When you are an NRI set to Marry a Resident Indian Girl

So, your parents have arranged a match for you – and your heart experiences a cocktail of emotions as you decide to marry a demure and beautiful Indian girl! I bet if you an NRI guy, you are quite keen on tying the knot with a girl who belongs to your motherland, your dear old India.

You might have gone on dates with a hot American girl, spent some really wild nights with your Australian neighbor – and yet when it comes to marriage www.shadi.com, you are determined to opt for an Indian girl. For, you believe that an Indian girl is well-equipped with all the ‘right attributes’ that go into making a marriage successful!

back_to_their_root_pic2 weddingsutra

If you an NRI set to marry a resident Indian girl, you would love to read what we wish to tell you:

  • Your Partner is More Accommodating:A majority of Indian ladies are capable of adjusting to the lifestyle of NRIs. Thus, they generally lead happy lives. Moreover, Indian girls are taught to compromise to a great extent, after they get hitched. This, of course, implies that an NRI guy would lead a really comfortable life where his wife is very accommodating.
  • Indian Girls Dream of Higher Status:Secondly, girls brought up in India always dream of fairytale lives wherein their prince charming would take them to a seven-star restaurant in a Mercedes! Every India girl yearns to marry somebody who can take her to spectacular locales and gift her best dresses. Girls just want to have fun and therefore, wish to marry someone who is well-established. Obviously, NRI guys can easily impress such girls.
  • Maintaining an Indian lifestyle:Even if you are an NRI, you would not deny that you are an Indian at heart.So you would definitely go for the pretty Indian girl. She would help you adhere to your roots as you can easily maintain your Indian lifestyle after you marry her. However, if you marry as a westerner, you have little choice but to toe her line when it comes to following cultures, customs, and traditions.
  • Take Care of your Parents:Indian girls are reputed for their knowledge of values and moral virtues. The ideal Indian bride takes care of the parents and family of her husband, while being faithful to her husband and looking after him. As an NRI, you would want your wife to be hospitable to your parents once they visit you.
  • You have Somebody to Cook for you:With an Indian girl as your wife, you can bid farewell to those agonizing days of eating out! Most Indian girls are taught how to cook before they step into their matrimonial lives. So you would be able to taste your favorite dishes and avoid the responsibility of cooking your dinner all by yourself after you return from work. So it is a win-win situation for you if you are an NRI and seek to marry a good-natured, sweet Indian girl, dear friends. Good luck to you!

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