Tips for a Stylish But Affordable Kerala Style wedding

The wedding is the most thrilling experience in everyone’s life and it is a time of life that comes just once. Wedding in God’s own land Kerala is just amazing and most of the people do not have enough budgets to plan a wedding in a grand way. You can find some simple banquet or venue for your Kerala matrimony instead of arrange things in luxury hotels. Wedding needs a lot of diligence and planning in handling every aspect of the wedding. The wedding in Kerala holds a unique charm because of the beauty of this place that makes everyone fresh and enthralling.

kerala style wedding

Hire a wedding planner for stylish arrangements:

Most of the people have a specific budget for their wedding and they cannot spend beyond that budget. There are many things that parents need to take care while arranging Kerala matrimony for their son and daughter. It is very important to book a wedding planner for the matrimony in case you want everything to be organized and done in proper way. Wedding planners will help you in fetching stylish things in your budget and as per your requirements. They even take all the responsibilities on their shoulders and you will become stress-free for sure. They will also arrange tailor-made activities and stylish decoration for the matrimony in the budget and execute it with full diligence.

Here are few tips that you need to take care and follow to make your Kerala matrimony stylish in budget:

Prioritize your requirements:

Instead of saving money on everything, choose any 3 products or areas, which you feel zealous about, for instance, pretty stationary, live band, and food. Make a theme based on any of these items for your wedding in the budget. You can spend your money on a wedding on these items and save on rest. This way you will not even feel like you have compromised on anything that you liked and feel special in the celebration.

Invite lesser guests:

Perhaps this is the best way to organize a stylish Kerala matrimony in the budget. You need to cut down on the list of guests since you’re paying for drinks, stationary, and food on per head basis. Invite lesser guests to your wedding so that you can involve some of the fun games to keep the guests entertained and engaged. There is no need to call unnecessary friends, relatives, and acquaintance. You need to be very selective while making the guests list.

Ditch things that do not work:

You can ditch many things that don’t work for you like many elements and traditions associated with a wedding that doesn’t need much attention and you can easily skip those and save money. You can instead go for a stylish wedding and spend money on a cocktail party, bridal shower, bachelors’ party, wedding cake, gifts for guests and much more. Do not spend money on unnecessary items and traditions. You can even make the best use of your talented family and friends. Everyone has one or the other friend who is good in something like photography, decoration, drawings or arranging things. You can seek help from them to save some money, which you would have invested on a professional.


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