10 Tips To Make A Sikh Wedding Affordable

The concept of ‘Big Fat Indian Weddings’ is applicable even in the case of Sikh weddings. Traditionally, Sikhs believe in spending lots of money on arranging a lavish wedding and make it memorable for a long time to come. Even if, you are a part of the Sikh matrimony, you might not be ready to spend a huge amount on your wedding. At the same time, you do not want to cut down on the overall list of your guests or the lavishness of your wedding. The combination of these things can certainly make it difficult for you to move on the correct track.

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Finding Affordable Options:

However, you will be glad to know that nothing is impossible today. With a little planning and preparing your budget can help you save lots of money without compromising on the grandeur and lavishness, as a whole. Check out some of the most effective tips to make your wedding affordable.

  • Venue- One of the crucial things that you should never forget is that a big part of the wedding cost is gone into the venue booking and consequent decoration. If you have a big home or a garden, you can arrange your wedding there. It will not only be cozy but also warm and cost-effective. You can decorate the garden beautifully to give it a lavish touch.
  • Food- You do not want the food to go waste. Therefore, based on the numbers of guests attending your wedding, you should plan the food. You need not think of an exclusive menu with lots of items. People in today’s date cannot consume lots of food, due to which lots of foods are wasted. You can cut off the numbers of dishes because 5 starters and 6 main courses are not at all required.
  • The attire- In most cases, the bridal attires are expensive and brides tend to wear it only one day. Do not spend excess money on attire and makeup that you will use only once. Instead of going by the price, you can go by the beauty of the attire, which is available at a reasonable price. Instead of spending loads of money on makeup artists, you can try finding someone who has a basic sense of makeup. This will save your money.
  • Cut down on pre-wedding rituals- Several pre-wedding rituals might not be a part of Sikh matrimony tradition, but it has been introduced solely by the Bollywood. If possible, you can cut down on those unnecessary rituals. Even if, you organize them, you can keep it limited to your close friends and family members.
  • Don’t show off- Many people have the tendency to show off. Don’t go beyond your means to show off because this will not help you with anything other than spending. Understand the requirements and your capacity to spend on them.

These are some of the most effective ways by means of which you can make your wedding affordable, without the need to compromise on anything associated with the wedding.


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