Destinations Suitable For Khatri Weddings

Weddings are the most important days of a person’s life. There takes a lot of efforts to put up a grand wedding. A wedding is the contribution of several people’s efforts. There are many things that one has to remember before putting up a wedding. There are invitations to give out. Food to take care of, there is decorators involved and much more. Now coming to decoration etc., A wedding can be taken place only when a perfect venue is set. Before choosing a suitable venue there are several things to be kept in mind such as the place should be extravagant, it should have a romantic touch about it. The pictures only have one chance to be perfect and this chance cannot be lost. Hence, the following are the wedding destinations suitable for Khatrimatrimonials


A Khatri wedding usually has a very desi touch to it. The atmosphere always has something that has the essence of the Khatri caste. One of the best destinations to choose for a Khatri wedding is Punjab. Punjab is a beautiful place with big fields everywhere. These fields have a long stretches greenery to admire and the tents can be placed right in the middle of the field at elevated grounds. Khatri weddings are amazing when it comes to food. Having pure vegetarian or a pure nonvegetarian cuisine is one of their specialities and the taste of their delicacies are amazing. Imagine having these desi dishes in the middle of the beautiful field as the mandap.

An exotic destination or a wedding spot is Jaipur. Jaipur is also known as the pink city. In the pink city of Jaipur, the forts and the beautiful mandirs are the main attractions for a Khatri wedding. The ambience of the mandir is so beautiful that it looks like a constellation of stars in the night that glistens. The candid pictures in the royal city of Jaipur can never be less exotic. Candid pictures of the glistening lights and candid pictures against the waters near the temple give a traditional and classy touch to the pictures taken at weddings.

Kerala backwaters can also be a very good choice for a wedding of the Khatri community. The backwaters of Kerala surrounded by the palm trees look like a green paradise when captured. These backwaters are moreover famous simply for the location of the palm trees in comparison to the backwaters. The mandap for the wedding is made like a float on the backwaters of Kerala that give a very beautiful ambience to the wedding.

You only live once and certainly get married only once! Hence, the mentioned above are the destinations suitable for Khatrimatrimonials.


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