Traditional Yet Contemporary Dressing for a Marathi Groom

Marathi people are well known for their deep entrenched customs and rich culture. They are much closer to their family and relatives that interpret one of the most beautiful and traditional yet contemporary wedding ceremonies. Marathi people respect their culture and traditions and they are rigid to their customs. Their simplicity is also reflected in their wedding and attire. Dressing of the groom is equally important in the Marathi wedding just like it is important for the bride.

The maximum Marathi matrimony consists of Hindu ceremonies, as this state owns large Hindu Populace. Although traditional Christian and Muslim wedding in Maharashtra has left the great influence on wedding yet Marathi matrimony has crafted a fusion of the best of wedding customs and traditions that India with different religion offers. Let’s Share some traditional yet contemporary dressing for a Marathi Groom.

wedding dresses marathi

Be Traditional Marathi Groom

You can be a traditional Marathi groom and look stunning as ever. Marathi groom’s traditional attire is dhoti kurta, Kurta Pyjamas or even you can wear sherwani with a dhoti. These dresses are awesome and make groom more handsome. The basic colors you can choose are pastel colors, golden dhoti with off white or creamy kurta. The wedding dhoti is basically of silk with golden lines on it that look simply amazing.

Add Little Jewelry to your sherwani:

Wear sherwani on your wedding day as it is the most popular trend that grooms are following these days. Marathi matrimony is incomplete without gold jewelry. The groom also adorns gold jewelry, which is passed down from elders and considered as blessings of elders and relatives. Groom need to tie the pearl lace around the head. Gold ring and chain with watch increase the look of a groom.

Accessories your kurta pajama:

You can go for Kurta and pajama for your Marathi matrimony as it looks very traditional and classy. You can accessorize the kurta pajama with some contemporary jewelry to give a modern look to your attire. Marathi grooms need to wear decorated cloth across their right shoulder and it can be of any color matching their attire. This is tied with the Pallu of the bride’s saree. These accessories work as an add-on and increase the contemporary look of the Marathi Groom.

Wear dhoti and kurta: most of the Marathi grooms like to wear dhoti kurta and wears a turban that is known as petha, whereas others might like to wear just a simple topi or cap. Maharashtrian groom’s dresses, like other grooms all through the world, are elegant and simple yet important to the community. Marathi grooms usually wear a traditional dhoti kurta in cotton silk. They wear it with a decorated piece of gold and red cloth across their right shoulder.

The best stylish formal wear suit: Maharashtrian grooms look simply amazing in a stylish formal wear suit in grey and black color. You can hire a stylist for your wedding and wear an elegant suit that matches with your bride’s dress on your Marathi matrimony.


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