Fresh Wedding Flowers a Must in Marathi Wedding

A Marathi  Matrimony is filled with loads of occasion, fun, and frolic. There are so many occasions in a Marathi Matrimony, each one different from another. Each one unique and special in its own way. If you want to introduce a touch of vibrancy and freshness to the whole wedding atmosphere then introduce fresh flowers. Fresh flowers have a way with themselves. They are vibrant, full of energy and immediately enhances the overall look of the occasion and makes it look elegant and beautiful.


Ways to incorporate Fresh wedding flowers A must in Marathi Matrimony:

Flower Jewelry: Take a cue from Bollywood personalities. When Ahana Deol got married for her sangeet she wore loads of fresh flower jewelry to deck her up. Now, do not get us wrong she did not compromise on the way she looked by an inch also. She looks young, vibrant, full of energy and most importantly exquisitely pretty. The youngsters slowly understand that they can look different, innovative and vibrant with the help of fresh flower jewelry. Right from bracelet, anklet, bajubandh, maang tika , necklace to rings you can do a lot with fresh flowers. Moreover, let us tell you, as a Marathi  the bride wearing fresh flower jewelry you are bound to make quite a few heads turn.

Concentrate on One object: Instead of using fresh flowers to decorate the Marathi Matrimony venue, use them to decorate one part of it or a single object alone. Like, use fresh flowers to decorate the mandap abundantly. This way anyone who enters the wedding venue immediately looks at the mandap where the  actual ceremonies are taking place. Too much of fresh flowers is not only an expensive proposition but also if not done aesthetically, it will ruin the way the look of the venue. Hence, it is prudent to concentrate on only one main object or part of the venue that you will be able to decorate with flowers. So, you can choose either the mandap, stage or the entrance as the focal points to decorate with flowers.

Use them Sparingly: Too much of anything is not good and ends up soiling the whole look of the venue. The idea to perfect the wedding venue look is to use the flowers sparingly. Use them sparingly so that your look is enhanced and not Spoiled. Also, please ensure that you use the same color scheme in the fresh flowers all throughout the venue. So, if you are choosing pink then you stick to the pink scheme of colors throughout the venue and so on.

Lastly, it is important that when you are  using Fresh wedding flowers A must in Marathi Matrimony, you are choosing the choicest of flowers of the best quality. One’s that is both beautiful and extremely pretty to look at. Use them in such a way that it enhances the way it looks all around. Use fresh flowers and introduce positivity and freshness to the occasion.


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