Unique Entry Ideas to Your Wedding

A wedding isn’t only a ceremony of your love and commitment, but it’s a chance to show-off your partner and your style as a couple. Most of the weddings these days are moving out from the traditional style into a contemporary approach. In wedding entry of the groom and bride possess great importance and the probabilities are becoming countless. Your wedding is an exclusive reflection of various blended personal styles. You can go for different fun ideas to spice up your shadi ceremony.

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Mixed cultures: when you are getting married in a different culture then you can go for a combined approach of both the cultures and plan your wedding entry accordingly. You can choose a different and unique aspect of heritage into your wedding. This is definitely a wonderful method of letting your family and friends know that they’re valued and important. Here are few ideas that can be culturally inspired.

Incorporate traditional dress: you can make your entry to the wedding venue by wearing traditional dress while traditional music is being played and look stunning. You can even take part in various traditional rituals and customs. Traditional dresses look pretty unique when you wear them on your wedding day and it is remembered for long in the mind of guests. This type of wedding entry will leave a mark on your guests’ heart and mind. Different weddings are remembered for long and become the talk of the town. Crazy and adventurous people usually try out unique things for their wedding entry and tie the wedding knot in different style. This is indeed an exciting way to add flair, mystique and spark to your shadi.

You can try out some crazy and creative setting to make an entry for the reception. There are various ideas like you can come in a 6 horse tong, limousine and if it is a beach wedding then you can try out some adventurous sports like scooter water riding or paragliding. You can make a grand entry like a king who comes with his queen coming along with bridesmaids and other guests. These sorts of entry in a wedding leave a great impression on your guests and makes the wedding looks more like a royal prince wedding in a palace.

Refreshments: you should surprise your guests with beverages during wedding ceremony as a refreshment drink. When you are planning an outdoor spring or summer wedding then your guest will love to have cold drinks and cool bottles of water and crisp glasses of chilled lemonade. When you make your entry with staff handling this stuff in the venue by your side then it will create a spark among the guests in the venue and they will be all thrilled.

Photo collage: you can make your entry with a photo collage of your family and couple. Instead of decorating flowers on your wedding, you can go for a different picture collage of your family and bridegroom. You can make frames with different pictures of engagement around gift table and on walls with colorful ribbons.


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