It is a known fact, that weddings across India are a Big, Fat and Gala affair. Be it of any culture, religion or ethnicity, it is supposed to be a time of celebration, where you want all your near and dear ones to be with you, to be a part of your happiness. And the main attraction of Indian weddings is un- undoubtedly, the baarat. A baraat is a procession that comes along with the groom to attend the wedding ceremony, with a full throttle band, dancing to the beat and enjoying and being a part of the celebrations. However, no matter how much fun this all may sound, there are times when baraatis cross the limits, hence adding sourness to the whole function. Though, not many matrimony sites cover the do’s and don’ts of wedding guests, here we have a few tips guiding the baraatis as in how to act while attending a wedding function:



  • Be on time: one of the biggest faux pas of many Indian weddings is that the wedding procession of the groom does not arrive in time. Well, this thing should be kept in mind that the bride’s side of the family are waiting for them eagerly for the function to start. Moreover, especially in terms of Hindu weddings, all rituals are to take place at a particular given time or mahurat. Hence, it is important for the groom’s side to reach the venue on time.
  • Be courteous: Remember that the bride’s and groom’s family has made a lot of effort to make the wedding function memorable for you. Appreciate that effort and be courteous towards the hosts.
  • Await your turn to give gifts or while taking food: Patience is the key for every baarati to enjoy the event. Await your turn if there are a lot of people before you to give their blessings and gifts to the newlyweds. Also, it is advised to stand systematically in a like or be seated on your tables while food is being served, to avoid unnecessary ruckus.
  • Go as per the invitation: respect the invitation that has been given to you and goes as per that only. If the invite says “Mr. And Mrs. So and so (with family)” only then take your children along. Never assume that children are invited no matter what.


  • Never seek undue attention: The hosts have a lot of people to attend to during the function. Hence, do not create unwanted situations to seek undue attention.
  • Do not criticize the staying arrangement and food: The hosts themselves want that everything should be perfect to the T. they try to make sure that you have a comfortable stay and your gestational needs are well taken care of. So don’t make undue or unfair remarks for the same until the situation really calls for it.
  • Drink responsibly: don’t arrive for the function in a drunkard state and create a un- called for a brawl. Remember, this way you will end up spoiling someone’s special day.

Remember the given tips as rules and we assure you, you’ll never go wrong. So go ahead and enjoy the wedding season as responsible guests.


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