How Engineers Make the Best Husbands

Dear girls! Remember that nerdy boy from your school, who was shy and scared of approaching girls? The one who was deemed as a teacher’s pet but suddenly became most popular as the exams approached? Well, this boy is now a handsome young man, a qualified engineer, with a great job and to put it all in one, a perfect life partner that all girls desire!

The past few decades in India have seen a sudden boom in the engineering sector. Parents want their sons to peruse engineering as a career for a safe, beneficial and secure future. Keeping the same thing in mind, it is no surprise that parents looking for suitable grooms for their daughters prefer making the match with boys who are engineers. Various matrimonial sites are abuzz with parents looking for such matches. Let us look at some points which prove that Engineers make the best husbands:

engineers wedding
  • Rationality: Engineers prove to be incredibly rational husbands. In a case of any kind of problem, they’ll listen to you, analyze and explain the situation and provide with the best possible solution without being bias in any front.
  • Confidence: engineers are incredibly confident human beings. They have been out in the world since a very young age, which helps in boosting their confidence levels. Hence, their decisions in terms of handling the home affairs are quite effective ones.
  • Financially secure: Engineers generally end up working with good government and private companies, which fetches them good money. Hence, when you are married to an engineer, you are sure to have a secure financial future.
  • They are Mr. Fix-it: From drilling a small hole in the wall to fixing a major plumbing problem at home, from fixing your baby’s toy to fixing the car, your hubby dear can do it all! Being an engineer, he has a knack of solving and fixing all kinds of hiccups that might incur in your lovely adobe.
  • Meticulous planners:  Engineers are meticulous planners, who will plan everything keeping in mind the minutest of details. So from building a new house to planning a family vacation, hubby darling will take care of everything. All you need to do is sit back and relax.
  • Great fathers: engineers are great fathers. Being out in the world for so long, they give their children the freedom to make their own choices and select their own paths. Moreover, they are the typical adventurous dads who will go to lengths to make sure that the kids are having a good time. They also prove to be great teachers who never hesitate in helping the kids with their homework.

Engineers undoubtedly make the best husbands ever. Being the perfectionists that they are, there is no doubt that they will go to any lengths to ensure a happy, secure and safe future for their life partners and families! So go ahead and look for your Mr. Perfect right now!


How Doctors Make the Best Wives

Values and traditions of Indian society have changed radically over the sands of time. Gone are the days when people preferred having wives restricted to the household chores and basic up keeping of the family. The perspective grooms of modern India want well educated, well groomed working girls who can maintain the balance between home and work with amazing ease.  And the girls fitting this bill most suitably are undoubtedly the ones who are doctors.  There is no doubt that doctor’s make amazing wives. From working in the hospitals to managing their relations, doctor wives are able to do all that with a sensible and mature mind. This explains in itself the huge number of parents on various matrimonial sites seeking doctor brides for their sons. Let us have an insight into the advantages of having a doctor as a wife:

doctor wedding
  • High maturity levels: The doctor wives are generally very mature in the way they think. They have been independent women. Since the time they finished school, they have been living in an open medical college atmosphere, followed by their tenure as interns and residents in various hospitals across the country. Hence, they have been out in the world since a very early age, which helps in grooming their sensibility and maturity. Based on their experiences, they can help in taking mature and sensible decisions when it comes to the home front.
  • Broadminded: Doctor Wives are generally very broadminded. Hence, they give their life partners the required space in the relationship, which nurtures their healthy future together. So, if you want to enjoy a guy’s night out with your friends, your doctor spouse is sure to understand.
  • Financially independent: Girl doctors remain financially independent even after getting married. This not only provides an additional monetary benefit, it also assures a stable financial future for the couple on the whole. Moreover, their nature of job helps them in establishing their own private practice, in case there be a need.
  • No job hassles: doctors are required all over the world. So even if you plan to move to a new town or a new country, you can be rest assured that your lady luck will surely land up with a good job. Moreover, the icing on the top comes in the option of having her own private practice if no other working option seems to chalk out.
  • First- aid at hand: no matter which field your wife specializes in, she oath to know all the basic procedures and medications to follow in case of medical emergencies at home. So till the time you reach the hospital, you are assured to be in safe hands.
  • Loving mothers: doctors make great mothers. From playing with them to teaching them, they do it with full dedication. Moreover, they assure proper hygiene around the house for a healthy and safe environment for the children to grow in.

