet, to have a sweet start to the event.

Praying to the deities and the ancestors for their continuous presence in the occasion and blessings is a ritual of paying respect and homage to them. The Simant Pooja has a big role to be played by the bride’s mother, she washes the feet of the groom and welcomes him to the bride’s house. It is done as a son-in-law is given a lot of respect as they take the responsibility of the bride for life. The groom is given gifts as a token of welcome. And the groom’s family also gives saari’s and jewelry to the bride as a hearty welcome to the family.

During Haldi Chdavne, the paste of turmeric and oil is applied on the groom and the bride , five married women considered as auspicious for the bride, apply this mixture of turmeric and oil with mango leaves. Sometimes the leftover haldi of the groom is applied on the bride. This ritual is that turmeric is an antiseptic, which heals and brings a glow on the face of the couple, which will make them look beautiful and this is the reason the bride and the groom cannot move out of the house.

Green bangles are a trademark identity to a Maharashtrian wedded women, the yellow saari and a crescent moon tilak on the forehead for good luck and prosperity. The bride and the groom are not allowed to see each others face there is a curtain drawn between them, till the priest chants the mantras. They are supposed to wear a mundavali a strings of beads or flowers dangling around their face, tied on their forehead. The seven vows and kanyadanam are the main rituals of every marriage, this is what completes the marriage.

Bhandari wedding is an event full of pooja’s and fastings, Ganesh pooja, Gauri pooja, keeping the sacred ambience till the whole ceremony takes place comfortably. Bhandari Matrimonial keeps the culture and traditions of a typical Bhandari wedding alive so that nothing can be missed and the culture and society see the beautiful traditions that mark the identity of the society.

When Planning your Own Kamma Wedding: Opulence on a Dime

Kamma weddings are really quite interesting. The guests come and there are hosts of celebrations. There are so many rituals and ceremonies that come up in the wedding. But generally, people prefer simple weddings. But as wedding in general is a lavish affair, you can always think of opulence on a dime. You should always try to make the necessary preparations that would give you the cost benefit. In kamma matrimony people like celebrating the wedding functions! But again, you should always use the wits and try to make things as per the budget.

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Things should look lavish

In order to make everything look lavish, You can always invest in the good décor and decoration. Try to choose the place where the rent would be low. But you can adorn and decorate it very well. This would make the look of the ambience quite impressive. When you appoint the wedding planner for all these things, it is for sure that you would get stretched in the costing part. But if you take charge to plan everything on your own then things would really be quite amazing and you can always stick to your budget.

On order to make the wedding quite interesting, you can add some of the side functions like sangeet. Of course, kammas are simple and they would not like to spend too much on such things. But if you can find the best music party which would charge you affordable amount then you can opt for such things. It would really be quite attractive and your wedding would look awesome.

You must always check out for the online ideas that would give you the right options to make the wedding quite interesting. In order to make it look lavish, you can always take charge of impressing the guests. The guests would be impressed if they get some attractive yet affordable return favors, So, for initiating kamma wedding, just keep these things ready. In kamma matrimony these things are quite relevant.

How to check out the affordable options?

You must start the preparations well in advance. Always make it a point to check out the bargain deals and sale that may prevail in your area. Of course, online options would also give you the best help ever. Find out all the important stores that would give some of the best deals. Make way for making the wedding look lavish and luxurious. But you must not forget your roots. You have some limitations and so you must always play within your limit. This is important because marriage would have so many things coming up. If you do not take good care from the start then things would not be in control.

It is really good that people understand why online options have always been useful in making things look great. More and more people take the ideas from the videos and they may even plan some themes. Just check out all these things in detail.


Fresh wedding flowers- have you ordered these nine arrangements for your wedding day

Flowers are the love of life. Everyone live flower arrangements especially in a wedding which has now become a synonym of wedding decoration. This is a must have the decorative item in the wedding. Fresh flowers take everyone’s heart away and create a magic that remains in the heart forever. The decoration is one thing that remains in the mind of people for years. While planning a wedding always keeps these 9 things and arrangements in your mind while planning sadi and executing the wedding details:

Wedding Destination Manali
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  • Make budget for your wedding:

You can plan your wedding according to your taste and budget. Make sure you plan everything in detail and make everything hassle free. Categorize your dream wedding into various parts. Jot down the points you want to include in your wedding and the things you want to avoid.

