Cultural Importance Of Wedding Rituals Observed At Bhandari Weddings

Culture is the identity of a particular state and nation, which highlights their beliefs and rituals. Marriage is an important part of a life, a new beginning, a partner for a lifetime in all the ups and downs. It’s a big thing, altogether a new turn to the lives a girl and a boy. Considering the culture and tradition through the wedding rituals is the best way to summarise the society and their beliefs.

Bhandari weddings are a part of the Maharashtrian culture, and Bhandari Matrimonial is a complete guide to having an overview from an appropriate Bhandari match to their rituals, ceremonies, beliefs and culture preserve. The importance of their culture in a most beautiful way can be depicted through marriages, something that shows the religious, spiritual, ethnic side of the people of the society.


Considering the horoscopes and finding the right match in the presence of a learned priest and elders of the family is the way a marriage is initiated. And when the match is fixed to start something auspicious it is a ritual of giving sweets to each other and officially accepting the bride and the groom by their families by giving gifts and making them taste some sweet, to have a sweet start to the event.

Praying to the deities and the ancestors for their continuous presence in the occasion and blessings is a ritual of paying respect and homage to them. The Simant Pooja has a big role to be played by the bride’s mother, she washes the feet of the groom and welcomes him to the bride’s house. It is done as a son-in-law is given a lot of respect as they take the responsibility of the bride for life. The groom is given gifts as a token of welcome. And the groom’s family also gives saari’s and jewelry to the bride as a hearty welcome to the family.

During Haldi Chdavne, the paste of turmeric and oil is applied on the groom and the bride , five married women considered as auspicious for the bride, apply this mixture of turmeric and oil with mango leaves. Sometimes the leftover haldi of the groom is applied on the bride. This ritual is that turmeric is an antiseptic, which heals and brings a glow on the face of the couple, which will make them look beautiful and this is the reason the bride and the groom cannot move out of the house.

Green bangles are a trademark identity to a Maharashtrian wedded women, the yellow saari and a crescent moon tilak on the forehead for good luck and prosperity. The bride and the groom are not allowed to see each others face there is a curtain drawn between them, till the priest chants the mantras. They are supposed to wear a mundavali a strings of beads or flowers dangling around their face, tied on their forehead. The seven vows and kanyadanam are the main rituals of every marriage, this is what completes the marriage.

Bhandari wedding is an event full of pooja’s and fastings, Ganesh pooja, Gauri pooja, keeping the sacred ambience till the whole ceremony takes place comfortably. Bhandari Matrimonial keeps the culture and traditions of a typical Bhandari wedding alive so that nothing can be missed and the culture and society see the beautiful traditions that mark the identity of the society.


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