So there you have it! There is no doubt that doctors make the best wives ever. So go along and find a queen in white right now! Hope you meet your soul mate soon!

Traditional Yet Contemporary Dressing for a Tamil Groom

Weddings are always grand and they are a matter of gala celebrations and magnificent affairs, which you’ve to attend. One of the most significant things and center of attraction to all the guests is the groom and bride dress at the Tamil matrimony. It’s like once in a lifetime moment to enjoy and have fun wearing those luxurious outfits and still feels confident. All weddings are different from weddings that take place in other parts of the nation when it comes to scale, traditions followed guests, families, dresses and ceremonies. When yours is a Tamil matrimony then you have to be very careful about your wedding dress especially groom.

groom dressing

Choose what suits you:

Grooms can choose the desired outfits for their wedding that goes well with the bride’s dress and both the families buy dresses for the wedding day. Tamil matrimony is larger than life event and celebrations along with that it is the most expensive affair of any person’s lifetime. The most significant thing for any groom and bride is the time they spend together in buying wedding dresses. There are different patterns, cuts and designs available for Tamil groom and they are also ready to experiment with their wedding look by trying new and latest fashion trend outfits.

Wear traditional yet contemporary outfit:

They can wear traditional yet contemporary dresses for their Tamil Matrimony. It is very important that they hire a fashion designer that will take a charge of groom’s pre and post wedding outfits so that there is no confusion for the groom about what and how to wear? Though, there are groom’s family members and friends to help in choosing the best outfit for the big day still it’s always advisable to seek help from the professional. Tamil groom on his wedding day wear simple kurta or shirt and dhoti blend with traditional headwear known as pag, which is red in color and particularly selected for the groom.

Wear a fusion suit: you can try on the fusion suit on your wedding day that is a blend of traditional yet contemporary look. You can carry a jacket and shirt inside with dhoti at the bottom. It will definitely provide you a fusion appearance that looks very chic and a blend of modern and traditional culture.

Try on sherwani: sherwani look simply amazing with little embroidery and motif on the left side of the chest and some embroidery is done on the shoulder part. You can choose ivory or gold color sherwani that matches with the attire of your bride.

Go for tuxedo: you can wear tuxedo on your wedding day as it will make you look handsome and your bride would go gaga over your dressing sense. This attire is world famous and adorn mainly by high profile grooms. Tuxedo looks very smart on men and gives them an attractive appearance. For more options you can hire a dress designer for your wedding and get the design that suits your personality.

Traditional Yet Contemporary Dressing for a Marathi Groom

Marathi people are well known for their deep entrenched customs and rich culture. They are much closer to their family and relatives that interpret one of the most beautiful and traditional yet contemporary wedding ceremonies. Marathi people respect their culture and traditions and they are rigid to their customs. Their simplicity is also reflected in their wedding and attire. Dressing of the groom is equally important in the Marathi wedding just like it is important for the bride.

The maximum Marathi matrimony consists of Hindu ceremonies, as this state owns large Hindu Populace. Although traditional Christian and Muslim wedding in Maharashtra has left the great influence on wedding yet Marathi matrimony has crafted a fusion of the best of wedding customs and traditions that India with different religion offers. Let’s Share some traditional yet contemporary dressing for a Marathi Groom.

wedding dresses marathi

Be Traditional Marathi Groom

You can be a traditional Marathi groom and look stunning as ever. Marathi groom’s traditional attire is dhoti kurta, Kurta Pyjamas or even you can wear sherwani with a dhoti. These dresses are awesome and make groom more handsome. The basic colors you can choose are pastel colors, golden dhoti with off white or creamy kurta. The wedding dhoti is basically of silk with golden lines on it that look simply amazing.

Add Little Jewelry to your sherwani:

Wear sherwani on your wedding day as it is the most popular trend that grooms are following these days. Marathi matrimony is incomplete without gold jewelry. The groom also adorns gold jewelry, which is passed down from elders and considered as blessings of elders and relatives. Groom need to tie the pearl lace around the head. Gold ring and chain with watch increase the look of a groom.

Accessories your kurta pajama:

You can go for Kurta and pajama for your Marathi matrimony as it looks very traditional and classy. You can accessorize the kurta pajama with some contemporary jewelry to give a modern look to your attire. Marathi grooms need to wear decorated cloth across their right shoulder and it can be of any color matching their attire. This is tied with the Pallu of the bride’s saree. These accessories work as an add-on and increase the contemporary look of the Marathi Groom.

