Some Fun Things To Brighten Up Your Wedding Reception

Weddings are somber affairs with major focus on customs and traditions so if you want to let your hair down and have some fun its only possible at the wedding reception. Hence, you should try to make your reception as much fun and entertaining as you possibly can. We give you great ideas to make it a great event. You could also check out varied matrimony sites for innovative ideas.

Fun Welcome – You can welcome your guests in a fun way. Have a decorated rickshaw pick them up from the entrance right up to the reception dias with blaring music. You could also have an old styled scooter or a Lameratta for couples with pom poms and other decorations.This will add some fun element to the reception and pump up all the guests for the grand evening.

A Memory – Make your reception a memorable evening! Have a special guest book where all your friends and family will write out personal notes for you. Ask them to get you some small personalized memoirs that can be kept alongside the note as a memory. This will be a cherished present to have in years to come.

Fun on Wedding Reception
Fun on Wedding Reception (PC:

A video confession booth – As a twist to the latest photo booth trend, have a video booth where all your guests can record a message for you. It could be anything from a funny anecdote from the past or a message for the newlywed couple. This unique idea will surely brighten up your reception and keep the guests busy as you are meeting people.

Liven it up with Lights – Lights can have a great impact on any venue be it for a birthday, anniversary or a reception. You can revolutionize your venue with creative lighting arrangements. You could have snow falling as the couple takes to stage for their first dance or have your monogram on the dance floor or have some special effects for certain parts of the venue. All your guests are surely going to love it.

Games to keep the Entertainment Quotient Up – At most receptions the main entertainment is in the form of music and dance but what about those who do not enjoy dancing? So it is important to plan some fun games that would involve most of the guests. You could also have some awards. For instance for the best dressed couple, the brightly dressed lady, the naughtiest kid or the most inappropriately dressed guest. Give out nice yet innovative gifts to keep up the enthusiasm.

With all these fun ideas your wedding reception is surely going to go down in history as one of the best planned receptions. So it’s time you start executing these ideas.


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