  • Book catering services:

Catering is an important task to accomplish during the wedding. A good and delicious food is what everyone wants. The wedding is the time when you have to take care of everything from guests to caterings services and from dresses to wedding trousseau. There are 5 tips that you can follow to get started with your dream wedding planning.

  • Plan your trousseau:

You need to get your dresses for the wedding done well in advance to avoid last minute hassles. This is one of the most important arrangements you need to do for your wedding day!

  • Gifts for guests:

Make sure that gifts are packed for your guests. You have to give a token of love to your friends and relatives for marking their presence on the most auspicious day of your life. Gifts make them feel wanted and desirable. It makes everyone happy.

  • Wedding venue:

Wedding venue should be in good condition. Always make visits to the venue in case you need any change then suggest the authority to do the same. Make sure the venue is spacious enough to accommodate your guests.

  • Bridal accessories:

There are many bridal accessories that come in wedding planning. Ensure that you have kept all important items that you need in your new house from sanitary napkins to hair and saree pins. All little things that are forgettable items must be listed and then purchased by the bride before the wedding date.

  • Book your makeup artist:

You need to book your makeup artist before it’s too late. Always set your budget for the makeup and make sure you hire the expert for the job as this is the most important day of your life and you definitely do not want to look over makeup or dull. Book your appointments with some reputed beauty parlor as this is the main wedding preparation you should accomplish.

  • Plan different occasions as per wedding day:

You can plan different occasions and night’s days before your wedding like sangeet night, cocktail party, bachelors’ party and much more. You can plan these events as per your needs and budget.

  • Book your wedding photographer:

Wedding photography holds great importance in wedding planning. You have to make sure that you have selected the most reputed wedding photographer for your wedding. This is the most tedious task and arrangement to do for the wedding day as finding a good photographer is quite a hectic task.

Get Married at Sea on a Private Wedding Yacht – Romantic Boat Weddings Are Cost Effective and Fun

Today everyone wants to have a fun wedding in a far-flung destination away from the madness of city life. We all are looking for something different and unique to make our special day that much more extraordinary. Some plan their weddings in the serene surroundings of a hill station while others look at secluded beach destinations. We tell you about some unique yacht options to have your wedding. You could also look at some of the popular matrimonial sites in India to get more information about such weddings.

Wedding Photos
Wedding Photos (PC: ibnlive.com)

Having a yacht wedding not only makes it fun and different but also works out the light on the pocket as you end up inviting limited guests. Also, there are full packages available if you book the whole yacht making it much cheaper than having to book a wedding hall as well as other venues for the pre-wedding and post wedding rituals.

Amalfi- A hot favorite– You could plan to have a small, private wedding on the Amalfi Coast. This Italian coastline symbolizes beauty, historic charm and romanticism. Its stunning scenery will add to the wedding mood and vigor.

Maldives- A paradise of love– If you were to imagine a paradise it would be something like Maldives and hence, it works well as a wedding destination as well. It is also a perfect location for a yacht wedding. There are many options depending on the number of guests. It also has a lot of water activities that the guests can indulge in to make it an unforgettable trip.

Mysterious Srilanka– You could cruise along in the azure blue waters of Srilanka to make your wedding day special. There are many yacht wedding options available there that are both reasonable as well as luxurious. So one can choose depending on how much the pocket allows.

Exotic Africa– Ever imagined sailing along the Mediterranean Sea for your wedding and experience the feel of the romantic ocean one side and the wildlife on the other. You could plan a yacht wedding here and have the time of your life and plan your honeymoon in the wilderness of South Africa. A perfect way to start your journey with your loved ones.

Yachts are a symbol of exclusivity and romanticism. It’s the perfect way to escape the crowd and has an intimate wedding. So get ready to sail on your wedding journey on a yacht.

Wedding Planning for the Brides to Be

If you are the bride to be and if you are looking for some of the wedding planning ideas then you are in the right place. The wedding is the time that would require you to stay prepared. Right from the wedding dress to all the things that would be needed at the wedding should be ready. Being the part of matrimonial sites in Delhi it is vital that you know how you need to create the important things. In India, the bride is supposed to look quite gorgeous on the main day of her life. You would be required to work out all the important dress options and that of the accessories and footwear. The jewelry is also an important part of the bride.