Wear dhoti and kurta: most of the Marathi grooms like to wear dhoti kurta and wears a turban that is known as petha, whereas others might like to wear just a simple topi or cap. Maharashtrian groom’s dresses, like other grooms all through the world, are elegant and simple yet important to the community. Marathi grooms usually wear a traditional dhoti kurta in cotton silk. They wear it with a decorated piece of gold and red cloth across their right shoulder.

The best stylish formal wear suit: Maharashtrian grooms look simply amazing in a stylish formal wear suit in grey and black color. You can hire a stylist for your wedding and wear an elegant suit that matches with your bride’s dress on your Marathi matrimony.

Traditional Yet Contemporary Dressing for a Kerala Groom

Kerala is a heaven on earth and it is because of the scenic beauty and landscape. The way of cooking, life, people and obviously the wedding ceremonies that take place in Kerala are just wow! Kerala is popular for its matrimony and groom dresses are simply as famous as the bride. Usually, groom wears gold and white attire on the wedding day and trend is still followed by many grooms on their Kerala matrimony. From starched to crisp dhotis to off-white kurtas with symbolic gold zardozi work and amazing contrast.

Embrace fashion and fusion both:

Kerala matrimony is an epitome of fashion and grace and groom attire has not been changed since ages but these days grooms are trying some new innovative ideas with their wedding dress. With the increasing popularity of fashion and change in bride’s attire, grooms are also concentrating more on enhanced attire rather than going for the usual dhoti kurta. Kerala grooms are open to doing experiments with their wedding look and their attire for Kerala matrimony has been vastly evolved.

wedding dresses kerala

Getting hitched?

So when you are planning to get hitched on God’s own specific land, you will definitely need unique Kerala matrimony attire for yourself. There are different wedding dress alternative for Kerala grooms are available these days. Here are some of the best groom wedding dresses that can be selected that will make you look stunning and attractive.

Mixed perfection-wear a fusion dress:

Modern times have noticed the development of culture in various places and have never imagined it would be so prudent, still, that ended up being quite attractive. Mirroring some of the contemporary yet grounded conventional mentality of Kerala groom, current day fusion with perfection is considered an exceptionally remarkable mix of customary sherwanis with workings from overseas.

Shehenshahi Sherwani for Kerala groom:

Sherwanis are loved by grooms around the nation and they look extremely dashing in them. Kerala grooms are choosing Shehenshahi sherwani for their Kerala matrimony these days as it gives them a perfect look and enhances their overall personality. It is a little different attire for Kerala groom and different from that traditional dhoti and kurta. Donning a sophisticated silk sherwani by the groom on his wedding day is definitely a flaming approach to obtain everyone’s consideration present in the wedding. This attire of groom makes a bride feel like the luckiest bride in the whole wide world. They can try various colors in sherwani like gold, cream, red and matching to the bride’s attire.

Suit to perfection:

The suit is a quick and easy decision that a Kerala groom usually takes and looks as stunning as ever. This is indeed an ideal chance to look amazing and impress your bride on the imperative lifetime event as critical, fantastic as well as glorious as a wedding. Grooms in Kerala are now choosing various attires that suit their style and needs. They are nowhere less than anyone in experimenting with their looks. They usually prefer wearing white and blue colors suits into two pieces, 3 piece set or tuxedo.


It is a known fact, that weddings across India are a Big, Fat and Gala affair. Be it of any culture, religion or ethnicity, it is supposed to be a time of celebration, where you want all your near and dear ones to be with you, to be a part of your happiness. And the main attraction of Indian weddings is un- undoubtedly, the baarat. A baraat is a procession that comes along with the groom to attend the wedding ceremony, with a full throttle band, dancing to the beat and enjoying and being a part of the celebrations. However, no matter how much fun this all may sound, there are times when baraatis cross the limits, hence adding sourness to the whole function. Though, not many matrimony sites cover the do’s and don’ts of wedding guests, here we have a few tips guiding the baraatis as in how to act while attending a wedding function:



