5 Mistakes to Avoid in Buddhist Wedding

Buddhist weddings are quite inspiring and so you will really love the way they celebrate the weddings. The main thing would be the oath that they take like, they would never lie, they would trust one another and they would never step back in life. When you think of Buddhist matrimony you will know that there are so many amazing rituals and preparations to be made. But what matters the most is, you should avoid the five mistakes.

Buddhist Wedding (PC:indianweds.wordpress.com)

 Mistakes to avoid in Buddhist wedding

  1. When you are looking for inviting the guests you must always have a list of the close relatives. It’s good to keep an intimate wedding. This is because when you keep up with too many guests then you should be efficient enough to make all the relevant arrangements for the same.
  2. It is true that in these weddings there would be many rituals. So, all you must do is find out what would actually work for you. You should get all the ideas about how to mark the space for things. This will really help.
  3. In Buddhists, you will see that the wedding has to be full of divinity and scared feelings. Thus, when the pure things are chanted, there should be purity in heart as well. You must get free from all sorts of negative feelings.
  4. Often, you may want to add the touch of snobs and then you would end up spending a lot. But you must have a budget in your mind and it would be better to not go above that. You must cut your coat according to your cloth. This is something important.
  5. You must try to listen to elders and follow their guidance. This will surely work for you.

You may end up attaching the irrelevant themes to the wedding just for the sake of the same. It is vital that you have to make way for the various options in life. In the times when everyone wants the wedding to be perfect, you can even try out for a destination wedding in Buddhist matrimony. This will surely help you.

In every wedding, things are different and there may be different customs and rituals. You must look out for the same and that will surely help you in getting on with the right path. Marriage is meant to make tow souls one and then even the families will mingle together. This is what things are supposed to go ahead with. You can always check out online and get in touch with things that are perfectly matching with the theme. Buddhists weddings are generally simple and you will find lots of thoughtful ideas and think therein. In the times when we all lead a life full of hustle and bustle it is important that at leats, we give a good amount of importance to the wedding and such other related options. Make sure you know how to celebrate them in a nice way.


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