Pre-Wedding Beauty Regime for a Bride during Summers

The big fat Indian wedding is characterized by colors, bright jewels, ethnic costumes, elaborate rituals and plenty of pretty makeup that adds up to its glamor quotient! And, the bride wishes to leave no stone unturned in presenting a stunning appearance on her D-Day.

Summer is that time of the year when the wedding bells start ringing. However, do not let the scorching heat play spoilsport by ruining your make-up and hair. Also, the high humidity in the air might take a toll on your beauty, sucking the moisture from your skin.

But, do not lose heart. we have shortlisted a few amazing beauty tips for the summer bride-to-be. Continue reading to learn about pre-wedding beauty regime for a bride during summers:

  • Watch your Diet:Is your marriage just a month away? Invest in a healthy and nourishing diet, to start with. Drink a glass of tomato, beetroot or carrot juice daily. Along with this, make sure you drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water every single day to flush out toxins from your body. Also, minimize your consumption of salt, sugar, and alcohol.
  • Clean and Exfoliate:Start this since a month in advance to your wedding. Remember to apply a nice face pack twice a week. Also, make it a point to scrub your skin in order to remove your dead cells. Regular exfoliation works wonders for your skin in the summer.
  • Take Care of your Hair:Every 3 days, oil your hair. Wash your hair with a mild shampoo the next day to be gifted with glowing hair that is free of dandruff. Moreover, following this regime would also check your hair-fall.
  • Sleep Well:Grab as much sleep as you can. Before you hit the sack, apply slices of cucumber or potatoes on your eyes. It would melt away your stress, thereby letting you enjoy a long, deep slumber.
  • Love your Lips:Start showing some love for your lips at least a fortnight prior to your wedding.Summer is the time when your lips become dry and chapped, looking really unattractive. So apply a lip balm every day. You can also apply BB cream on your lips to lock in the moisture.
  • Tone your Skin:Now, it is important for you to tone your skin. Just make a skin pack composed of turmeric, Fuller’s Earth (‘multani Matti’) and ‘besan’. Apply this pack on your skin for about five minutes.You can also rub ice on your face every day. It improves the blood circulation in your face.
  • Avoid Exposure to Sun:Apply a sunscreen before going outdoors in the sun. It is better if you avoid going out during the daytime.Apart from this, you can apply body lotion all over your body a week in advance. Also, use bath oils regularly. All such beauty regimes would make your skin soft and supple, making you glamorous! You can expect all heads to turn towards you if you pamper your skin before your wedding day.

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