  • Be on time: one of the biggest faux pas of many Indian weddings is that the wedding procession of the groom does not arrive in time. Well, this thing should be kept in mind that the bride’s side of the family are waiting for them eagerly for the function to start. Moreover, especially in terms of Hindu weddings, all rituals are to take place at a particular given time or mahurat. Hence, it is important for the groom’s side to reach the venue on time.
  • Be courteous: Remember that the bride’s and groom’s family has made a lot of effort to make the wedding function memorable for you. Appreciate that effort and be courteous towards the hosts.
  • Await your turn to give gifts or while taking food: Patience is the key for every baarati to enjoy the event. Await your turn if there are a lot of people before you to give their blessings and gifts to the newlyweds. Also, it is advised to stand systematically in a like or be seated on your tables while food is being served, to avoid unnecessary ruckus.
  • Go as per the invitation: respect the invitation that has been given to you and goes as per that only. If the invite says “Mr. And Mrs. So and so (with family)” only then take your children along. Never assume that children are invited no matter what.


  • Never seek undue attention: The hosts have a lot of people to attend to during the function. Hence, do not create unwanted situations to seek undue attention.
  • Do not criticize the staying arrangement and food: The hosts themselves want that everything should be perfect to the T. they try to make sure that you have a comfortable stay and your gestational needs are well taken care of. So don’t make undue or unfair remarks for the same until the situation really calls for it.
  • Drink responsibly: don’t arrive for the function in a drunkard state and create a un- called for a brawl. Remember, this way you will end up spoiling someone’s special day.

Remember the given tips as rules and we assure you, you’ll never go wrong. So go ahead and enjoy the wedding season as responsible guests.

Bridal Dressing for Pre-Wedding Rituals in Kerala Weddings

Kerala matrimony is a very crisp and short ceremony that is held at day time. The most admirable location to organized these weddings are typical: the bride’s home, though people are changing this tradition these days and conducting weddings in convention venues, luxury wedding destinations and other places in which both parties are agreed and feel comfortable. Whether it’s a lavish wedding having long guests list, or simple wedding the rituals are same everywhere and followed in a similar way like it is done in Malayalee wedding. Here are some pre-wedding bridal dressing styles and rituals of Kerala matrimony.

bridal dressing

Malayalee wedding custom seeks the blessing of elders: Prior going to the wedding venue in order to tie the sacred nuptial knot, the groom and bride seek to bless from their elders at their own houses. Thereafter, the bride gets ready for mandapam or venue. Bride’s family and friends help her dressing up for the main ceremony. Usually, brides wear silk sarees for their wedding. Though, the bride can wear whatever they want to in terms of saree or Lehenga. Brides usually accessorized with typical gold jewelry and her hair is braided with embellished flowers mainly jasmine.

Muhurtham: At this occasion, brides usually wear simple saree that goes with the event. In this ceremony usually, horoscopes are matched of the bride and the groom so nothing heavy and embellished attires are needed. A simple elegant saree in silk would do the needful.

The Nichayam ceremony: In this ceremony would-be brides like to wear Lehenga or gown that is embellished and look elegant. Kerala brides generally stress on sarees but times are changing now and their tastes are changing as well. They like to wear light embroidered Lehenga or gown for the engagement ceremony. Malayalee brides are usually opting for Lehenga or heavy designer sarees for their Kerala matrimony and wear something light for their Nichayam ceremony.

The Mehendi ceremony: Girls like to prefer wearing delicate Lehenga on their wedding ceremony mainly in yellow color. They want to look beautiful and more feminine. Brides like to adorn bright shades of colors in pink and yellow on their mehndi ceremony. She wants to choose all dresses individually for all occasion and like to wear something different on all occasions. They like to go for Lehenga or simple Anarkali suit for the Mehendi ceremony. Different cuts suits are quite in fashion and brides want all different looks on her pre-wedding ceremonies.

Nuptial Ceremony: Brides like to wear gold and ivory saree on their nuptial ceremony and this is also considered as traditional attire for the wedding. But as the trend is changing, more and more brides are choosing latest fashion bridal dress in bright colors. They prefer designer Lehenga, gown style ready to wear saree and much more. They are not behind in experimenting with their look.

Kerala matrimony is very simple and hence the attires worn by brides are not very heavy or embroidered ones but at the same time, they like to go for something different yet stylish.