The planning that needs to be done

If you have are would- be bride then you will be a bit casual and you would not know as to what all things you must be prepared with. But if you don’t know then you can get in touch with your friends and ask them as to what all options would be the best. Apart from that, you need to know as to what all things are required to be done.

The wedding is really a perfect affair and you have to look perfect on that day. Thus the dresses and the beauty process everything should be planned well in advance. If at all you are undergoing any beauty treatments then you must do the search well as to who is an expert in this field. Once you get an idea about such things you must move ahead.

Since matrimonial sites in Delhi would have so many demands you will see that there would stress in the mind of the new bride. But she should always take care that if she is confident and if she is ready to adjust to the new atmosphere then things would really be under control.

The list that the would be bride should make

The bride should be ready with the list of things she has to buy and the things that she has to take care of. If anything is missed out then it would really have issues. So, just make sure that rather than opting for anything like missing out something you just keep ready all the things that are basically needed for making the wedding work. The wedding is the time when you really have to make all the right arrangements. But again, rather than getting stressed you should be ready with the right preparations. If you are creative then you will be in the position to find the best solutions ever. Right from the dresses to makeup trials to invitations to friend’s party to girl’s party to the reception, the bride would have a good amount of load and so it is vital that the things are all arranged properly. Many brides who work would make last moment preparations. But remember that it is your wedding and you just can’t take any chance with the same.

Fresh Wedding Flowers a Must in Marathi Wedding

A Marathi  Matrimony is filled with loads of occasion, fun, and frolic. There are so many occasions in a Marathi Matrimony, each one different from another. Each one unique and special in its own way. If you want to introduce a touch of vibrancy and freshness to the whole wedding atmosphere then introduce fresh flowers. Fresh flowers have a way with themselves. They are vibrant, full of energy and immediately enhances the overall look of the occasion and makes it look elegant and beautiful.


Ways to incorporate Fresh wedding flowers A must in Marathi Matrimony:

Flower Jewelry: Take a cue from Bollywood personalities. When Ahana Deol got married for her sangeet she wore loads of fresh flower jewelry to deck her up. Now, do not get us wrong she did not compromise on the way she looked by an inch also. She looks young, vibrant, full of energy and most importantly exquisitely pretty. The youngsters slowly understand that they can look different, innovative and vibrant with the help of fresh flower jewelry. Right from bracelet, anklet, bajubandh, maang tika , necklace to rings you can do a lot with fresh flowers. Moreover, let us tell you, as a Marathi  the bride wearing fresh flower jewelry you are bound to make quite a few heads turn.

Concentrate on One object: Instead of using fresh flowers to decorate the Marathi Matrimony venue, use them to decorate one part of it or a single object alone. Like, use fresh flowers to decorate the mandap abundantly. This way anyone who enters the wedding venue immediately looks at the mandap where the  actual ceremonies are taking place. Too much of fresh flowers is not only an expensive proposition but also if not done aesthetically, it will ruin the way the look of the venue. Hence, it is prudent to concentrate on only one main object or part of the venue that you will be able to decorate with flowers. So, you can choose either the mandap, stage or the entrance as the focal points to decorate with flowers.

Use them Sparingly: Too much of anything is not good and ends up soiling the whole look of the venue. The idea to perfect the wedding venue look is to use the flowers sparingly. Use them sparingly so that your look is enhanced and not Spoiled. Also, please ensure that you use the same color scheme in the fresh flowers all throughout the venue. So, if you are choosing pink then you stick to the pink scheme of colors throughout the venue and so on.

Lastly, it is important that when you are  using Fresh wedding flowers A must in Marathi Matrimony, you are choosing the choicest of flowers of the best quality. One’s that is both beautiful and extremely pretty to look at. Use them in such a way that it enhances the way it looks all around. Use fresh flowers and introduce positivity and freshness to the occasion.

