When a Small Town girl marries a Metro Groom

When a small town girl marries a metro groom there are lots of extra things to be taken care of. These are marriages where both the parties need to work on and invest time in the marriage. The sooner they do so, the better it would be for them. There are various aspects that you need to keep in mind when you are planning a divorcee matrimony alliance involving a small town girl and a metro groom. Here are some life lessons that will help you stay afloat during the initial few months of marriage and make it work all right.

Make the girl comfortable: In a marriage, the girl is usually the one , who makes all the sacrifices and compromises in order to make the marriage work. They will be leaving the comfort of their own home to come and stay at the groom’s place. Hence, the least that the groom can do is to make the girl feel comfortable. Also, in the case of  a divorcee matrimony alliance, there might have been a previous episode which still makes the girl feel jitters . Hence, it is advisable that the groom goes that extra step to make the girl feel comfortable.

Make her feel at home: The rules, norms and conduct at a small town are different as to that of a city. Hence, it makes a lot of sense if the girl feels out of place. Also in the case of a divorcee matrimony alliance, the girl might already come with certain preconceived notions so the groom needs to make her feel at home. The groom needs to make her let go of these preconceived notions and mental block if any.

The groom needs to Act as a friend: This small town girl post marriage has come to an unknown city and an unknown house. The fact that she knows no one around and also has no one to ask questions or to seek help from might seem daunting and intimidating. The groom needs to act like the girls best friend. The groom needs to ensure that the girl does not feel lonely at all. He needs to always be with her and act as a confidant with whom she can share all her worries and concerns. She will miss her family and friends being around her, the groom will need to help her out in that phase.

Help with adjusting in the family: when a small town girl marries a metro groom in a divorcee matrimony alliance then both the partners need to help each other to gel in with their respective family and family members. Each and every family has a separate way of working and will also have certain specific expectations from each other. The bride and the groom need to understand that and help each other to settle in start a new and happy life afresh. Both need to work equally hard in this aspect.


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