Tips for a Stylish But Affordable Kerala Style wedding

The wedding is the most thrilling experience in everyone’s life and it is a time of life that comes just once. Wedding in God’s own land Kerala is just amazing and most of the people do not have enough budgets to plan a wedding in a grand way. You can find some simple banquet or venue for your Kerala matrimony instead of arrange things in luxury hotels. Wedding needs a lot of diligence and planning in handling every aspect of the wedding. The wedding in Kerala holds a unique charm because of the beauty of this place that makes everyone fresh and enthralling.

kerala style wedding

Hire a wedding planner for stylish arrangements:

Most of the people have a specific budget for their wedding and they cannot spend beyond that budget. There are many things that parents need to take care while arranging Kerala matrimony for their son and daughter. It is very important to book a wedding planner for the matrimony in case you want everything to be organized and done in proper way. Wedding planners will help you in fetching stylish things in your budget and as per your requirements. They even take all the responsibilities on their shoulders and you will become stress-free for sure. They will also arrange tailor-made activities and stylish decoration for the matrimony in the budget and execute it with full diligence.

Here are few tips that you need to take care and follow to make your Kerala matrimony stylish in budget:

Prioritize your requirements:

Instead of saving money on everything, choose any 3 products or areas, which you feel zealous about, for instance, pretty stationary, live band, and food. Make a theme based on any of these items for your wedding in the budget. You can spend your money on a wedding on these items and save on rest. This way you will not even feel like you have compromised on anything that you liked and feel special in the celebration.

Invite lesser guests:

Perhaps this is the best way to organize a stylish Kerala matrimony in the budget. You need to cut down on the list of guests since you’re paying for drinks, stationary, and food on per head basis. Invite lesser guests to your wedding so that you can involve some of the fun games to keep the guests entertained and engaged. There is no need to call unnecessary friends, relatives, and acquaintance. You need to be very selective while making the guests list.

Ditch things that do not work:

You can ditch many things that don’t work for you like many elements and traditions associated with a wedding that doesn’t need much attention and you can easily skip those and save money. You can instead go for a stylish wedding and spend money on a cocktail party, bridal shower, bachelors’ party, wedding cake, gifts for guests and much more. Do not spend money on unnecessary items and traditions. You can even make the best use of your talented family and friends. Everyone has one or the other friend who is good in something like photography, decoration, drawings or arranging things. You can seek help from them to save some money, which you would have invested on a professional.

Planning a Destination Wedding in Nepal

So you are ready to tie the knot with your soul mate and now want to find the perfect wedding destination that will be remembered for generations to come! Fret not, as we will tell you about an unheard of but yet a beautiful matrimony hub to make your special day, a memorable one- Nepal.

nepali wedding.jpg

Nepal is fast emerging as a popular wedding destination that is closer home and also not as expensive as Europe. Here are some of the popular places to say ‘I do’.

Scenic wedding locale at Pokhara– Make your wedding a memorable one at Pokhara, a mirror to the Himalayas. This lakeside beauty is a hidden treasure in the land of the Himalayas. You can exchange rings at the lakeside resort overlooking the snow-capped mountains that are just 20 kilometers away. There are many adventure sports activities as well to keep the guests entertained during the days leading up to the wedding.

Tie the knot at the scenic village setup of Ghalegaun- If you like rustic and pristine locales then head to Ghalegaun, a small village endowed with an unparallel scenic grandeur. Located about 205 km North West of Kathmandu, it is the only place in Nepal from where you can see the nine different districts of Nepal. It commands a majestic view of the Himalayas, a great place to spend your special day.

Say your vows in style at the Hyatt Regency, Kathmandu- This five start venue is a hot favourite amongst most wedding planners. Set amidst the lofty Himalaya peaks it offers the most scenic view of the country. It also has the luxury of a lavish venue where all the arrangements are taken care of and you just arrive as a guest for your own wedding.

Luxury at its best at Hotel Five Monkeys, Baneshwor– This five start property is one of the favourites amongst the who’s who in Nepal for weddings. It has all that is needed and more to plan a wedding- be it a swanky wedding hall, finger licking food or stunning décor and ambience. This place has it all, making it a perfect wedding hub.

Jambudeep Banquets, Battisputtali– You can have a lavish wedding at the Jambudeep Banquets, Battisputtali with the choice of having an outdoor venue or a more formal feel in an indoor hall. The hotel is known for its décor and food arrangements, making it a popular place to have the wedding.

If you are a mountain lover then you will simply fall in love with Nepal and what better way to celebrate your love than at the abode of the Himalayas. So get set for a serene and scenic wedding.