Tips for Nuclear Family girls to adjust with Joint Families

Being a daughter in law is not an easy task. On top of that being daughter in law in a joint family is an even more daunting task, one that make falter at. The icing on the cake will be in case it is a divorcee matrimony alliance. In that case both the bride as well as the family members already have a prior experience that might be good or bad but from which stems expectations and differences. Here are a few tips for a nuclear family girl to adjust with a joint family. You might be inspired by seeing the Sooraj Barjatiya movies but trust us that the real life scenarios are nothing like that.

joint families

Show Respect: when you are getting married and becoming a part of another family, then one of the first things that you need to do is show the other family members that you respect them. Remember that a marriage is not only a union of 2 people but 2 families also. Hence, it is important that you try and gel into the other family seamlessly  The best way to gain a foot at the new place is to ensure that you respect the family from day one. This will help to break the ice that comes with a divorcee matrimony alliance.

Take Responsibility: Being a bride of a joint family, there will be lots of expectations along . As a bride, you are some one’s daughter in law, some one’s sister in law, maybe an aunt, elder sister, niece in law and so on In short apart from a bride you are many other things also and with each comes a set of responsibilities and duties. Try and gauge and ask around if you are expected to do anything particular and seek help whenever in doubt. At times, it might seem like a daunting task trying to do so many things together but trust us with time you will get a hang of it.

Think and speak: When there are so many people in the family, you will have to be extra careful when you speak. You need at least a year to understand people and know what they like and don’t. Hence, the first year , try and play it safe by thinking and then speaking .Also , remember since it’s a divorcee matrimony alliance, it is as difficult or challenging for the family members as it is for you . Hence, you need to give them time and space to open up to you and make you a part of the family.

Don’t compare: The worst thing that you can do in case of a divorcee matrimony alliance is to compare it with the last experience . Remember that every episode in life is different from the other and it will be unfair for the joint family to be constantly scrutinized and compared with your last experience.


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