Inter-Religion Wedding Cards

So you have now broken the information to your parents about the girl you have chosen is not of same religion. They have welcomed the reality wholeheartedly and have decided to plan ceremonies according to community matrimony. This will be a wedding with two entirely different habits, tastes, cultures and religion. How would you plan this mammoth affair that includes catering services, wedding card designing and wedding hall bookings? When you are planning inter-religion community matrimony then you have to choose the card that respects both religions equally. You have to follow few tips to keep the card light and popular.

Keep the card hearty and light:

Inter-religion matrimony is tedious so embrace card which is light-hearted when it comes to rituals and traditional. You need to keep the fun high and faith of both religions. You have to keep the card design quite interesting that shows off both the communities’ traditions and customs.

Wedding Cards
Wedding Cards (PC: weddingsonline.in)

Educated the guest in personalized fun manner:

You can get your card customized for the guests in personalized fun manner. You can hand down your guests a little theme ceremony card so your gets will be aware about the customs and traditions that are going to be performed in the ceremony. You need to educate your guests about the same. Community matrimony works like that. It is very important to make your guest understand the significance of bride and groom’s religious customs so that they do not get bored during the ceremony. You need to keep the guests well-informed about the traditions and religious beliefs so that they also take part in the customs and join in as well.

 Do not feel shy to seek help:

You don’t have to feel shy to seek help from the planning managers. When you plan all functions then make sure there is one individual from both sides is involved. There should not be any hesitation in asking help for the planning of ceremonies or card designing. The suggestion of other side is equally important. This will assist you to know the rituals that you might not be aware and have no idea at all. You will avoid the danger of hurting anyone’s sentiments. It will also help you in making the ceremony more interesting and exciting. Community matrimony is usually based on both parties mutual consent and both are responsible for each others reputation.

Look for wedding card designer:

It’s very important that you search a good wedding card designer from your area. If a designer is good, he will understand your requirements and then make a customized card for you. He will keep in mind all your points and design a community matrimony card for you. When you ask a designer to design a card based on inter-religion matrimony then he will work according to your needs and design awesome card for you. One needs to search the best designer for wedding card creation. Always make sure that you do not hurt someone’s sentiments in the process of planning your wedding.

Vastu Tips For Designing Your Wedding Bedroom

Vastu Shastra plays an important role in the Indian families. Most of the Indian people believes and trust in Vastu trust. They do all the work after knowing the condition and the fruit of that work through the Vastu. Even the marriages that are arranged in the families go through the Vastu process. Vastu Shastra gives the positive energy in the house and removes all the negativity from the house. If you are planning to design your wedding bedroom then you need to concern some of the Vastu tips so that you both can live happily without any difficulty. You can even take the help of the internet to know the Vastu tips.

Vastu Tips
Vastu Tips (PC: post.jagran.com)

Here are the Vastu tips for designing the wedding bedroom:

  1. 1. A bedroom should be located in the North West portion: According to the Vastu, the bedroom of the newly bride and groom should be located in the southwest or the North West portion of the house. If the couple is younger in the family then the North West portion is ideal for them but if they are elder in the family then south-west is the ideal for them.
  2. Avoid south-east corner: While designing the bedroom you should avoid the south-east corner of the house as it can lead the couples to the frequent quarrels and clashes between them. In simple words, you can say that if you want to avoid any fight then you need to avoid placing your bedroom in the south-east corner.
  3. Direction to sleep: While sleeping the in the bedroom the couple should sleep with their feet in the north and head towards the south. Make sure that you two sleep in the right direction to spend the happy life with each other.
  4. Avoid exposed mirrors in the bedroom: Exposed mirrors like television, computer, and other such mirrors should not be used in the bedroom of the newly wed couples. You can veil the computer screen, television screen, and other exposed mirrors when they are not in use. You can even avoid placing the computer or the television in the room because they emit the vibration and the electromagnetic rays from the electronic material which create the tension and stress. People need to ignore the mirrors to place on the sides of the bed or even in front of the bed.
  5. Fresh flower should be placed in the bedroom: To spread the freshness and positivity in the bedroom of the couple you can place the fresh flowers in the bedroom. In this, you both will feel energetic and fresh whole day. It will also help you to keep your relation fresh like flowers.
  6. Don’t install scary images in the bedroom: If you love to have the scary or the distractive images in the bedroom then you need to change your habit/ you should not install any kind of inappropriate image or the picture in the bedroom. In this way, you will be safe from any type of negativity.